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Obama Adds Another 1,500 Troops to Iraq

President Obama will send another 1,500 troops to Iraq, roughly doubling the number of servicemen and women sent to the country to fight the ISIS uprising.

Obama will request $5.6 billion from Congress to conduct operations against ISIS. Congress is likely to approve the funding, but growing questions will certainly be raised about the administration’s strategy.

In an unusual step, the new troops will be required by the White House to levitate approximately one foot in the air so as not to be considered “boots on the ground.”

As I wrote back in June, as Obama put his toe in the water in Iraq with the introduction of a few hundred initial troops:

Obama thinks he can avoid mission creep. But soon he will be faced with a choice between that or an ignominious retreat that will further prove for our enemies – Obama has done some much already to convince them – that the United States is helpless and can be attacked with impunity.

And so we have war fought on the fly – ill-planned, ill-conceived, and tentatively executed. If we are going to defeat ISIS, we should defeat ISIS. We have tried this kind of incrementalism before, and it fails.

When we introduce enough of our superb troops into battle, we win. It’s the doctrine of overwhelming force. I thought we had already learned it. In the end, we will get even more American fighting men and women killed with a bad, prolonged  approach.

ISIS is a virulent threat to the United States that will eventually inflect mass casualties here. It must be defeated, the sooner the better.

Let me put it as inelegantly as possible: SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT. That sounds like an excellent military doctrine to me.

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  1. I have reached out to my contacts at DOD and I have it on Absolutely No Authority Whatsoever that these new troops are being issued Nike Air sneakers so there will BE no more boots on the ground!!

  2. Not going to happen (all in), it’s just window dressing for the ” vote-present president”. He doesn ‘t want to lose, because it makes him look bad, so he’ll put in just enough troops to at least hold Iraq till he’s out of office. He doesn’t want to win, which we could, because it makes him look bad. Doesn’t fit the legacy plan.

      1. The news from the embassy in Baghdad must be bad. That said, this is absurd 1500 to Anbar? That’s dangerous. And as I said below will they even be allowed bullets — what are the rules of engagement. This is foolhardy.

  3. Obama is under a strong pressure from all media and from the many US politicians on payroll of Israel (like Mc Cain) to commit US troops on the ground against ISIS and to end up fighting on behalf of Israel a World War of Religions. The US president recognizes the Zionist trap and is resisting it even if now he is obliged to send a few more troops. But that will not be the end of the story. The Zionists have only one objective in mind and know too well that once there will be many US casualties the omelet will be ready.

    Don’t let the media fool you. The world conspiracy is not a theory. Notice how strange is that ISIS threatened Europe and the entire World but not Israel which is next to it. This masquerade goes on in this great stage while the future of all people depends precisely on how ISIS, Al Qaeda and 9/11 are intended.

    In the name of the next generations our generation should make all efforts for a new World apparatus to thoroughly investigate the events of 9/11. Obama could make the difference and promote a new Commission that this time will not only pretend to investigate. It would be in cooperation with other Countries to also take another look at the inexplicable fall of “Building 7”. Besides, a second investigation should be launched against Senator John Mc Cain after it has been revealed that he had met with the founder of ISIS. —Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), in an interview with the Daily Beast, Sept. 16 “Here’s the problem. He [Sen. John McCain] did meet with ISIS, and had his picture taken, and didn’t know it was happening at the time”. This picture is the obvious evidence that the World conspiracy is not a theory. The chief of ISIS is that same Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who spent time in a US prison and in a meeting with Mc Cain before being released in 2009. There is no doubt that the Zionists and their counter terrorist agencies have all the means to enlist and pay well mercenaries of all Countries and Islamic extremists without having to show their face or their wallet. The Zionists are the masters of Deception. Perhaps a few will still remember when George W. Bush told the terrorized US citizens to seal their windows with duct tape to protect from an imminent chemical attack. An irony like this can tell a story. The next day on the shelves of the stores all over the US there was no more duct tape for sale.

    The comedy will go on with the tears of the Pharisees while in Jerusalem the situation of Al Aqsa mosque will get to a boiling point. It will be Jeb Bush, the next US president, to fix everything with a spectacular final act and to announce what was invoked for the first time by his father: a New World Order which is in fact a Greater State of Israel.

    At this point a distinction.
    The Jewish people is in no way responsible for the Zionists plotters and while it would not be possible for anyone to Believe in Equality and at the same time to be anti-Semite it is possible instead to oppose the concept of Zionism also in the name of those who aren’t born yet and will never have again the same possibility we have today before this War.

  4. Keith: My dad used to give the same advice. Unfortunately, Obama prefers “pot” and is otherwise emotionally constipated. The very idea that the admin. gave this pseudo operation the name “Inherent Resolve” was one of several bad calls. The new name should be … “Enduring Quagmire”.

    1. Or perhaps something a bit simpler so even Jen PPPPPsaki can understand it; (I just LIVE for the opportunity to use semicolons) Operation Eeeew, Bad!

    2. Why not name it UTC (up the creek)? And dont ya just love the way Barry flees the country when golf isn’t enough for him? He must feel like a “big man” flying around on our dime behaving like he’s someone special (which he is clearly not).. and notice how he always leaves the wife behind. BTW, is there any way to obtain the passenger list on this trip? Did sharpton & gang go with him?

  5. Once again Obama uses the troops to bail him out, not to defend us, not to conquer an enemy …. just to bail himself out. Just like he did with the troops to Ebola. Nothing more than little checker pieces to him.

  6. In an unusual step, the new troops will be required by the White House to levitate approximately one foot in the air so as not to be considered “boots on the ground.”


  7. Even before I read this post, when I heard the number 1500, I immediately thought of “mission creep”. After reading the post and the comments so far, I realize I am becoming an inveterate cynic because in addition to Obama’s incompetence and cowardice, I think he, full of anger and spite, would like to bequeath to the next President and our country, in fact, a huge problem and tragedy. I’ve not been one who believes the US is the world’s policeman, but sometimes, by God, there comes an enemy like ISIS which must be destroyed as quickly as possible. I cannot bear to think of our youth being dished out in dribs and drabs to face such savages.

    1. The military should really go to the White House and arrest him. He is sending them all to their doom, Ebola and now a measly 1500 to Iraq? He’s gotta go, be gone.

    1. I wouldn’t trust Obama with that money, they shouldn’t give him that money because he will probably steal it for another project, The truth will come out one day about what he does with the peoples’ money, He’s always asking for OUR TAXPAYER money. We need the money here, the price of steak and meat is way up. We are all tired of this miserable “president”.

  8. After he’s done playing with our soldiers, and ensuring that Iran is good to go on fulfilling their nuclear goals, you think he’ll notice Russian tank rolling into Ukraine.

    1. Island Girl, you’re spot on with the “little boy” assessment. This man is a case of arrested development. He’s permanently mired in boyhood. We have a child leading us.

    1. I looked up wadi. Great point.
      I pulled up
      Pentagon said troops would train and assist large Iraqi forces.
      ISIS controls large areas of Iraq & Syria even though airstrikes since August.
      1500 troops will join 1600 military advisors to assist Country’s army.
      Statement from Pentagon sd troops would be establishing several sites & train nine Iraqi army & three Kurdish Peshmerga Brigrades.
      Will also be setting up two “Advise & Assist operations centres” outside of Baghdad & northern city of Irbil.
      U.S. troops will not be in combat
      O will ask for $5.6 billion to support ongoing operations.
      Do our service men and woman allowed to carry a gun to protect themselves? I don’t understand all this Assist, operation, train, advise way of handling a war, no war, operation we have sent our military into. He wants 5.6 billion for what?
      If anyone here has had experience in the service, that can explain to me what you can do with 4.6 billion for: Assist, operation, train, and advise.
      How much money is needed just for the “Advise” part of this.
      That is a lot of money for ones thoughts.

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