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Obama Advisor: Dems Need to Figure Out how to Talk to Whites

Bill Burton, a Democratic operative close to President Obama who served as deputy press secretary during the president’s first term, said the takeaway from the midterms is that Democrats don’t know how to “talk to white voters.”

“Democrats are never going to win in midterms if we don’t figure out how to talk to white voters,” Burton told Megyn Kelly of Fox News. “I don’t think that the message that we have has been able to really translate to the coalition of voters that helped bring Republicans into even more power.”

Well, yes, white voters do remain a sizable bloc of the electorate and might be worth Democrats’ attention.

Notice Burton specifies the “midterms.” He apparently thinks the strategy, innovated by the Obama campaigns, of digging down as deep as possible into the Democratic base and getting everyone to the polls will work fine during presidential voting years.

Anyway, this is a pretty frank assessment. I don’t know how you achieve it, though, without pivoting sharply from the leftist message that is turning off so many white voters who are culturally more conservative than where the Democratic Party is today. That is, without simply hiding what you truly think.

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  1. It is all about race with these democrat communists. Honesty, Love of Country, Duty, Freedom to Live one’s life without the heavy hand of a tyrannical government are alien concepts which they are incapable of either learning about or practicing, which is why they are incapable of dealing with the truth..

    The are truly amoral, twisted, malevolent entities.

  2. Bill Burton is onto something but not what he seems to think. Obama depends on his black base and he blames them in part for not voting. Whites are not single minded people. As a Southern white woman I dislike being put into a category. I grew up with blacks, most of whom I liked and many of whom I loved.
    It would thrill me to see Dr. Ben Carson or Allen West on the 2016 ticket.
    Condi Rice said today that she grew up black and does of need to be told how to be black.
    Senator Tim Scott yesterday said in high school he was told that he was not black enough because he made good grades and spoke proper English.
    I don’t need to be told how to be white or how to vote, My decisions are made on the basis of character and positions on issues.
    The Race Card has expired. Sharpton and his ilk need to put on the back burner permanently.
    Let’s stop even using the words race or color.

    • That’s what I was thinking too Annie. Get rid of the dang race card and stop associating with the race baiters who like to blame whitey for all their ills. It’s definitely a money maker for them and keeping blacks angry is their cash cow. They could care less they live in poverty and drop out of school.

      As Bill Cosby said “Whitey didn’t put you in jail, robbing the 7-11 did”.

      • Denise, I left you a comment on the election in VA. What have you heard? I’ve heard that three voting machines were removed in Virginia Beach.

      • As my sixth grade (I was bused 45 minutes to a downtown school in Newport News, VA) science teacher Ms. Butts used to say, “God ain’t make you dumb, you made yourself dumb”.

    • Excellent comment, Annie. The race card has indeed expired as has the war on women but Mr. Burton and the Democrats aren’t aware of it yet. The Democrats are truly bankrupt. BTW I saw Burton on Megan Kelly, and in the next hour Sean Hannity took up the same subject (race card) and had Mia Love, Tim Scott, and Dr. Carson on. I have also read that the political ads made by LA State Senator Guilleroy were very successful.

        • I agree with you Annie as well. I grew up in the south as well. Your comment was was outstanding. I feel he is causing all this friction on purpose for a fowl reason. God help this Country and its citizens. Everyone needs to stop think back on 911. Was everyone thinking about color, religion, rich, poor, No! I was taught to study, behave, you make your own way. My dad told me, Lee, if someone calls you 4 eyes, you pretend it doesn’t hurt, and they will move on. So as an adult I do not have anyone to blame for what I have, or have not accomplished in life except myself.

  3. Bill Burton might try telling his Boss that calling people that are “white” that happen to disagree with him (politically) “racists” doesn’t help. Now, see that wasn’t hard now was it, Mr. Burton????

    • Good point. They should just stop calling “the other side” names . No, we’re not un-American, racist, terrorist, anti-gay, gun-totin’, jihadists, and all the other horrible things that have been assigned to White people.

      • That reminds me: some Tea Party people were helping clean up Ferguson. They entered the business they were cleaning, & the owner asked who they are. When they said Tea Party, the shocked owner said, I thought you were mean radicals, but you guys are really nice. Why does the news say that about you?

  4. Hah! Obama and his racist minions are pretty good at talking to ‘white voters’! We got their racist message loud and clear over the last six years. “Punish your enemies at the voting booth’, i.e. those nasty white Republicans.

  5. In true NYT fashion of being oblivious to life outside the liberal mindset, their lead story on the website today is about Mia Love, Rising Stars in the Republican Party.

    The Times didn’t dare print that story before the election for fear that some of their readers or voters would see that blacks can and do think conservatively.

    It’s obscene how the liberal media didn’t once profile Love or Scott until now, let alone see the strength of character of a Jodi Ernst etc. The liberal women role model is Wendy Davis. Puke.

    • If I recall the voter turn-out for both of bho’s elections, the vast majority of white voters elected and re-elected him! So, everyone who voted for him gave him MORE than enough time to get his message out —AND the American citizens have voiced their opinions with Tuesdays results!

      Just a thought: There is only one race – The Human Race! We are all individuals ‘endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights’ that WE do not want our POTUS, his policies, his party to destroy!

      However, the socialists have been making progress far too long, and restoring Americans ‘confidence’ in DC will be an enormous challenge! jb

  6. Why does it always have to be this group or that group? This behavior is what is wrong with government intervention for one group: the instant creation of a moral dilemma.
    As soon as one group is advantaged over another, the rest are now disadvantaged and something simply must be done! It’s a hopeless cycle of more government intervention and it never stops. May be now we have a shot at stopping some of it.

    • The election was only the first step.
      Now we have to hold their feet to the fire to stop Obama.
      I’m not a big fan of McConnell, nor Boehner.
      Both have disregarded the Tea Party as nothing more than a gnat in their way to run the Country.
      As long as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are relegated to the back bench, it’s a move in the right direction.

  7. Would that include albinos too? They are the epitome of ‘white’.
    I say this as my best friend is albino, & they have their own set of racism directed at them-from total strangers on the street.

  8. the democrats haven’t learned anything from this election….most americans, no matter what gender or race, want the same thing: opportunities to work or build your own business, lower taxes, less government intrusion etc.

  9. What they should take away from this is taxpayers expect some consideration for thier money besides giving it away to other countries, making climate change crooks rich and giving it away to those living off the government’s tit!