As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama to Hold a Press Conference

President Obama will offer his take on the Midterm elections during a press conference from the East Room of the White House this afternoon at 2:50 pm ET. I will live stream it for you.

41 Responses to Obama to Hold a Press Conference

  1. So what’s the take here? Will he concede that America has spoken, or will he continue to blame everyone else? Since he’s a narcissist, I’m guessing the later.

  2. Prediction: Yes, he will blame everyone else. He will be President stompy feet. He will threaten pen and phone. He will be royally po’d. Setting up in advance how it wasn’t about him, but the Repubs will not work with him and they better toe the line or else.

  3. In 2010, Obama claimed in his press conference after losing the House, that he did not watch the results. My bet is he’ll say the same and talk about his pen and phone.

  4. I don’t think we’ll get a concession speech or a “I got the message and I’ll work with Congress”.
    It’s going to be stompy feet, and “I set out with MY plan to fundamentally change America, and I WILL move forward without their participation in MY agenda”.
    “So I decree”.

  5. I can just imagine the appalling spectacle of all those democrat party communists who have been tossed out of their gravy train seats in the Senate and House by the voters, using the next few months attempting to pass every imaginable form of legislation that will personally enrich them and meanwhile racing around to all of the Washington Lobbbyist firms like rats in heat trying to secure lucrative positions as a lobbyist.

  6. Can you imagine Mooch? First all those mean kids making a fuss about her school lunches…..and now this.

    Mia Love ! Yea! In your face Michelle.

    • So sad, all those people who were Allowed to induge in fried chicken by her highness after the Dems won big yesterday. Guess they didn’t Turn-up.

  7. Smart. Smart?

    McConnell to have a press conference before Obama. This could be good if done right. America lacks leadership — so stepping up with a good and forceful message maybe a good thing.

    If McConnell presents a positive optimistic message Obama’s natural tendency to revenge and spite and blame might be affected.