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Slightly Frightening Sharpton Teleprompter Malfunction

40 thoughts on “Slightly Frightening Sharpton Teleprompter Malfunction”

  1. Looking at him still on TV, is as depressing as hearing that Edwin Edwards former Gov. of Louisiana, & convict is back in politics.
    On top of that I would like him to speak to the men and woman being sent to Iraq just to advise, and to Africa. These fine men and woman are from all walks of life, standing side by side.
    Now I have to go back and look for the scar.

        1. On another note, ebola has dropped off the radar, too. There was a story a few days ago about Liberia and the fact that there have been no new ebola cases since Sept. Some facilities have no patients; others are half full.

          After Obama’s marathon, non-stop talkathon about ebola before the election, you would think he would be out there with an update on Liberia since he has committed thousands of our troops to the region.

        2. It’s possible it will resurrect unfortunately as part of the amnesty tsunami that is coming our way. If so, then perhaps it will prod people to more seriously investigate it.

  2. Everything about Al Sharpton is frightening. The damage this racist has been allowed to do to people’s lives is criminal. Al Sharpton – Harry Reid – cut from the same mold of revenge and greed.

      1. Heard that Obama met with Sharpton the day after the mid-term massacre. What an odd choice!!! The only thing I can think of is Ferguson – are they up to no good again?

        1. Check all the Ferguson stuff on Drudge and elsewhere. The other day they presented the police with a Manifesto of sorts with demands as to what the police could and could not do on the day the results of the grand jury. Ferguson is a direct result of Eric Holder and Al Sharpton putting their noses where they do not belong.

          LaRaza and the illegals demand. The mob in Ferguson demands. The LGBT community demands. The FSA Army demands.

          And yet, the Republicans are expected to compromise!

          1. I do not understand how they can make such of a request.
            I read that earlier. I did not list the things they except them not to have. This is another issue that has missed on MSM.

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