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President Obama’s Press Conference, Translated

Sometimes, politicians can be a little difficult to understand. For example, they don’t alway say what they mean. I know this comes as a shock.

Having spent, as a Washington reporter, endless spans of unrecoverable, precious time listening to politicians, I can be of help. I’m fluent in their language, and I can translate for you.

As a public service, here is an English language version for you of President Obama’s press conference Wednesday.


“Obviously, Republicans had a good night, and they deserve credit for running good campaigns.”

Their message didn’t win, their consultants did.

“To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you, too.”

Nobody voted anyway.

QUESTION:  “But is there anything specific that you feel like you and your administration need to change given this disastrous election for your party and the message that voters sent?

THE PRESIDENT: “Julie, I think every single day I’m looking for, how can we do what we need to do better.”

No, nothing needs to change . . . 

“But the principles that we’re fighting for, the things that motivate me every single day and motivate my staff every day — those things aren’t going to change.”

Because I’m right about stuff.

“And I maybe have a naïve confidence that if we continue to focus on the American people, and not on our own ambitions or image or various concerns like that, that at the end of the day, when I look back, I’m going to be able to say the American people are better off than they were before I was President.  And that’s my most important goal.”

I’m above politics, unlike the Republicans and even you.

“If there are ideas that the Republicans have that I have confidence will make things better for ordinary Americans, the fact that the Republicans suggesting it as opposed to a Democrat, that will be irrelevant to me.  I want to just see what works.”

I’ll pretend to listen to what anyone is saying.

“What’s most important to the American people right now, the resounding message not just of this election, but basically the last several is:  Get stuff done.  Don’t worry about the next election.  Don’t worry about party affiliation.  Do worry about our concerns.”

Let’s please not start focusing on 2016 already.

“So before the end of the year, we’re going to take whatever lawful actions that I can take that I believe will improve the functioning of our immigration system that will allow us to surge additional resources to the border, where I think the vast majority of Americans have the deepest concern.  And at the same time, I’ll be reaching out to both Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and other Republican as well as Democratic leaders to find out how it is that they want to proceed. . .

“But what I’m not going to do is just wait.  I think it’s fair to say that I’ve shown a lot of patience and have tried to work on a bipartisan basis as much as possible, and I’m going to keep on doing so.”

Expect an executive order on amnesty before the end of the year.

“The fact is that most of my interactions with members of Congress have been cordial and they’ve been constructive.  Oftentimes, though, we just haven’t been able to actually get what’s discussed in a leadership meeting through caucuses in the House and the Senate to deliver a bill.”

McConnell and Boehner hate the Tea Party as much as I do.

“And I take them at their word that they want to produce.”

I don’t actually believe them because they’ve lied about this before.

“You know, actually, I would enjoy having some Kentucky bourbon with Mitch McConnell.  (Laughter.)  I don’t know what his preferred drink is.”

I hate bourbon. I hope he lets me have a chardonnay. And anyway, when I do have bourbon, I drink Jack Daniels, which is Tennessee.

“If we do have a deal that I have confidence will prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, and that we can convince the world and the public will prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, then it will be time to engage in Congress.  And I think that we’ll be able to make a strong argument to Congress that this is the best way for us to avoid a nuclear Iran.”

I’ll tell Congress all about it. A vote is entirely another matter. Anyway, it will be a good deal, so why should they vote on it?

“Well, I think it’s too early to say whether we are winning, because as I said at the outset of the ISIL campaign, this is going to be a long-term plan to solidify the Iraqi government.”

So far, we’re not winning in Iraq.

“And what I also said was that in Syria that’s been complicated and that’s not going to be solved any time soon.”

In Syria, we’re actually losing.

“Now, there’s a specific issue about trying to get a moderate opposition in Syria that can serve as a partner with us on the ground.  That’s always been the hardest piece of business to get done.

These guys not only suck at fighting, they’re bumbleheads, they can’t be trusted, and some of then secretly want to stone adulterers.

“In some cases there may be recommendations that Republicans have for changes that would undermine the structure of the law, and I’ll be very honest with them about that and say, look, the law doesn’t work if you pull out that piece or that piece.”

Obamacare passed, suckers. Like it.

“So if, in fact, one of the items on Mitch McConnell’s agenda and John Boehner’s agenda is to make responsible changes to the Affordable Care Act to make it work better, I’m going to be very open and receptive to hearing those ideas. “

I’m not interested in hearing any of their dumb ideas.

“As I said before, I don’t want to try to read the tea leaves on election results.  What I am going to try to do as President is to make sure that I’m advancing what I think is best for the country.”

I really don’t care what the American people think.

QUESTION:  “Thank you, Mr. President.  And if you do miss us, allow me to humbly suggest we do this every week.  (Laughter.)

THE PRESIDENT:  “We might.  Who knows.  (Laughter.)  I’m having a great time.”

You and I both know that’s not going to happen.

“And the one thing that I want the American people to be confident about is that every day I’m going to be filling up my time trying to figure out how I can make their lives better.”

Prepare yourselves for a series of executive orders.

“That doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be ongoing nagging problems that are stubborn and can’t be solved overnight.  And probably the biggest one is the fact that despite economic growth, wages and income have still not gone up.  And that’s a long-term trend that we’ve seen for 10, 20, 30 years.”

Don’t blame me for stagnant wages.

“Listen, as I think some of you saw when I was out on the campaign trail, I love campaigning.  I love talking to ordinary people.  I love listening to their stories.  I love shaking hands and getting hugs and just seeing the process of democracy and citizenship manifest itself during an election.”

Some still worship me, thank God.

53 thoughts on “President Obama’s Press Conference, Translated”

    1. I’d like to be a fly on the wall in HRC’s staff room watching them all trying to figure out what happened to the war on women.

  1. “The fact is that most of my interactions with members of Congress have been cordial and they’ve been constructive. ”

    Please note that I was smiling rather than sneering all those times I called the loyal opposition “unAmerican”, “do nothing”, “obstructionists”, and 1,776 other terms indicating that the GOP’s sole goal is to destroy me and America. I was cordial to my party as I was consistently constructive of politically driven charges against my fine compatriots here in D.C. And I’m the smartest guy here, so that’s that.

    1. Most of his interactions? He could probably count them on one hand. It’s not hard to be cordial when you only meet once every 2 years or so.

    1. Me too…however, as Chardonnay is my drink of choice I hate think that I anything that he does.
      Somehow, I thought is drink of choice was a dirty martini…but maybe I am thinking about Mooch.

    1. That’s how I interpreted it. He thinks he has this imaginary two-thirds “silent majority” that supports his policies, so he’s going to govern in their interests. I bet it’s not the last we hear of this nonsense from him and his minions.

  2. Don’t blame me for stagnant wages.

    “No raise for me, either, of course my travel budget is a billion bucks.”

    Good one, Keith. Shows the casual disdain he has for us.

      1. The translation was correct – being aware of the difference between sour mash & bourbon is a subtlety outside of the notice of somewhere who is so far above us his head is in the clouds. It’s like not visiting all 57 states yet.

  3. Keith, you’ve obviously acquired Obama’s Enigma Code Generator and learned how to decipher his secret code to figure out what he’s really saying. Well done!

    His little speech and responses to questions show just how convoluted his thought process is. He just can’t accept the reality that is all around him when that reality is painful. Yet, he cannot perceive, as we do, the bogus confidence he tries to publicly express. He’s either just too thick headed, or so well programmed (I’m not kidding) that he cannot accept the world as it is. It’s just extraordinary.

    1. Using the same math by which unemployment has nearly vanished, while more people are actually out of work than at any time since the Great Depression?

      I”m thinking that if I’m out of a job, I still qualify as unemployed whether or not I have given up on seeking work. But then I’m not “close enough for government work”.

  4. “And the one thing that I want the American people to be confident about is that every day I’m going to be filling up my time trying to figure out how I can make their lives better.”

    I could have sworn that I saw a thought bubble over his head that said, “I need to spend more time on the golf course to figure out what the hell I’m going to do next.”

  5. “The fact is that most of my interactions with members of Congress have been cordial and they’ve been constructive. Oftentimes, though, we just haven’t been able to actually get what’s discussed in a leadership meeting through caucuses in the House and the Senate to deliver a bill.”

    McConnell and Boehner hate the Tea Party as much as I do.

    Therein lies the problem!

  6. Bottom line-I don’t care what anyone thinks who doesn’t agree with me. I know what is best for everyone. I am going to do whatever I want to do until the end of my term because that is what I have done and no one has stopped me. I’m not going to sign any bill passed by Republicans. I’m not going to do anything differently because again, I know what is best for everyone.

  7. Barry doesn’t know when to shut up. He’s such a freaking blowhard! How many times did he say “I, I, I, …me, me, me..” and “stuff”?

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  9. Excellent Keith. Took time and effort and was really on point.

    Me, less eloquent or thoughtful. Just a grunt. If there wasn’t a profanity ban I would offer two words that sum up Obama’s message to Republicans and Americans . FU America.

  10. MT for re-redistribution

    Keith, you forgot to include in your interpretation of Obama’s Syria comments: “We are looking to partner with any group that promises not to show up on Al Jazeera throwing gasoline on their wives and lighting them on fire, but that is proving to be difficult.”



  12. Well done, Keith. Personally though, I always interpret B. Hussein Obama’s words knowing he works for the Muslim Brotherhood, not the American people.

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