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Live Stream || Obama Names Loretta Lynch Attorney General

18 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Names Loretta Lynch Attorney General”

  1. For a second, I read it as “Loretta Lynn”….. probably about the same either way though.

    I have an off topic question that maybe only you can answer Keith. Why is Harry Reid allowed to attack American citizens right on the front page of his senatorial webpage? And, why can he call them out by name on the Senate floor without repercussions?

    It drives me crazy that he does this and continues to. I wish the Koch brothers could and would sue him for libel. I’d like to know how Reid became a millionaire on a senator’s salary. I’d like to know how any of them do that and why they spend millions and millions of dollars to get a job that pays less than $200k. It’s a rhetorical question really.

    But, I’d love to know if you have an answer about Reid being allowed to use a gov website to attack by name US citizens. That shouldn’t be allowed.

    1. The constitution protects a sitting President and members of Congress during their terms of office against all lawsuits. They can say whatever they want at the podium in Congress, and the President can throw around insults with impunity,
      Getting rich – they write the rules, remember?
      They can act on ‘inside’ information that affects land grabs, stock market info, business dealings. All legal.
      Suppose you knew that 200 acres of forest was going to be used for another government facility next year – would you buy it in advance, knowing you would at least double your investment? sure.

  2. After watching a little of Barack and Loretta and Eric — I have no expectations that she will operate any differently than Eric Holder in her execution of social justice on behalf of minorities and illegals.

    “vigorously defending civil rights” — dog whistle.

    As I said earlier, you are morally challenged at the gate when you decide to join this Administration.

  3. Well, we can see where this is going. Ted Cruz — she shouldn’t be confirmed by a Lame Duck Congress. She should be vetted by the new Congress. Miss Lindsey on the other hand sees no problem with that, or with LL — come on in Loretta join the party. Cruz and Graham both, of course, on Judiciary.

    Suspect she will continue the Holder Sharpton Ferguson campaign.

    1. Further on Cruz and the confirmation timing — Cruz says part of her vetting should include the question as to whether she thinks Obama’s immigration amnesty is legal and constitutional.

  4. Read up on this strident communist, racist witch. She is the female version of Eric Holder who just happens to be a close friend. As is Al Sharpton. She is eminently unfit to be Attorney General but gee it’s time this country had its first “African American” woman Attorney General. Look how well it worked with Dictator Obama as the first “African American”, gay, communist, muslim, president.

    “African American” This label is just another divide Americans tool in the democrat communist party’s propaganda/culture tool box.

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