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Psaki Blames Israel for Gaza Civilian Casualties

With Israel under the gun for Gaza War civilian casualties, including accusations by Amnesty International that it committed war crimes, the Obama administration swept to Israel’s defense, showing the United States to be the stalwart ally it has always been as Israel defends itself against neighbors who allow children to be used as shields while they lob bombs onto Israeli’s heads.

Well, not exactly. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki today grumbled that Israel did not doing enough to protect Gaza civilians. Her statement contradicted remarks Thursday by Joint Chiefs Chairman Martin Dempsey, who knows a bit more about war than Psaki and said Israel went to “extraordinary lengths” to limit casualties.

Psaki psaid:

I would point you to the Chairman’s teams for more specifics on his comments, It remains the broad view of the entire administration that they could have done more and that they should have taken more feasible precautions to prevent civilian casualties.

From Dempsey’s remarks:

I actually do think that Israel went to extraordinary lengths to limit collateral damage and civilian casualties,” Dempsey told the group . . . In this kind of conflict, where you are held to a standard that your enemy is not held to, you’re going to be criticized for civilian casualties.

49 thoughts on “Psaki Blames Israel for Gaza Civilian Casualties”

    1. Bi-polar sums it up.
      What a bimbo that woman is!
      General Dempsey must be squirming. When is his date for permanent and honorable retirement? He must be counting the hours

        1. Dempsey, and any of the Flags (Gen-Adms) on the JCS or major commands should have thrown their Stars on the table and publicly resigned and embarrased Obama long ago for the way Obama has disrespected the US Military.

        1. Hmmm. That reminds me a bumper sticker I saw in Odessa, Texas many moons ago.

          “Don’t Tell My Parents I Work In The Oil Fields…They Think I’m a Piano Player in a Whorehouse”

  1. Its been awhile since this State Dept. spokes-bimbo said something stupid… (that I have seen reported. Granted, she & her blonde bimbo compatriot most likely say stupid things at every State Dept. briefing)

  2. There’s a word for women like that, but I wouldn’t use the same word for a man. So let’s just call her a low-life, scum sucking liar.

  3. There’s something irritating about these spokesgirls that the Obama admin has put in important jobs. It’s not their youth; I can’t put my finger on what quality(ies) make me want to paint out their image on my tv tube.

          1. Watched the skit — yes, fully confident in their pretty shell that radiates shallow knowledge based on assumptions fed to them by professors and bosses.

    1. Snarky comments, smirky smiles and act like teenagers who think they so much more than their elders. They truly are embarrassing!

    2. Because they are going to grow up being Hillary Clinton or Fauxcohauntus or Nancy Pelosi. They are dedicated to their boss, power, and moving up the ladder. There is nothing wrong with that in the private sector — happens. But when you are employed by the people you should have some dedication to the country. They don’t.

  4. The spectacular win for the Republicans Tuesday night was also a win for Netanyahu. The Bibi-bashing will not bode well for Obama and his minions. We have his back!

  5. Why do these people keep disappointing me? She may as well had started with, I think everyone who is listening to me is stupid, and doesn’t know any better.

  6. Of course the Israeli’s are responsible for the damage done when they retaliated against the Gaza people sending rockets into their country. It happens when firepower is met with firepower that someone innocent might be injured.. duh.

    What happened? I remember a time when America was a proud ally and staunch supporter of the Israeli state.
    There’s no intelligent reason to spew such hatred, such vitriol toward a people who really are peaceful, whose only goal was to provide a safe harbor for others of their religion. They don’t threaten to kill everyone who doesn’t adhere to kosher practices, don’t round up other religion’s women to enslave them, and don’t maim, decapitate, stone, or whip fellow Jews who slip up or make mistakes, or kill their own people for suspected offenses.
    None of this makes sense.

    1. Most Americans are proud supporters of Israel and defends our Ally. No one would know that by listening to this Administration and in particular, anyone at State.

    2. Let’s see, Palestinians launch unaimed rockets in the general direction of Israeli civilians. Rockets kill some of those civilians. Israelis get annoyed, target those who directed the launch of the rockets. Those who directed the launch of the rockets hide i mosques or shield themselves with children. Israel obliterates their carefully selected target. Some collateral damage occurs. Who has committed the war crime? Those hiding behind civilians or those who make a hard choice and PROTECT their people?

    1. “Jews?” Are they robotic emissaries of the devil? No. You’re thinking of Muslims.

      The Jews who vote are generally educated and intelligent and couldn’t stomach voting for people who are associated with Rush Limbaugh and his low-life ilk…no matter how distasteful it is to vote for the lying, cheating, swindlers in the Democratic party.

      1. I believe Jews were voting Democ-rat LONG before there WAS a rush Limbaugh (BTW, I’m VERY conservative and I can’t ABIDE Rush). I don’t HAVE an easy explanation. Perhaps Hitler was the Ultimate Right-Winger. If I were a Jew that’d make me nervous. But then again, STALIN was the ultimate Left-Winger, and I think we all remember how much HE loved Jews. Some of our WHD family MUST be Jewish? What do you think?

        But, because I’m NOT a Jew, I not sure I’m qualified to even HAVE an opinion on this subject.

        1. I hate Rush’s personality,he grates on me.However,most of what he reports can be researched and found as being true.Just because the messenger is an asswipe doesn’t mean he or she should be discounted.

    2. Democratic American Jews do not believe in God anymore. The new democrats are now communists and communists only believe in the party. Thats why they don’t side with Israel anymore. Thats how they rationalize believing in abortion, the killing of innocent human life and throwing human life in the garbage can. Shame on them for abandoning Israel and believing in the killing of babies. One day they will be sorry for their cold and calculating behavior for the party. History repeats itself, killing millions of human life is no different from what Hitler did.

  7. No fan of Dempsey. But this Psaki chick is just worthless. When you are too dumb to be embarrassed it’s pretty bad. It’s like the Obama Administration is one giant TOTUS. Read what’s there, say what you have been told. John Kerry’s State Department is almost anti Semitic at this point.

    1. Pshe IS pseriously pstupid! And that’s psaying psomething considering all the other dumb-bunnies at the Pstate Department. It seems as though having psomeone like this as a pspokesperson is just another way for Obama to pshove our noses in it!

  8. Did the administration say anything about the terrorist who plowed his car into a crowd of civilians, killing a cop and injuring more than a dozen Wednesday? Or, did they chide the Israelis for killing the terrorist?

    This was the second such attack in how many days?

    I hold Psaki in less contempt than I do Mika Brzezinski. Mika probably learned her hatred of Jews with her daily bread, at her father’s feet.

  9. How dare she? How about the 3 Israeli teenage boys murdered. How about cars slamming into crowds, killing an infant? She should be run out of town. She is no friend of our best ally and should not be allowed to utter such disgusting remarks, all coming from Obama, thats for sure. Impeach, Impeach, Impeach, and she should shut up about Israel, she knows not what she says.

  10. And just who is PSAKI to make that kinda of a statement? Is the person a believer is Islim and then of course that would be their mind set. S I C K O

  11. “it remains the broad view of the entire administration”….Dempsey must be feeling a little left out at this point. Not one other person in this whole administration will defend Israel. Better to stand alone and be in the right than surround yourself with fools.

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