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Obama Schedule || Monday, November 10, 2014

President Obama is traveling in Asia this week

8:25 pm || Arrives Beijing
10:30 pm || holds a bilateral meeting with President Joko Widodo of Indonesia; Westin Beijing Chaoyang, Beijing, China
Midnight || Meets with leaders of the Trans-Pacific Partnership countries; U.S. embassy, Beijing
1:05 am || Meets with embassy personnel
1:30 am || Holds a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Tony Abbott of Australia; U.S. embassy, Beijing
3:45 am || Delivers remarks at the APEC CEO Summit; Chinese National Convention Center, Beijing
5:30 am || Attends an APEC Welcome Banquet; Beijing National Aquatics Center

All times U.S. Eastern
Chinese Standard Time is 13 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern.

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  1. Obama should arrange for a personal hands on tour of golf equipment while he’s over there….that way at least he’ll be interested in what’s going on & may actually learn something on the tax suckers dime.

  2. What is it with all these bisexual meetings he’s holding. Oh crap, just read Keith’s post more carefully. BiLATERAL. I guess that means neither one of them is on top!!

  3. On the previous thread a comment by @gracepm caught my attention:
    gracepmc November 9, 2014 at 7:18 pm
    “I have since graduate school posited that when all is said and done Russia and China would pair up. And then , of course, once the dust settles from their various actions they will have a go at one another. I have been watching them ever since.
    Back in the day their differences were truly ideological, then less so and now pretty much its a non factor. In both cases, the true valued resources from natural to financial will reside with the State and the rest will be bartered about with the corrupt characters.”
    @gracepm – thank you for this insight. I firmly believe you are correct. We must keep your thoughtful insight in mind as we read media reports of this current visit.

    • Thanks Aileen — after all these years of being called crazy among my colleagues…:)

      That said, Russia is slightly “ahead” of China in the openess of its society and China has a whole host of problems yet to endure. It is a long way off and an interesting view. Right now it appears the Chinese feel pretty emboldened and are insulting Obama publicly. And that has to hurt Himself’s little feelings —

      Also the wrinkle for both is as it is for the world — what to do with the Islamic State and the terrorists and the radicalized Muslims and immigrants ….Right now Russia and China can be much more brutal and less accommodating than the West, but there are pockets and they will only grow. Central Asia is interesting in that regard.

    • China is incredibly patient, but their goal is total domination of Asia. It is a national goal rather than a personal, meaning that current t leaders are content if it takes 50 or even 500 years to accomplish.

  4. I’m down in Brisbane where the coming G20 is being held and the local press are writing about how the Obama advance security team have stripped back almost and entire floor of the Marriot Hotel where Obama is due to stay. By stripepd back the reports say that in some cases they have even considered installing their own electrical wiring and have taken out every fitting and wall covering to accodmoate the 1 night Obama will stay at the hotel. Now I know there are protocols etc and we all moaned the cost of taking windows to Obama’s hotel in Aftrica before but why go to such lengths to house Obama in the centre of town when he could stay at the massive and secure Anderley airbase outside of Brisbane where AF1 will land and he will then be helicoptered by Marine 1,2 and 3 to town. It feels like overkill and the local press think it costly and excessive. I think the President should be kept dafe at all times but putting him in a hotel in the centre of the CBD and not setting up a secure and comfortable base at the airbase for the brief stopover is questionable.

  5. Schedule for the Week of November 10, 2014

    On Monday, the President will arrive in Beijing. On his first day in Beijing, the President will participate in the APEC CEO Summit, where he will deliver remarks. He will have bilateral meetings with President Widodo of Indonesia and Prime Minister Abbott of Australia, and he will also participate in a TPP leaders meeting. In the evening, the President will attend an APEC welcome banquet. The President will remain overnight in Beijing.

    On Tuesday, the President will attend official APEC summit events including a welcoming ceremony, an official APEC family photo and a tree planting ceremony. The President will also participate in two APEC plenary sessions and a working lunch with leaders. In the evening, the President will begin his bilateral program with President Xi of China. The President will remain overnight in Beijing.

    On Wednesday, the President will participate in a State Arrival Welcome Ceremony. Afterward, the President will participate in a bilateral meeting with President Xi and then deliver remarks to press. In the afternoon, the President will attend a State Banquet with President Xi. Afterward, the President will depart Beijing en route Naypyitaw, Burma. After arrival, the President will attend an East Asia Summit Gala Dinner. The President will remain overnight in Naypyitaw.

    On Thursday, the President will attend an EAS plenary session followed by an U.S.-ASEAN session and hold a bilateral meeting with President Truong Tan Sang of Vietman. In the evening the President will have a bilateral meeting with Burmese President Thein Sein. The President will remain overnight in Naypyitaw.

    On Friday, the President will depart Naypyitaw en route Rangoon, Burma. While in Rangoon, the President will meet with Aung San Suu Kyi at her residence. He will also participate in a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Town Hall. In the evening, the President will depart Rangoon en route Brisbane, Australia. The President will remain overnight on Air Force One.

    On Saturday, the President will arrive in Brisbane, Australia. While in Brisbane, the President will participate in official G20 events including a leaders retreat, a plenary session, a working dinner and a cultural presentation. The President will also deliver remarks at the University of Queensland. The President will remain overnight in Brisbane.

    On Sunday, the President will participate in two G20 plenary sessions and a working lunch. Afterward, the President will participate in a press conference before departing Brisbane en route Washington, DC. The President will remain overnight at the White House.

  6. I pulled up an article on
    China is no refuge from o’s woes
    o warned his Chinese courterpart to stop the cyber attacks on the Pentagon and other targets. China’s cyber-incursions increased. Earlier this year the WH indicted five Chinese nationals for cyber-espionage, including a senior military officer. None are likely to be brought to trial.
    Does anyone have a current stat on this. I could not find any update on this issue.

  7. . And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for the thing to pass… Look, I wish Mark was right that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.”

    Just want to make sure everyone sees this, what a disgrace these people are!

    • What happened to all those Obamacare Navigators? Are they still around and what are they doing? Do we still employ upwards of 100 translators to accommodate all those languages Obamacare touted at “signup”. Who oversees the Obamacare “budget” — is all this under the purview of HHS?

  8. Forty-eight kids were killed by a member of the Religion of Peace in Nigeria today. The splodey-dope did his deed during a school assembly in a northern town of Nigeria. (Boko Haram translates as “Western education is haram”. )

  9. I remember the first time he went to China after he became President, he was treated very shabbily. He traveled around like an ordinary tourist with no state dinner, and he was set up for a question from a student on what he had done to deserve the Nobel Prize. Now they perceive him as being weak so I wonder if it will go any better this time.

  10. I shouldn’t be reading the first lady bios while the Obamas are still occupying the WH.

    When was the last time MO went on an overseas trip with him? Our former first ladies traveled all the time for the mingling with the leaders’ spouses. It’s why reading their bios is so dishy for the little things they did on international visits. Plus, their husbands wanted their ladies with them. Hmmmmm?

    • Well, since we are talking about First Ladies perhaps we should mention Valerie Jarrett. Or perhaps first mama.

      I moved this comment and link from the other page. After reading it one might not think the comment about ValJar so odd. She goes everywhere with this man.

      Here is an article from the New Republic — arguing essentially that Obama is not liberal enough…..and ValJar is the reason. But it’s worth is the amount of detail and examples it gives of Jarrett and the relationship she has with Obama.

      What disturbed me the most that she sits in on Supreme Court arguments. Maybe that’s normal but it sounds like a whole lot of access to me.

      • I read that article yesterday. At first, it mentioned her detractors, but then it started changing tune. It was awfully long so I fast forwarded to the end where the author held up Obama and Jarrett as two reasonable, reasoning people with the implication that they were the only two in government who were. And a person should not be referring to Jarrett as “in government” but that was the whole gist of the article.

    • Denise Re.First Ladies. The reading you are doing sounds interesting. All First Ladies, or only ones you are interested in? Are you reading full biographies or do you compilations? Just curious — sounds like fun reading.

    • The Mooch skipped the audience with the Pope last year while she was tripping through China with her mother and the daughters. It was the ultimate insult!

  11. I want to wish all current and former Marines here a happy birthday today. My husband is a former and we put out the Marine flag every November 10.

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