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Obama Names Loretta Lynch to Replace Holder

Updated 7:35 pm ET

President Obama will name New York City federal prosecutor Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as Attorney General. The news was first reported by CNN.

Loretta_Lynch_US_AttorneyLynch is not considered a showboat or a headline grabber, and she seems a lock for confirmation, having already been confirmed twice for posts unanimously by the Senate.

Making a relatively noncontroversial choice could be seen as an effort by Obama to build relations with Republicans, who no doubt will be steaming mad about his upcoming executive order on immigration.

It would mean rejecting Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, seen as a left-wing firebrand who previously led the DOJ civil rights division, for the post.

Lynch’s perhaps most famous case¬†was the conviction of a white New York City police officer who sodomized Abner Louima, a Haitian immigrant, with a broken broomstick in 1997.

Lynch, 54, would be the first African American female attorney general. She was born in Greensboro, North Carolina and graduated from Harvard University and Harvard Law School.

UPDATE: It’s now official, Lynch will be nominated to be attorney general.

63 thoughts on “Obama Names Loretta Lynch to Replace Holder”

  1. Before we deal with anyone new at the job. I would like all the information to be released regarding F&F, and several other matters as well. I feel Hold. is going to get away with anything and everything.
    So before someone else is placed at the job,even someone like Tinkerbell or Peter Pan at the job. I would like them to be aware what happens if they should go down a certain path.

        1. How do we know what she is capable of ? Will she be just another lap dog for her boss? Operating in the twisted world of obama racism? Where every time a black youth is killed by a white cop he is immediately judged guilty? Or if she had a son ,would he look like travon too? Will she direct the DOJ to continue ignoring the massive corruption at the IRS? Will she simply comply with the perverse, profane & crooked world obama expects her to operate in? My answer is yes, but we shall see…

          1. I don’t know, what they stirred up with that town, and policeman was sinful. You do not see them stirring hell for all the kids that are killing one another over drugs. You do not see them inspiring those people.
            Just adding to the list, or stirring up the pot.

      1. I think that Holder is up against it,….more than we know.
        Issa is not backing down.
        Obama knows that Holder has now become a liability, and he is being replaced.

          1. For a moment I am going to think positive of our future. Wouldn’t it be a kicker, if yes she refused those pardons.
            Picture o with his mouth open in shock.

  2. I feel a little sorry for this woman because it’s obvious she was chosen for her color and gender and that’s what will be highlighted, the first yada yada. Her skillset will be greatly diminished.

        1. Yes she does but with this Administration gender and color are equal qualifications. That is unfortunate, but this is what they brought upon themselves. If this woman is as smart as everyone says then she recognizes this mark on her nomination, and decided herself to go forward.

          In my opinion if you decide to join this Administration you are morally challenged out of the gate.

          1. Well, I think that is unfair–and you would, too, if you got such a nomination. Would you really say, gosh, no, people will say mean things about me, that I am a token, no way am I serving?

          2. I agree whe won’t tear into Holder, but she might take a look at IRS and some other issues of documents, etc. Also–run the DOJ–administrate! If she is another incompetent admin flunky, I will salt these words and eat them right up. But I say give her a chance instead of pouncing on her right upfront.

          3. Well birds of a feather do flock together, so yes that is exactly what I would say. No thanks. being associated with this administration is going to be really bad after this term in office is over.

  3. No surprise here.
    The lame duck congress will be very busy for the rest of the year.
    Remember, the ACA was passed on Christmas Eve.
    Obama will have his foot on the pedal for as long as he is allowed to do so.

  4. Call it what you will, but after six years of the ‘first Black’ Attorney General spending his time and our assets searching for the White booggie-men who are keeping the innocent, Black people down and depriving them of social justice, I’m in no mood for more of the same.

    When a proposed candidate for high office is described by their race first then their sex, rather than their accomplished background, it’s racist and sexist, not civil.
    The lady in question might be the perfect person for the job, but as she follows another Black who is a proven liar, an anti-White racist, and a biased government appointee she should be questioned carefully.

        1. No breaks — We are all going through so much with Holder and Obama, how can we be optimistic with this new one when Obama tells all of his underlings what to say and do every day! This administration is so obviously controlling why should she be any different? We all know everything anyone in his administration says comes from the top. Its a fact.

      1. What evidence do you have of that, Desert? I am not trying to be difficult, but I don’t see why we automatically insult her just because he nominated her.

        1. I have no evidence but that is the basic problem with AA as far as I’m concerned. I’m not insulting her but ANYONE nominated by Obama is suspect in my book. His track record isn’t great!

  5. I don’t think the Republicans should waste their breath on this appointment unless something really scandalous comes forth. It’s going to happen in this lame duck Congress. There are bigger fish to fry, and why let Obama and the Democrats try to paint them as anti-woman and racist even though those were losing issues last Tuesday. Replace her in 2016.

    1. @Julie & @Ellen: I get it.
      The odds are that she will be approved by the lame duck Senate, so whatever the Repubs want to do won’t matter.
      It’s just that (my personal opinion) that she was chosen from thousands and thousands of qualified candidates because of her race and her sex.
      The fact that she’s from NYC, that Rev(of no church) Sharpton is in a close advisory position at the WhiteHouse, and that she proscecuted a White policeman (as she should have), is probably why she, of all the lawyers in the US, was chosen for this position.
      I just foresee more of the same; anti-White bias, anti-police bias and pro-bias for the Black criminals. IMO, of course.

      1. I don’t know anything about her, but I would suspect you are correct. Still, this and probably several other circumstances I would advise the GOP not to take the bait on.

        After January we go after Benghazi, the IRS, and Fast & Furious. We don’t want to wear the public down before we get a chance on those.

      2. I agree with you srdem65. She signed up for that I am pretty sure. As Eric Holder has proven in spades DOJ in the wrong hands can undermine the legal foundation of this country.

        I’m not up for a big fight, but she should be put on notice that every move by DOJ will be scrutinized as it should be.

  6. OT: O authorizes 1,500 more troops for Iraq.
    A senior military official says that American military adivisory teams will now go to Iraq’s Western Anbar province where ISIS have been gaining ground and slaying men, women and children.
    This issue in Anbar has been in the news. He must have just read about it after the election and all the fundraisers. I don’t know what they are putting on his morning list (updates).

  7. Bummer. I need to see my eye doctor soon. I thought it was Loretta Lynn not Loretta Lynch. A straight talking coal miner’s daughter would have been a better choice for the job in my view. She would put her silver tipped boots through a few deserving backsides and get the joint cleaned up without delay. I’d have more faith in a graudate of the School of Hard Knocks than those who wave their Haavud sheepskins about to impress onlookers.

    1. It will never get cleaned up while he is still President. I pray after he leaves that we will be put back on the American track. We can only hope because we may not be the same again, so sad that one skinny little guy can do this to a country, that no one has stopped him or helped us, that he is just plain allowed to do whatever he wants and so he has. So dangerous for the troops and for businesses and for all of us.

  8. I’d have to know more about the legal decisions she has made in the past as to whether she is a good or bad choice, or just a token woman to show women that the Dem’s War on Women is over now that the Dems got their hindquarters kicked but good in the election – by women!

    1. Do you think Obama rubbed that in our face “first African American DOJ and woman”? Because 76% whitey voted him out? Let’s face it, he’s always angry at whitey and this election really showed him, didn’t it? He must be livid in private and probably felt that he had to put in an African American and a woman after he was pummeled, because he is always trying to get even. I mean, election day after him and his cohorts were voted out, he announces that he’s going to let 6 million illegals in with executive order, right after the democrats lost? Think of it, the very same day he loses, he has to bring that up again, that he’s doing an exec order for MILLIONS OF IMMIGRANTS? Sounds like spite to me.

      1. I can almost guarantee that his ego was bruised.
        McConnell has stated that her confirmation process should take place after the new congress is seated.
        Good luck on that Mitch.

  9. The Congress on January 1, 2015 must have the paperwork ready to impeach Obama, to prevent Obama’s Executive Order on Amnesty. Second, Close the Border, Sign the Pipeline deal with Canada, remove Obama’s bank account and give to the National Debt.

  10. The White House was obviously checking the sex and race boxes, which I wouldn’t mind except that these (1) are not achievements and (2) are more often than not used to divide us against one another. (NOTE: IMHO, we should not use the word “gender” in these instances, as it is primarily a linguistic classification, not a biological one. Just sayin’ …)

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