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Chris Matthews Making Sense?

It could happen, apparently.

Watch Chris Matthews of MSNBC today in a sudden spasm of lucidity discussing Obama’s rigid immigration stance and his failure as a politician.

An excerpt from Matthews’ remarks follows. But you should watch below as Alex Wagner looks like her head is about to explode while he’s speaking.

The people, if you look at the polling, their problem is illegal immigration . . . I don’t know if there’s a country in the world where people come in and say, “Make me legal.” But that’s what they want. They want to expect it. There’s rights to immigrants now. There’s an interesting concept in the world.

He keeps talking about common ground. Dammit, there’s very little common ground between left and right. But what there is is compromise . . . He never talks about trading and compromise, he always talks about common ground . . . He misses the main point of politics, which is to be a politician, and trade . . . there’s something in this guy that just plays to his constituency, and acts like there’s no other world out there.

Acts like there’s no other world out there. Yup, that’s our Obama.

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    • I can’t believe all that was stated on that channel. Now if other people will find the nerve to disagree and lay all the issues a topic as Matthews did. By the way, Does he still have his job?

  1. We can only imagine the mood in the WhiteHouse as the Os and their minons sat in front of the bank of TVs watching their world come crashing down, state by state, one after another.
    His people most likely tried to pull him out of his despair by giving him that point of how many people didn’t vote would mean they approve of his agenda – illogical of course, but what do you say to someone who is on the wrong side of the majority of the US.
    His demeanor today was of defeat, not arrogance. The bravado of the defeated – I will fight on- is how he sounded.
    This extraordinary presser by a man who hates to answer for anything, is just his way of saying – hey, I’m still here, I still mean something. Childish, immature, but typical of a man leading the US who declares that “campaigning is fun”, but has no time to read his daily briefings.
    My takeaway – he’s going to fold with the citizens mandate, and tell the strident illegal supporters that the Repubs have made it impossible for him to do anything for them. He’ll throw the blame on them, while claiming he wishes he could help.

    • Maybe one of his cronies (but not MJ) fired up a blunt and told him how much his golf swing was improving. A couple of minutes later, he forgot all about how bad last night was!

      I live my life like there’s no tomorrow.
      Flying high again.

      Long live the …. Ah heck, you know the rest.
      Macon Man OUT!

    • I think he is going to double down on Imm. and go with EO — Amnesty — as much as he can feel he can get away. Individual mandate stays — he said so.

      I don’t see him as beaten or retreating. He has an army of department minions — death by a thousand cuts of regulations — amnesty with a path to citizenship — Gitmo –Iran. He has nothing to lose.

      • He just had to mention that the individual mandate was modeled after his ‘former opponent’ – Mitt Romney’s plan in MA. In other words, if you don’t like your plan, blame Mitt!

  2. why am I listening to anything the “tingle down my leg” guy has to say about immigration? He has no clue how communities are affected by illegals

    • I came here to say the same thing. I guess the tingle is gone.
      Turn out the light, the parties over.
      Long live the Republic.

      Macon Man OUT!

    • Chris Matthews is a left wing political fight club operative who just got his marching order from the higher ups. Obama is old news, and it’s time to open up the battle front for a 2 year “Hillary is the real tingle running down leg” blitzkrieg.
      Just remember the first rule of political fight club is, you don’t talk about the political fight club.
      Or else.

    • Denise, I heard on Fox tonight that there are questions about voting irregularity in VA, in your particular area in fact, Virginia Beach. Something about several voting machines being pulled. Have you heard anything more?

      • Yes. Vote for a Republican candidate and the machine registers a vote for the Democratic candidate. My understanding is that you could see this was happening and complain so it could be corrected—or that’s what people were told.
        I live in Virginia, but not Virginia Beach.

  3. I never dreamed I would ever say these words, but Chrissy nailed it. Not sure why it took him so long to figure it out, but he is 100% correct in his assessment.

    And yes, Alex Wagner did indeed look as though her head were about to explode. Good catch, Keith.

  4. Thank for the link, Denise. Ron Fournier is spot on! Why didn’t Obama do immigration 5-6 years ago when he controlled both chambers of Congress? Because he wanted to use immigration as a wedge between Hispanics and the GOP.
    I remember thinking at the time – immigration will be the last item on his agenda. He’s going to use it as a cudgel to pit Hispanics against the Repubs until the end of his reign. Diabolical is the only word that comes to mind. It will backfire on him.

  5. Don’t worry – he reverted to his normal self on “Hardball” today. He called Ted Cruz a demagogue, called Republicans “right supremacists,” and said of Rush Limbaugh: “Why is this guy alive.”

    Different Stefan than previous commenter, btw.

  6. Chris, remember that “thrill” that came up your leg?

    Well, let me tell you what else you can have going up on your body: go piss up a rope.

    You Commie puke: you helped sell bastard. He’s yours. Own it.

    • LOL. Great comment. Yes it was surprising to hear that from anyone on that site, making such a comment. However there are many people that have stood behind, and not question anything from THE LIST. I don’t know if he did that just for the ratings, and as others have commented will start leaning towards nothing but hilla route. Speaking of Hilla route: Did he as well make a fired up comment about such a line as: “What difference does it make?”

    • I heard about another email blasted by the DNC on election day or the day after asking for funds “because we’re going to face countless runoffs, legal challenges and recounts”. Well, you can’t say they aren’t trying to prepare for the worst. :-)

  7. Illegal aliens are NOT immigrants, any more than burglars are household family members.

    We need to divide the conversation so that illegals and legal immigrants are discussed as separate groups — separate groups, separate fates.

    And I say deport all illegal aliens. It is the only fair and just action to take.

  8. Chris was right on about horsetrading–which USED to be how the legislature worked. I was a lobbyist for 16 years. Horsetrading went several layers down. If we had a plant in a guy’s district, a member of Congress might say, I will vote for your defense item if you go to that member and say look we have a plant here and we support Rep X’s bill to feed cows more hay. So as defense contractors we were talking about cows. But it worked–favors granted, favors saved for later. The members had private hideaway offices–people of both parties had a bourbon and branch after hours and worked things out. Chris, who has totally lost his way in the past few yrs, knows all this. He worked for Tip.

  9. I guess even perpetual drunks like Matthews can have moments of lucidity….or then again, maybe he was just drunk. Alex Wagner is a sycophantic disgrace, even by MSNBC standards.