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  1. Good morning fellow WhdHeads !
    I’d like to thank everyone who posted the results of their local election results.
    It was exciting to follow state by state race’s and results.
    Here in Illinois incumbent Gov. Quinn carried only 1 county out of 102. Of course that was Cook County.
    Both Mooch & Barry campaigned for Quinn in Chicago.
    Think that had anything to do with his defeat ?

    • I read somewhere that the new Illinois governor is a buddy of Rahm Emanuel and only started supporting Republicans about two years ago. A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    • Arkansas went totally Red for the first time since Reconstruction. Both US Senators, Governor and all state top offices, all Congressmen, All of the state legislature, both houses, and in my county all country and city offices. Yeah!!!!
      I lived nine years in three suburban Chicago areas from 1970 until 1979….that dirty area will always be Democratic…that is why Obama moved there to start his frightening career in politics.

          • He campaigned here many times for Mike Ross running for governor. Ross Will Bubba’s driver when he was in politics here.
            Clinton got Ross elected to Congress in 2000 in the dirtiest election I have ever seen in Arkansas.
            Clinton also campaigned for Mark Pryor. The Arkansas Democrat- Gazette endorsed Tom Cotton, saying that Cotton has the potential for greatness, and that Pryor has been inconsequential, a back bencher who supported Obama and whose only accomplishment was being David Pryor’s son.
            The Bill and Hillary Clinton Airport in Little Rock is referred to by Arkansans as Hillbilly Airport.
            They are not that popular here even though his library is in Little Rock.
            He has a penthouse on top of the library where he comes to stay often, usually without Hillary, as he entertains “guests” there.
            I do not know anyone who would vote for Hillary for president.
            We retired to North Arkansas in the Ozark Mountains but we grew up in South Arkansas and attended college in other parts of the state…have friends and acquaintances all over the state. The Clintons are no longer loved.

          • Wow, that was an entertaining and eye-opening comment! Thanks. I think Cotton is going to be a great star for the Republicans too. If it ever becomes important again to have military experience in running for the presidency, he’s got it.

          • Heck, they’ve been shoved down ya’ll’s throats for decades! I hope their support of candidates this year presages the rest of the nation’s reception of Hillary in 2016.

        • Quinn losing my old home state and Walker winning Wisconsin were two things which made my week. My state of the last 30+ years, Oregon, seems to be a lost cause for Republicans, but I had a third thing which made my week: this liberal state voted down a measure to give illegals driver’s licenses by a more to two to one margin.

          • I too was thrilled over Walker’s win. He has great potential.
            The last few years have seen him prove that he has what it takes to be a real leader.

  2. Good morning. It’s a great day in North Carolina. Kay Hagan lost her reelection bid despite (because of?) Mr0’s last minute radio ad.

  3. For the new Congress there will be three new members I plan to follow. All three are black GOP. Mia Love of Utah in the House and Tim Scott from South Carolina in the Senate are two. The third one is Will Hurt who won over the incumbent Democrat in the Texas 23rd District The 23rd run west of San Antonio to El Paso. It is 70% Latino and shares a 800 mile border with Mexico. It is one of the few toss up House districts in the US. One thing Hurt wants to do is hold government spending to 18% of GDP.

  4. Last night Gracepmc mentioned
    This was regarding Al-Baghdadi being hit in airstrike.
    I listened to Fox they just stated he was possibly killed.
    I have searched for the last hour for confirmation.
    How long will it take for them to determine it was him, for sure?

  5. So Al Sharpton is one of Obama’s closest advisors now? Helped him pick the new AG, now giving advice on how to work with the GOP ?

    LOL ! Can this administration get any more bizzarro ?

  6. It appears that FCMABBHO has nominated for attorney general another person who white-washes Islam. Kareem Ibrahim was convicted in 2007 for plotting with a member of AQ to attack JFK Airport.

    From the link:
    Ibrahim, from Trinidad, ‘abandoned the true tenants [sic] of his religion’ by participating in the plot, U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch said in a statement. SNIP

  7. Arkansas went totally Red….Both US Senators, All Congressmen, Governor and all state top offices, Legislature, both houses, and most countries. My country is all Republican now. Yeah!
    I lived nine years in suburban Chicago, 1970-1979, two of each three in Cook County and the last three in Lake County.
    Cook County will stay Democrat. Isn’t that why Obama moved there to start his frightening political career? He managed to join forces with all the right (wrong) people too. Democrats excel at that.

  8. Nasty thought of the day:
    RE: the two “last” Americans released by NKorea. One of them looks like he’s black. It makes me wonder whether results would be different for Americans beheaded and/or NOT rescued because they were white.
    And, like others, I wonder how much $$ changed hands.

    • If I had grown up outside of the mainland, as well as a different Country in the 60’s and early 70’s, I would not have a full grasp of what went on. In otherwords all the good and all the bad I learned growing up.

    • Opining on Ferguson, I thought maybe yesterday would be the day the grand jury spoke out because there’s a (good) idea afloat to release it on a day when children are not in school in case all hell breaks lose. So my next guess is that it will be on Tuesday, Veterans Day. Any other thoughts? Here in Oregon the schools are closed for the entire week of Thanksgiving, but I don’t know what the case is in Missouri.

      • This whole issue is past insane. Someone needs to tell whoever is stirring up the crud to shut up. We have a Consitution, we have laws, we have a court system. So this violent attack has to stop.
        My point is what are people going to do when a cop stops them for a ticket, start a riot, if they feel the light was still yellow?

      • If they no-bill Wilson, I worry that the reaction will make the post-acquittal LA riots in 1992 look like child’s play. The major players in Ferguson are not residents.

      • I heard Nov.10. No matter. I will leave the rabble to Holder and Sharpton and concentrate my efforts on Nov. 11 — and honor the best of America.

        Although I did hear they are literall hunting down this officer — living outside of town, with an alias and a pregnant girlfriend. I hope he has LEO protection — fully militarized.

        • Now that I think of it, all the county and state offices in MO must be closed on the 11th. Maybe the kids have no school tomorrow.

    • I saw the twitter war over that teachers comments. Before I knew it, the school board’s phone number was posted to bring her tweet to their attention. Moments later, her twitter account was deleted.

      That folks, is democracy in action. :) Intolerance is not acceptable, especially by people who demand tolerance. Sigh, see Ferguson, Mo.

      • This reminds me of a milder story out of WI: a Kindergarten teacher last summer was caught tearing up signs for Gov. Walker at the WI state fair. Yikes, these are people who have control over our kids? I think it was the Jesuits who said, “Give me a child before he is six years old, and he is mine for life.” We have to stop these people now.

  9. IMO, the next goal we should seek is the removal of McConnell and Boehner from their positions due to the fact that they do not and will not support the Tea Party members of both the house and the senate.
    On the contrary they both are openly hostile to them.

    What say you ?

    • I would like every piece of paper, email, etc. released.
      This portion of information they released is an insult to every citizen of this Country. As far as Boehner and McConnel I feel they both missed the train quite some time ago.
      There seems to be a small step plan ahead. We do not have enough time in 2 years for a small step. The list is to long, racial crud is being stirred, which is unfair to all in our fine Country.
      We have maniacs/ISIS who want to destroy us. We were attacked on 911. This Country came together, even more than we already were.

    • In spite of what the NYT is saying this morning, I thing that the Republicans are working things out behind the scenes. They must have to have won the election Tuesday, and they will have to continue to win in 2016. I like the same people you do, AFVet, but if there are any replacements, I think it will be a Scott Walker type who would be accepted by both wings. I don’t know who that would be. Also, I don’t think McConnell would be replaced off the bat because he hasn’t shown what he would do as SML yet. Boehner, I would like to see go as I’ve seen more than enough of him already.

      • I agree Scott Walker is a strong starter.
        Also agree about McConnell…I don’t care for him but as one pundit, I think Steve Hayes, said last week, he does know how to move legislation.
        Boehner needs to go!
        For some reason that I can’t explain, maybe just guessing, but I have always felt that he knew more than he ever admitted about Benghazi and that is why he fought so long to not have a select committee.

  10. My first comment of the day went straight to Mod Jail! Ta Da.

    That’s ok, because I am going to sit there and drink some Bercherovka. Becherovka is a “spirit” from the Czech Republic. The reason I am mentioning this is threefold: 1) we are often in MJ and perhaps a new drink would perk some of us up and 2) some of us are from immigrant families of Slavic and Eastern European heritage and 3) some of us have traveled or want to travel to Prague.

    Below is an article about a Becherovka experience while in Prague. The writing about Prague is enjoyable. The author says Becherovka will put hair on your chest. I argue that another EE drink Slivovice wins in that category. Next time I am in MJ I will try and remember to bring both for your assessment. Anyway, enjoy.

  11. We brought this up earlier in the week. However I just wanted to mention again Germany marks 25 years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall.
    It was a bittlerly cold grey day in Berlin. Hundreds of people stood shivering next to one of the few remaining sections of the Wall.
    One man had tears in his eyes as he mentioned that he was born in East Berlin. People must never forget what the wall represented.
    I noted just a bit from the article. There are fine, happy pictures to see. Europe section of the website.

    • I still get upset thinking about how the Republicans did not support Cuccinelli, and I suspect with a little bit more money, Gillespie would have won this time. I’ve read that this race was a prelude to him running for governor of VA.

      • So did I….Gillespie is a really nice man person and I wish him well.
        Also, I read that Eric Cantor was planning to run for governor and that if Gillespie runs, he has no chance.
        I was very glad to see Cantor defeated in the primary…he had become too much a creature of Washington.

  12. AZ CD 2 is still being counted, dem inc Ron Barber vs AF pilot Martha McSally. She’s ahead by 500 as of yesterday.
    Meanwhile up at a fancy resort, Bill Ayers & his bro were stirring up trouble, teaching community organizing, communism & what kids need taught in their vision of school. Unfortunately we have quite a few govt types here that are socialists & RAZA supporters.

  13. One more story about Kaci Hickox, and I hope the last one–She and her boyfriend are leaving Maine tomorrow. Her quarantine is over Monday. No reason given, no destination named. Nothing.

    I cannot find a single story in the Maine press about her departure. Might just have missed it. Had to find the story in the New York Daily News.

    I am convinced she was used to screw up the election for Gov. LePage (who won), but it didn’t work. Maine Democrats are reeling from the LePage victory, and this morning’s Sunday paper is like a funeral dirge for their party. They can’t figure out how this happened to them. Like Obama’s reaction to the Senate loss.

    • Great minds :) ….. I was just coming to post that. Of course, it is China’s state run media — but the leadership approves the pubication. It was pretty harsh and the WZ article links to an Aussie business pub. So there is that too.

      It’s looking like the only courtesy on this trip will be given to the office of the US President, not the man himself.

    • Obama better hurry up. I have read that Russia and China just agreed upon a second gas pipe-line between the countries. It will make China a bigger customer than Europe. So, Russia is turning east to get away from the sanctions. And stupid Europe is standing there, poor and freezing.

        • Let me put it this way instead, Grace. They are stupid because they didn´t focus on what is best for Europe. Instead they went along with the Obama crowd and their shady friends in Saudi and Quatar who, using NATO as a tool, supported the coup in Kiev, now with a government of corrupt oligarchs dealing with the separists in the east with death and violence instead of politics and negotiations. And all this to destabilize Russia and making even more money in the process. And yes, young Mr Biden, Hunter, is getting some too. Money for the elite, blood, sweat and tears and cold houses for the rest. That´s what I call bad foreign policy.

          • Thank you. That’s pretty much what I understood your position to be. Although I don’t think we or NATO did all that much to support anyone who was opposed to Putin’s takeover in Kiev then or in the future. Looks to me like Barack Obama has given Putin free rein — so I guess it’s every country for itself.

            Unfortunately Ukraine was not a NATO country so we were not treaty bound. Not so for other NATO members, including Poland. That will be very vexing for Mr. Obama should Mr. Putin decide that Poland is again a possibility.

            And what is it exactly do you think the US and Europe should have done?

            Hunter Biden is a profiteer for sure. But a lightweight.

      • SL: As a child growing up post WWII, my dad always cautioned me, not to worry about China or Russia butt….be very worried if they join political forces.

        • Yes, I remember as a girl how happy we were when there was a Russian-Chinese split. Mao thought the Russians were going soft. There was a story about the border that the Chinese guards would march out every morning and moon the Russians until one day the Russians were in wait with a big poster of Mao.

          • I have since graduate school posited that when all is said and done Russia and China would pair up. And then , of course, once the dust settles from their various actions they will have a go at one another. I have been watching them ever since.

            Back in the day their differences were truly ideological, then less so and now pretty much its a non factor. In both cases, the true valued resources from natural to financial will reside with the State and the rest will be bartered about with the corrupt characters.

            Back in the day my colleagues thought I was nuts. But it has been intellectually interesting to watch. The reality all the more frightening. And, of course, today we have to factor in the huge influence of terrorist Islamic states and the sheer incompetence of the boob at 1600 PA Ave.

        • Sadie, yes, it is something to worry very much about, two authoritarian countries joining forces. But that is what happens with ignorant Western foreign policy. The Bear was cornered. I am very, very interested in the goings on at the APEC meeting. How will Obama be treated ?

  14. Big celebrations in Berlin today. Old Gorbatjov was there and gave a speech. He encouraged dialogue with Moscow, warned against cornering Russia, he talked about a new Cold War in the making. When he stood there talking I thought, oh, if Reagan had been alive and standing there, next to Gorbatjov. Two old gentlemen with great insights in the perils of conflict between east and west. I am sure that these two would have agreed upon more diplomacy, more dialogue to solve this crisis. Reagan knew when to be stern and when to be flexible.

    • I don’t see Germany taking part in cornering Russia, at least not with Angela Merkel in charge. As I’m sure you know, SL, but maybe some of the others don’t, she grew up in the DDR, is about as fluent in Russian as she is in German, is a Russophile (like you and me) when it comes to Russian culture, and if I am not mistaken, she worked on her Ph.D. in Russia. Maybe not.

      • Julie, I hope that she can be a go-between in this conflict. By the way, Putin is fluent in German after his KGB years in DDR. But so far, she has been disappointing, at least outwards. She has copied the Washington rethoric. Maybe NSA has her in a leash ? After all , her private cell phone was bugged. But it may very well be so that she is working behind the scene. Gorbatjov sent a message to her, to Germany, in his speech.

        • Good points, SL. I have generally admired her very much. Would the US ever elect a woman with a doctorate in nuclear physics who speaks several languages? Hillary Clinton is not in the same universe with her.

          Lately I was disappointed when she put David Cameron down for wanting to put limits on immigration to the UK. She said he was obligated to follow the rules of the EU. And I am sympathetic to the plight of the UK as well as of many other European nations, including yours. We have a similar problem with our southern border and Obama basically wanting to have open borders. And it is not just a problem with Latinos: they have caught illegals from the Middle East crossing into our country from Mexico.

    • Swedishlady, We have been searching to see if anyone from the U.S. attended, as well other leaders of different Countries. I could not find any infomation. Are you aware of who may have attended?

      • Lee, I think it was a very German affair. It was the people that celebrated this grand moment in their history. Around 100 000 gathered and watched the lighting of the LIchtgrenze to the music of Beethoven ( the ninth, the finale ).

        • I want you to know my grandparents, parents, myself, relatives and friends were so happy to witness that, even if it was on TV at the time. I as so disappointed that more attention was not given to that (happy) celebration here in America.
          It would have been a good reminder as well of keeping our Country in tact.

  15. Have any of you seen that awful story on Drudge about a 22 year old Latino veteran of Afghanistan being fatally shot during his welcoming home parade in Sylmar, CA? His name was Francisco Garcia. Mexican gangs, white supremacists? This is tragic enough by itself, but I hope it was not meant to stir up trouble?

    • If anybody can take a liberal beat down and emerge victorious it’s Scott Walker. Pikers compared to that the first Democrat-union attempt to get him out — where the Dems fled to the neighboring state, holed up in a hotel, and there were protesters at Walker’s family home where his son was alone, IIRC.

      And the title of his book is Unintimidated!

      • If anyone has been vetted, it is Walker. Not only the union attacks but a district attorney (from the Milwaukee area I suspect) kept trying to smear Walker in scandal even after being slapped down by the WI courts.

        • Hooray! Glad to see lots of you thinking Walker has what it takes to be the president. I have liked him for a long time and think that if he could keep it together in WI with all the slurs he had to take, not much more could be used against him in a race for presidency!

          • I wish Keith would run that poll again about who we would support for President in 2016. I’m not certain Walker’s name was on the list.

  16. I worked the voting booths and saw only one lady come in twice to vote. It’s not as pervasive as everyone thinks. I think she was just voting for her grandma or something.

  17. SL, it must be a bit of a bore for you how we are all still glowing and crowing about last Tuesday’s election, but take heart: the election will soon be knocked off the front page by the Ferguson, MO outcome. It’s just that we’ve been in the wilderness for so long.

  18. Haven’t had a chance to get to WHD all day, but did anyone see the interview early this a.m. between Arthel Neville and the writer (don’t remember his name) from the Weekly Standard? She ought to be arrested for assault and battery.

    She berated the poor guy non-stop – kept asking him what the new Congress is going to bring to the table. He replied that he ‘wasn’t a Congressman’ She snarled back: “I have given you three minutes, and you haven’t brought me anything’!!! End of interview. The bewildered writer looked shell-shocked.
    Who does this harridan think she is??? I have never seen such viciousness…but it’s only with conservatives. She is now on camera for the entire morning every weekend!

  19. When threads get long like this one, I usually go to the end and start reading back. I can usually find my comments from the top or from the bottom, but what’s in the middle–that’s the trouble area.

  20. There is an amusing article in the WaPo on how “With the new Congress, the D.C. region is losing clout”. About time, baby.

  21. Old Mooch has been awfully quiet, hasn’t she? I still suspect that she had her Chicago buddies at that huge event on Thursday night and then they took off for at least a long weekend after that. (By the way, Obummer left for China on Saturday night/Sunday morning around 1 am according to Mark Knoller’ tweets.)

    In any event, I searched for news on Moochelle and found nothing about her current whereabouts, but I did find two items of note:

    She wormed her way onto yet another television show on Friday, this time using veterans:

    Michelle Obama salutes Veterans on ‘Shark Tank’

    As part of the first National Veterans Small Business Week, first lady Michelle Obama will appear, via video, on a special episode of ABC’s Emmy Award-winning show “Shark Tank,” featuring veteran entrepreneurs and their business ideas. National Veterans Small Business Week honors those veteran entrepreneurs who continue to serve our country by creating jobs and fueling economic growth.
    The special episode of “Shark Tank” will air Nov. 7 at 9 p.m.

    Also, she did yet another kiddie thing to get her face in the schools. Of course, veterans are again being used by the wannabee actress/celeb:

    Michelle Obama meets The Penguins and it’s cute

    As part of her ongoing support-the-veterans campaign, the first lady appears in a new animated short starring the tuxedoed birds from the upcoming DreamWorks movie, The Penguins of Madagascar.

    Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private, the wacky-but-adorable penguins who growl like battle-hardened Marines and are always minutes away from disaster, nearly waddled away with the previous animated Madagascar comedies in which they first appeared.

    Now the fowl have their own flick, opening Nov. 26. The animation geniuses at DreamWorks have joined the Operation Got Your 6 campaign, lending the feathered stars for a PSA to be shown in schools as part of the Take a Veteran to School program to connect kids and vets.

    Mrs. O plays…well, herself, dressed in a purple sleeveless shift in a room at the White House. Suddenly Skipper “appears” by her side. She hits her mark perfectly, turning her head to “talk” to him.

    “We’re a little tired of the Seals getting all the good missions,” barks Skipper. “What about the Penguins?”

    So she gives them a top-secret mission to debunk myths about returning veterans. And they’re off on an adventure, after a little mishap in the White House with some broken crockery.

    • I’m reading First Ladies’ bio’s and memoirs right now.. MO is no First Lady, she’s a “wannabe”. So far, Laura, Hillary and Bar Bush’s books gives me more inspiration than what I’ve ‘lived’ through the MO years :(

      On deck, I have Nancy Reagan, Rosalynn Carter and Betty Ford. Can’t wait to dive into them :)

  22. Here is an article from the New Republic — arguing essentially that Obama is not liberal enough…..and ValJar is the reason. But it’s worth is the amount of detail and examples it gives of Jarrett and the relationship she has with Obama.

    What disturbed me the most that she sits in on Supreme Court arguments. Maybe that’s normal but it sounds like a whole lot of access to me.