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Obama Playing Golf in 50-degree Weather

I think he will play in the snow. It’s sunny in the Washington area though, so it’s not so bad.

President Obama is playing golf today with a few of his usual crew of younger White House aides. It’s the 46th time he’s played this year and the 203rd of his presidency.

49 thoughts on “Obama Playing Golf in 50-degree Weather”

  1. Why do I have this vision of him smacking the ball over and over with his golf club while screaming “take that, take this, bam bam I hate you I hate all of you”. ?

  2. I hope to see him playing in the snow. I don’t care whether he plays golf or not, but seeing out in inclement weather with his sycophants just speaks to his lack of moderation.

    1. But you won’t have to see him playing in the snow, gracepmc, because he has AF1 to whisk him away to warmer weather for a 10 minute POTUS opportunity, followed by fund raising and a day or two on the golf course in Hawaii, FL, CA, or anywhere the weather is cooperating.

      1. Well, if he wants to play golf in warmer climes, then I suspect amnesty will come before Christmas. Check his holiday schedule and we will know. I predict the day of departure. This one doesn’t even have the guts to do it the day before and take the heat.

        He’ll be on the golf course right after — he’s trained for that — James Foley tragically beheaded, family grieving, Obama makes a statement and heads off to make his tee time. He will treat the American people with the same disdain he treated the Foley family.

  3. Stuff that other people do when Obama golfs.

    The link might not work so I have copied the first part of this about an American marine went to Canada to stand guard over their National War War Museum.
    When you’ve completed tours in Vietnam and have 5 Purple Hearts to boast about, you’re already quite the hero. But for one retired United States Marine, there was more work to be done.

    Marine Major R. E. G. “Fox” Sinke, Jr. heard the news that Corporal Nathan Cirillo was killed by a lone gunman while standing guard at Canada’s National War Museum and was spurred to take action.

    According to Western Journalism:

    “Sinke, a Canadian-American dual citizen who lives in Canada, said “the murder of the young Cpl. Cirillo was so despicable and craven that I just couldn’t find it within myself to do nothing.” He arrived at the memorial… and stood guard by himself until the Canadian honor guard and eight Canadian police officers with fully automatic weapons joined him.”

    And after he has received threats from the Muzzies.

    Here’s the link.

    1. Veteran’s Day is next Tuesday.
      Right there is why we embrace the ones that put their life on the line for their Country.

      Thanks for the link Grace.

      1. I hope someone picks this up on the MSM or piece on a documentary.
        Like Fox will have a special on who shot Bin Laden.
        I think what this man has done is worth recognition.

    2. As I stated when I first read about this last week, Canada is proud to have a such a hero living in our country. Thank you for your service, sir.

  4. “It’s the 46th time he’s played this year”
    Well, he did say “the things that motivate me every single day… those things aren’t going to change.”

    1. Ike was so highly regarded by his country that he’s got an aircraft carrier named after him.

      Obama will be lucky if the Navy names so much as a fleet tug after him.

      For my money, the appropriate ship to bear the name USS Barack Obama, would be a garbage barge.

  5. Please make sure you go to the Chicago Tribune-front page-18 wonderful photos of our oldest veterans and the volunteers who help them to the honor flight. Warning: kleenexes may be needed.

    These are the real men and women of America-not some yoyo on a golf course that hates America.

    1. Carol, correct tears in my eyes. As I have mentioned several times, my Grandfather served in WWII. I will be sure to tell my mom, and aunts and uncle to read this article as well.
      I sure you noticed in the article as well, many of the fine veterans hung up, because they never expected anything in life for free.

      1. Thanks for this. How great for you to be there with an Honor Flight.
        As to the closing — yes “she “did — that being the current head of HHS Obamacare. Got a promo and all from P&R.

  6. I can’t blame the President for playing golf. I would not want to spend my Saturday with Mooch either. I thought it was interesting that Michael Jordan called Obama a S***y golfer and Ahmad Rashad did not rush to defend Valjar. His defense of her would have been reasonable. I mean it is hard to pull those puppet strings and hit a golf ball much less hit it straight.

    Plus, the President has had a few hard few weeks destroying the Democratic Party freeing that Marine(yea right),writing letters with his Iranian pen pal, hiding from Mossad for calling Netanyahu a bad name.

    It is hard being the stupidest most bored intelligent man in the world.

  7. I bet this really, really, really pissed off a lot of Democrats, who got shellacked and now he’s off doing Obama things.

    We make fun of him mostly because of the way Dems treated Bush. Heck, we’d prefer he spend all his time on the golf course. Less chance of him messing things up. This has to make Dems gnash their teeth in rage.

  8. I’m having trouble keeping WZ up on my page, but the lead story says that ISIS leader al Baghdadi has been critically injured. Maybe someone else can get the story up and read the whole thing.

      1. And about that — this is an example of some common thinking Ive seen on the blogs etc —

        So you’re telling me that we know where 1,200 of these troglodytes are sleeping, and we aren’t sending a B-2 with a full load to make it a smoking hole?

        And, of course this leads one to also wonder about the timing of the NORK release and Clapper’s personal escort.

  9. First off: I would like to say I’m sorry for some of the things I said last Tuesday. The giddiness of our victory, and the celebratory vodka, made me spew out a lot of cra-cra. I don’t believe that the President of the United States is burning blunts in the Oval office.
    Now to the article at hand: Today was a nice day in middle Ga ( a little cool and cloudy, but no wind). So Friday, two of my friend from work, and I, decided to play 18 holes of golf today. The first round of golf that I have played this month (I shot an 89, not bad, right?, I’ve been playing this course since I was 18),. And we had a good time talking about the victories that the Republicans had on Tuesday (I couldn’t make a put for may life today).
    I’m just a yahoo from GA. I am not the leader of the greatest nation in the world.
    I apologist for my drunkin’st (is that a word) the other night.

    Long live the Republic.
    Macon Man OUT!

    1. That’s funny MaconMan…I must have missed that post but I would not put it past lil Barry to be burning some blunts in our White House…among other things.
      So yay golf on mr president. See ya soon for the 4-6 weeks Hawaiian Golf Session.

      1. After reading over the comments I posted that night, I am embarrass for what I said. Obama is our president, and I got carried away. I would never say that about anyone, no matter who they are. I was just so happy that maybe it our first step to once again putting our country back on the right track.
        At this moment in time, we need a new Uncle Ronny (Ronald Reagan). Could it be Rand Paul?

        1. Actually your posts were more cogent than many on here–glad you didn’t leave. But I agree with clinging to some tiny spark of respect for the office of the president–no matter who occupies it–and thus I cringe at the unimaginative names people use for the current occupant–not clever or telling.

  10. I am sorry, am generally not in favor of radical solutions, but maybe it is best to put him on trial, attempt to impeach him and throw his whole agenda into question

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