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Todd: GOP Sweep Puts “an End” to Amnesty Order

NBC political analyst Chuck Todd said last night that the Republican seizure of the Senate will force President Obama to back off from his plan to temporarily legalize potentially millions of illegal immigrants.

“I think politically, tonight, it put an end to it. It would be a provocative act, politically,” Todd said. “The president is going to know that if he does this, he is starting a political war in Washington between the White House and the Republican Congress. He’d be stuck.”

Todd said Republicans will feel “they have to confront” the president if he takes such an act, given the passion on the issue within the GOP.

Yeah, well, he’s gonna do it.

Todd’s analysis presupposes that Obama cares whether he is at war with Republicans. I don’t think he does, because I don’t think he has the stomach or the desire to try to mend any fences with the GOP and do the difficult work of passing legislation during his final two years.

Obama is not going to change his character now, a character that leaves him ill-disposed toward building relationships with people who disagree with him. He’s not even particularly interested in relationships with people who do agree with him.

What’s more, this will be a legacy issue for Obama. Once these immigrants are “temporarily” legalized, as with all government-granted benefits, it becomes difficult to take it away. Obama will have taken a possibly irrevocable step toward full amnesty, while pleasing a key component of the Democratic base.

Finally, the president has been big on coming through on “promises” he made in 2008, like Obamcare, withdrawing from Iraq, and closing Guantanamo Bay, which he still wants to do. He owes Hispanics. He said he would pass comprehensive immigration reform. He didn’t – he spent his political capital on Obamacare instead – so he’ll enact it by fiat as much as possible.

Expect a temporary amnesty decree by Christmas, maybe Thanksgiving.

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  1. You are spot on here, Keith. Obama is a recalcitrant, moody, snooty adolescent. He will dig his heels in even deeper; he will hold rallies and rail against the GOP. And as I said to a colleague of mine on the train on the way to the job I still have….he will grant amnesty this year in order to spit in everyone’s faces.

  2. Just commented on this in the previous thread. I agree, Keith. He is not interested in making peace with the R’s. All of his unfinished business will be accomplished with the stroke of a pen. This is why I am praying that the R’s are making contingency plans – impeachment. I did hear Andrew McCarthy say that unilaterally amnetizing millions of illegals is an impeachable offense. Holder undoubtedly has been working on this for years – looking for loopholes.

    Obama is vengeful, by nature. The only question I have is whether he will exact revenge on the D’s or the R’s….or both.

    • One more thing….anyone who supports Obama’s illegal actions has no business being in this country. We are a nation of laws, or so it has been said.

        • If by some fluke (!) he was impeached and convicted, then does Biden bec president. Because some have said Biden and McConnell will be working on the compromise agenda-together. Where that leaves Hillary, no idea. Obama, I guess, would golf under this scenario.

  3. And unlike the last time nuclear war (Impeachment) was declared in D.C., Congress now has the votes for Impeachment in the House AND conviction in the Senate.

    Make My Day, Barack.

  4. Spot on, Keith. And the vibe I got from the Fox panelists last night was that Obama will never compromise but will dig in. Proof that Obama is not the least bit interested in the will of the people.

    The thing is, I don’t think the Democrats who survived last night are going to be the lemmings they have been the past six years. They are political animals above all and not willing to follow him over the cliff.

    • At this very moment. I cannot even guess what is to be. We are speaking of the illegals and not o-care. With o-care, it should be peeled away one strip at a time. The Congress (all of them) need to secure the border now…. I cannot understand how he is going to get away with his amnesty plan without doing so.

  5. Keith, I totally agree with you. I believe he will dig in and continue his battle to destroy this country he hates.
    We are sending a great new Senator Tom Cotton and four outstanding congressmen to fight back!
    Cotton beat Pryor by 16 points!

    • He will continue he has no desire to ‘work across the aisle’ he
      never has and never will. He’s a lame duck with nothing to lose
      and working around the Constitution is a party game for him so
      why change now not to mention he a angry child now so it will
      escalate not dimish. At least my beloved KS did not elect that
      smarmy Orman (I) Roberts take note.

  6. To truly know Obama you have to know Valerie Jarret and she’s as cut through, screw you America you’re going to get your payback as they come.
    All that Republicans can do for now is to not shoot themselves in the foot these next two years. Only a Republican President with a Republican Congress can now undo the damage done by the House of Alinksy.

    • ValJar is the president…make no mistake. The front man and his family are tired of this charade – and she is either in poor physical condition – or too much in love – to hold the reins tight.
      Her recent surgery and subsequent recovery no doubt led to the recent faux pas and mis-steps by this administration,
      These are either desperate people – or deluded people – but either will do whatever they believe they can do without recompense.
      Yesterday was a great victory – and only the first shot fired in a long fight to right the good ship USA.
      Man up! Gird up your loins! We must be strong and very courageous!

  7. Agree with you Keith. No compromise and all out on immigration.

    I hope Jeff Sessions is heard loud and clear and the Republicans have a plan to block as much as possible.

    I would have impeached the sob a long time ago . So I am not opposed to it. But it might be better to block and delay executive action while still enacting positive legislation for a healthier America.

    Because any amnesty is likely to be permanent in the sense that once here and recognized hard to get rid of.

    As for that Obama has deported more people …. blah blah blah argument . Deportation means nothing without border security and the rule of law that they don’t get recycled like that POS illegal in CA who was deported multiple times and with a criminal past still managed to blow away two CA LEOs.

  8. Obama doesn’t care about either this country or other Democrats. It’s always been all about himself, and at this point, it’s about building his legacy.

    What better way to add to that than to single-handedly “fix” our broken immigration system. The fact that the majority of Americans don’t support his approach isn’t the least bit important to him. He does not have to face another election.

    Making peace with Republicans is the lowest priority on his agenda.

  9. Who’s he going to listen to – the millionaire/billionaires who will make his retirement oh-so comfortable, or the hundreds of millions of stupid, racist, homophobe drubs who make up the rest of the US?
    “Who loves ya baby” isn’t just a phrase from an old TV show, it’s what will guide the O’s and their base minion’s actions for the next two years.

    As of now, with a few months left to wreck havoc with the sore losers, and the next two (or forever) years for his minons operating in every nook and cranny in the government to do as they or he wish, we have a lot of ground to protect.
    I sure hope the Repubs are up to the task of righting our ship of state and letting the chips fall where they may.
    (I ran out of cliches)

  10. 14 Democrat Senators out of 42, for the 2/3rd’s vote needed for the Impeachment conviction of Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate, is a very doable number.

    That is, if they ever wanted to be elected again by an American citizen.

    But hey, who knows?

    Maybe that’s no longer an important requisite for a U.S. Senator.

  11. Here’s a handy reference for impeachment.

    The House of Representative shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment. (U. S. Const. art 1, § II)

    The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside; And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present. (U. S. Const. art 1, § II)

    The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office for Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. (U. S. Const. art. II, § 4)

  12. To try and mend fences, or work with Republicans would only further point out Obama’s utter failure as a POTUS and the utter failure of his loathsome policies.
    And for the man who will never accept blame for anything, he certainly will not put himself in such a position.
    He will call the top people to meetings with His Highness, he will propose the same loathsome crap he has been inflicting on the nation for the past 6 years and when Congress says heck no, he will hold a press conference and say how much they hate him and refuse to work with him.
    He will continue to inflict more loathsomeness on the American people, daring Congress to impeach him. Which of course, they won’t do – probably rightly so since the media is still sniffing Obama’s butt on a regular basis.
    We all know what will happen then. Same junk, different day.

  13. If he does this and they don’t impeach him, then the Republicans are cowards and only care about their own selves and jobs, not the good people that they work for. We’ll see who loves the U.S. very soon.

  14. The other thing the president has done is once again completely ignore what the people want, this is why the country put control into the Republicans hands. The people do not want amnesty for these people, they want immigration policies cleaned up, they want a system that runs better, they want a border that does it’s job. the peoples number one concern is not the climate, it’s not healthcare, it’s the economy and always has been. Last night not only did the president extend a mafia style threat but instead of saying to us “I hear you” he should have been honest and said “I hear you but I’m doing what I want anyways”.