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Reuters: Obama Silences Biden’s Attempt to Negotiate

It appears that Vice President Biden went straying off the reservation during the meeting Friday with bipartisan Congressional leaders, and President Obama jerked him right back on.

The story states that House Speaker Boehner offered to try to pass an immigration reform bill next year, and Biden appeared open to the idea. That of course put Biden on the wrong side of Obama’s determination to issue an executive order this year.

According to the piece:

Republican Speaker John Boehner asked Obama to let Republicans work on reforming and modernizing immigration early in the new session, Barrasso said.

Vice President Joe Biden asked Boehner how long he needed to pass a bill: “February 15? March 15?” said one congressional source familiar with the discussions, who said Obama was visibly irritated and stopped Biden.
But another congressional source disputed that account. “At no time did the President cut off the Vice President,” said the Democratic source, describing Obama as “courteous and firm” during the immigration discussion.

Whether courteously or rudely, Biden was clearly shut down when he tried to make good on Obama’s pledge to work together and listen to good ideas whether they come from Republicans or Democrats.

And Boehner still thinks this administration is serious about ending illegal immigration and would agree to a deal that stopped it before providing amnesty. Unfortunately, with McConnell at his side, there was no one to shut Boehner up.

30 thoughts on “Reuters: Obama Silences Biden’s Attempt to Negotiate”

  1. That’s too bad, VPBiden is an old hand at the give and take of how things are done there.
    They’re going to do something. The Repubs want to do it slowly, MrO wants it NOW.
    Interesting times ahead.

  2. Obama ‘visibly irritated’,….
    I would love to take him over the cliff on the irritation issue.
    I’m sure that Biden will be sent to his room, and no lunch for you Joe !

    1. This election was only the first step Grace.
      Now we have to keep their feet to the fire.
      In January, the leaders will be up for re-eletion.
      That’s the other shoe to drop.
      That is what I’m concerned about.

      1. If they went along with amnesty, they would blow this whole last election. I don’t think they will. They wouldn’t get the cats they herd to go along with it either.

        1. Well, they’ve had plenty of time to prepare and the people “have spoken” — immigration enforcement not immigration reform. We’ll see. One thing for sure — they will offer something — all that talk about red flags and bulls — McConnell speak for Obama’s redlines. Same for Boehner’s statement — poison the well.

          The caveat for them was if Obama oversteps his authority. And that will take at least a year for McConnell and Boehner to agree on.

  3. As I recall Boehner was the first one out the gate to support the Senate immigration bill. He scares me to death.
    The AP also had a report that Obama shut Boehner up as he was discussing immigration…saying “I haven’t got the patience”.

    This wave election was about slaying the dragon. We do not compromise with the devil. Flood Obama’s desk with the 380 bills that have been sitting in Reid’s bottom drawer, repeal Obamacare, and stop amnesty. It’s now or never – for God’s sake, don’t mess it up!

  4. As I posted the other day, some pundit (they blend) said the
    “deals” will be worked out by McConnell and Biden, creatures of the Senate who know and care about the way things work. Guess President “Present” is not such a loyal member of the Sen club. But we know that–tradition, culture, respect be damned.

    1. McConnell has to be re-elected.
      That is not an appointed position.
      Boehner is not that popular in the house.
      Strong arm tactics are what they are and have been used for years to retain control.
      We will have to wait and see what happens.

  5. Boehner & McConnell are ‘incurable optimists’ who need to realize they have been ‘expecting the improbable’ from bho, long ago, who told the American citizens about his plans ‘to fundamentally….’! bho cannot compromise for a number of reasons. He HAS made inroads into every aspect of American society which will be most difficult to undo! Nobody should expect ‘miracles’ from the newly elected House & Senate on bho’s watch!

    The POTUS is eager to dictate the rules for amnesty – which will include illegals here from the Southern Border countries and the mid-East etc.,etc.,! Plus, he is being pressured and influenced by interests within and without the Adm and Congress. Some of those are current and former congressmen, Dep’t appointees, national organizations like LaRaza, CAIR, including anti-Israel interests!

    Golfing has become bho’s way of saying what he really thinks of the American citizens displeasure with his Adm which is ‘I am still POTUS and you aren’t…Ha!’

    Very disturbing! jb

    1. Boehner and McConnell are career politicians.
      They will do anything to keep their job and will screw anybody that gets in their way.
      Both of them need to be removed from the positions that they now hold.
      We need new blood in the leadership !

      1. All of them, each and everyone needs to be asked on camera will all the illegals, including the ones from S. America be welcomed in your neighborhood? Will the illegal children that were sent over by themselves be welcomed in your kids, grandkids or great grandkids schools. Just like the ocare crud they are all going along with it, because it is not going to effect them.

    1. Loved this clip; sent it to all my conservative friends; I hope Trey stays on the straight and narrow so to speak and can run for prissy some day. He is such an honest good American, I think! Glad too that Scott Walker withstood the latest election and all the negative issues he had to endure.

  6. I don’t get it. There’s what, 320 million people in this country and we have to bend to the will of one person, one temporary politician? Only Barack’s opinion matters? And what sort of a fool obtains the highest office in the land and doesn’t respect that the job of president is to sign and enforce the law, not to create law. Not only is Obama a very foolish man but he is an idiot to believe that his delusional plans for this country could actually stick, and he’s dumber than a box of rocks trying to rule by executive fiat and not understanding that the blowback will collapse his deluded efforts. Yet this person, Barack Obama, has no clue how dumb he is viewed through the eyes of the American people. Sad, pathetic, and embarrassing to witness.

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