In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Much Ado About Nothing

I’m not very impressed by the Republican victory Tuesday. Are you? Really?

After all the jumping up and down is finished and the sports analyses fade away, what is the country left with?

Not much.

Senate Republicans will start investigating the Obama administration and do some decent accountability work, which is nice. Beyond that, this is a hollow victory for conservatives.

Republicans won on Election Day without a serious conservative agenda, relying on anger toward President Obama and his policies. Worse, they trained themselves that they CAN win without a serious conservative agenda.

So now, Republicans will think they can cruise to victory in 2016 by nominating the Anti-Obama and bashing his presidency, while knotting Hillary and Barack together. It might work, but it has less chance of succeeding than a positive agenda. And even if it does work, who cares?

Repudiation of Obama’s policies is rather meaningless, because so much of the rejection seems attached to the man himself, as if there is some kind of special Obama version of Socialism that doesn’t work. Republicans failed to explain why his policies don’t work, and didn’t make the case for what would replace them.

This country is in major deep doodoo. We’ve come down with a bad case of $17-trillion debt; government is overspending and over regulating, relentlessly expanding its purview over our lives; the entitlement programs need painful reforms; taxes are too high, especially for corporations; people are refusing to work; the able-bodied are getting welfare without consequences or work requirements; the immigration rate is too high to absorb new arrivals without diluting our culture; Obamacare is spurring even more government control while destroying our health system; and we face external threats that will require reversing Obama’s withdrawal from the world. The list continues.

The problems facing the United States are terribly daunting and require not the likes of John Boehner or Mitch McConnell, who will lead this new Congress Republicans are celebrating. They demand sweeping changes to the way America is doing business – the full implementation of conservative policies that perhaps could still save the country from its Death March toward statism, isolationism, and decline. Charismatic politicians who can sell this approach to the public are needed, not tinkerers who hope to run up the scoreboard against Obama and the Democrats.

Tuesday’s result is just volleyball, and Republicans happened to spike the ball this time and now have possession. In two years, there will be plenty of GOP seats up for grab, and the Senate may well fall back to the Democrats. Meanwhile, with the majorities Republicans have, they still can’t pass anything in the Senate, where 60 votes are needed, and Obama will veto whatever they might get through.

What happened Tuesday, for conservatives, is hardly thrilling. Even, it’s a mirage, a deception, a soulless victory that will only delay – and by delaying, worsen – the day of reckoning with our problems

Assuming, of course, that our problems will be solvable by then.

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      1. No satire tag, but I agree with Keith :) We HAVE to keep pushing the GOP to fix this Obama mess.

        And, we have to hope the remaining Senate Dems got the message last night and stop rubber stamping President Stompy Foot.

        Country before Party !

        1. I hope Keith is “kidding.” But dunno–sounded real.

          some kind of special Obama version of Socialism that doesn’t work. Republicans failed to explain why his policies don’t work, and didn’t make the case for what would replace them.

          I think the voters resumed steps would go in the direction of creating meaningful economic growth, repatriating corp funds for investment here, normalizing trade policy, trying to create some path to legitimacy for illegals that seems fair and not too easy, maybe tweaking entitlements so the programs last until my kid needs them, and generally speaking and acting in terms of respecting and protecting Americans of all colors and persuasions. This won’t be coming from the executive.

          1. We have to hope! Stay on task and keep pushing for changes. I live in California so I certainly can’t count on my elected official to make a difference.

      2. I don’t think this was an example of Keith’s “finely tuned” sense of satire, and I’m a Kofflerite cognoscenti from way back.

        and I disagree with him if he’s being sincere. I think it was a huge victory, and I’m sorry that WHD seems to be taking up the MSM meme that this was no big deal.

        what it is, is a beginning.

        1. I AGREE with KEITH 155%

          This was not a victory to celebrate.
          So the American people voted against Obama.
          but what did they vote for? Not the moderate Republican wimpy agenda.

          They want people who will act. Who will not get lost in the weeds of minute issues.
          They want border control. They want energy bills.
          they want tax reform…not just for corporations but flat taxes.

          they want obamacare replaced.

          they want deficit and debt reductions.
          they want the military refunded.

          Forget everything else. these are enough for the next 2 years.

        2. Huge victory but Republicans have to come out of their fog brain and be courageous IMMEDIATELY! Don’t be sluggish and slow about it, this Obama guy will never change, he is a true lazy bum. If the Republicans don’t show Obama the door RIGHT AWAY and close the border and stop Ebola from coming here and get rid of Obama’s racist healthcare, then we are not better today than yesterday. Grow some balls. etc., etc. etc. MOVE YOU GUYS, CHANGE THINGS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND IMPEACH!!!

    1. Bernie Sanders is certainly consistent in his socialists views, and he is getting too old to change! He is a sore loser, and he and his followers will continue to ‘spin’ and to do everything to discredit the American citizens’ choices for this election. Wonder how well that will work to impede solving problems/issues which continue to divide the Nation?

      He needs to stop caucusing with the Dems before he has a heart attack. He MUST be somebody’s Grandpa who will encourage him to retire. Any desire to step anywhere near or into HRC’s spotlight will completely result in a Clinton attack that will destroy his ‘less than stellar reputation’ jk

        1. Exactly! Plus, Pelosi should retire! She is ‘urber wealthy’ living off the American tax-payers and her husband’s wealth, and she has all the behaviors of ‘senility’ quickly taking her over! Come to think about it, there are many others who need someone to ‘confiscate their car keys’, too. jb

  1. Keith,

    I agree! Obama won huge in 2008 with Hope and Change. Winning was the election was the greatest achievement of Obama’s Presidency. He failed in being President. Was there a bi partisan bill even passed in 6 years?

    The Republicans won more based upon Obama’s failures than their actual achievements. In 2016, the Republicans can celebrate the 2014 election by changing this country around and winning the Presidencty and both the House and Senate as their reward.

    1. He didn’t need a bipartisan anything to push through a lot of rules and regulations for the EPA that are eviscerating the power industry in this nation.

    2. What COULD the repubs accomplish with Harry Reid and the Dems ruling the Senate? Now they have control of both houses (I don’t even have control MY house. My wife and I have to hammer out compromises on everything. Then I do it her way) they’d better get their rears -in-gear and get something done. Even if Obie vetoes EVERYTHING they will at least show the American people they’re DOING something!!!

        1. Nor I. I am.
          I finally turned off the TV and the computer last night. It took me forever to fall asleep, not only because of the happy outcome, I than started thinking what steps will be taken now.

          1. Scott Walker / Paul Ryan 2016. I’m sorry to say this, but what this country needs right now are a couple of boring, middle-aged white males. We’re just going to have to figure out which one runs for POTUS.

          2. now THAT’s a recipe for disaster. Romney again: maybe. Ryan again: no way. I still think if Romney had picked Rubio he’d be president today.

            I’m liking Susana Martinez as one part of the ticket.

  2. Well, you’re all taking Keith at his word, and I am in a minority. I just toss in that Cotton and Perdue won big by being anti-amnesty. I don’t think the Republicans have crushed the conservatives. There is some tacit reconciliation going on in the Republican Party. Some pretty conservative people have made it into government. Joni Ernst is another one.

    1. I read it as a rallying cry. Just not to put our muskets down yet or fall into a comfortable haze of “victory”. A lot of *new* congresscritters can be easily itimidated by the RINOs still in power.

      1. I know I’ve been saying “don’t say RINO until after the election,” but maybe we can keep that going for awhile longer.

        now that the GOP has taken the Senate–and strengthened its hold in the House–and picked up a bunch of governorships–let’s not blow it by infighting. that’s what MSNBC and the White House is hoping we do; I don’t want to give them the satisfaction.

        1. I agree. And getting down to business doesn’t mean being mean, nasty and arrogant. That route worked SO well for Newt (The Brain that thinks too highly of itself) Gingrich! United front, reasonable agenda and let the Democ-rats show themselves to be the weasels they are (apologies to actual weasels)!

      2. ^^^This^^^

        Don’t back off. Keep rattling their cages. Most of all, remind them of this election. It ought to have thrown the fear of god into them. Let’s work with that.

    1. The old brain has been percolating over this for about 11 hours now. Keith is right, this is NOT a big victory for Republicans, YET. What this is is a resounding rejection of the left-wing, liberal, socialist, commie-pinko agenda. Now the republicans have to show everyone why THEY are a better choice. And they’re going to have to do a much better job of showcasing their differences from the Obamamites than they have done over the past 6 years. I can’t get over my nagging fear that they are not up to the task!

  3. Keith, you know I love you man. But satire or not, this is one of your worst efforts. I’m not very impressed. Really. It might have worked, but it had less chance of succeeding than a positive piece. And even if it did work, who cares?

    p.s. It pained me to parrot that last sentence.

  4. To me, last night’s election was not as much about those seeking office as it was about America sending a message that we are fed up! In my book, that’s as solid a win as you can get.

    A victory for patriots who love this country and who want to see her thrive. That’s what last night was about.

    Yes, it was a message to the President that many reject his ideology. Yes, it was a message to the Democratic platform that many reject their stance on issues. Yes, it was a message to Harry Reid that many prefer to at least have bills brought up to be discussed and voted on. Most importantly, it was a message from those who are not the elite that we will fight for what we believe is right. For the past several years many more people have become engaged in the political process. They are going to town hall meetings, they are calling their representatives, and they are educating themselves on the issues. That’s a win!

    The country won last night. Yes, even the low information voters. Yes, even the Democrats who were told to vote the Democratic ticket regardless. This country won, and we all profited. Many won’t acknowledge that; it does not mean it’s not true.

    Last night was not just about the President, or Harry Reid, or any of the numerous other individuals. Last night was about the people of the United States of America making her voice heard. Last night we showed the elites that we are tired of the racial division, we are tired of the corrupt politics. We are tired of the mismanagement that is rampant in Washington DC. We are tired of ineptitude. We are tired of electing individuals to make decisions for the betterment of our county only to have them show they could care less by making decisions that cause harm and hardship.

    Last night showed that we, the people, are not stupid. We know more about what it takes to right this country than the politicians who are currently running things. We showed that we are willing to take the career politicians out of office if they are not going to represent us. That’s a win!

    Now that Republicans are in charge they need to get busy. Bring to the floor bills that reward small businesses and reward businesses that keep jobs here in the US instead of outsourcing to other countries. Bring to the floor bills that can undo the damage caused by Obamacare. Bring to the floor bills on reforming immigration and enforce the laws we already have on illegal immigration. Bring to the floor bills that deal with Ebola and other national epidemics, clearly laying out a plan for how to deal with an epidemic. Let the Democrats vote no. Let the President veto those that are passed. When that happens the American public will see exactly what is happening and who is causing it to happen. The Democrats won’t be able to hide behind statements like “Republicans have no answer to the jobs situation” when they have suppressed the jobs bills by not bringing them to the floor. Republicans need to do what needs to be done and let the chips fall where they may.

    My glass is 3/4 full and I will continue to celebrate last night’s awesome win for this country!!!!

  5. Almost every Repub ran on repealing, or at least ‘fixing’ Obamacare, they’re addressing the huge mess that MrO made of our open borders, we’re hoping that they at least slow down the regulations coming at us from every agency, and geez – they’re not magicians who can wave a Repub wand to make all the bad stuff go away.
    We care about the economy – Obamacare is the worst impediment to our business community and American jobs. They will adjust or change or something to make tax reform meaningful and fair.

    If the new Repub majority in Congress does absolutely nothing but give MrObama pause before he tries more of his Pen&Phone governing, then that’s good enough.

    1. No srdem,…not good enough.
      We need to hold their feet to the fire and expect them to begin to turn this Country back into the direction she is supposed to be going in.

      1. I agree. the American people who cared — spoke up…those who did not stayed home. Now that we have this it is time to continue to speak up.

        1. I think that’s what Keith is saying here. By itself, this really means nothing. It won’t mean anything until we see what Reps do with it.

    2. 100% of the new legislators ran on doing away with Obamacare. According to Ted Cruz, the Republicans will present Obama with a Repeal the Whole Damn Thing bill which Obama will veto. From then on, the Republicans will pick it apart bill by bill, bone by bone.

  6. (metaphor alert) what a great day to be living in the greatest nation this world has ever seen. To paraphrase Uncle Ronny, the sun has risen on a new day, and I’m so happy that I’m giddy. But the work isn’t over. In fact, it is just beginning. People, common folk, people just like you and I, know the republic desperately need mature leadership to guide us out of the desert and into the light. Elections have winners and losers, and every voter has a reason for how they vote. In this cycle, we the people to the United States voted to not only introduce new blood into the system but to say: WE ARE PISSED OFF AND WE AIN’T TAKING IT ANYMORE!
    In the words of the greatest hair band ever.
    We ain’t gonna take
    No! we ain’t gonna take it
    We ain’t gonna take it

    Macon Man Out

      1. If Obama is ever convicted of any of his crimes, part of his sentence should be to WRITE the entire text Obamacare on a chalkboard. 100 times. With squeaky chalk. And Michele has to be in the room the entire time. NO vacays!

  7. I hold out very little hope for the Republicans to do anything about the critical problems facing our country. They will just water down a little of the democrat communist party’s agenda, buy into the media’s relentless propaganda push for “bipartisanship”, and in the end do very little to reverse the relentless slide of our country into chaos and ruin.

    The Republicans share one glaring trait with the despicable, murderous Palestinians – Never pass up the opportunity to let a good opportunity to go to waste.
    Too bad.

  8. My take. I don’t think it’s satire. And with just an exception here and there I agree with it.

    The Republicans had a better ground game than before, did better candidate vetting and prep, and the Dems were all pouty and much of the base stayed home.

    My takeaway — time to get serious and bold. This was a warning — we caught a wave. Now we have to get to work. Boehner for sure is not the guy to do it. McConnell knows the ropes and can do what needs to be done — if pushed — and Jonah Goldberg called him a Sicilian swimming across with a knife in mouth. That works for me.

    But it is time for the conservatives to get serious, to be heard, and to act. I’m talking Cruz, Sessions, and the like. Not bluster. Work.

  9. I appreciate the article. I am very excited about last night as well. We have been slapped over and over by o’s actions. I am hoping that the repulicans have a strong plan. I feel they did not disclose what their plan is, because that would give them (o) time to turn every law inside out to get around it. Now is the time. Now. Shreading what o has done one step at a time, or impeachment.
    Every in the house and Senate, as well as o himself, need to be asked up front on TV, Are you going to have hundreds of illegal people walking over the border, and being welcomed in your front lawn, or neighborhood?

    1. Saw an interesting headline on a web site earlier but couldn’t get the link to open. The headline read “Republicans elect more African-American and women Senators than Democrats” (or words to that effect). Has anyone else seen that?

  10. I agree, Keith. It’s nice to be happy about the election outcomes but we will need to hold the republican’s feet to the fire. They get distracted too easily.

    It might be easier for me to stop celebrating because my state elections didn’t go my way. Our Dem county executive (former house rep that enabled Obamacare) just sent her first budget with – surprise! – first tax increase in years. And now we have a new Dem governor that is likely to increase taxes and bring our state’s energy boom to a screeching halt.

    1. I had two to deal with.
      Run off for the Senate
      Run off for former Ex Convict,Governer Edwin Edwards and Garret Graves for Louisiana’s Sixth Congressional District.

      1. I’m somewhat confused about LA. How could your fellow citizens, the proud people that you are, vote for a carpetbagging poser, that bad mouthed them just a few days ago? As a fellow southerner, I know that southerners appreciate strong women because of the fact that so many southern men lost their life during the war of northern aggression, and without the strong women they left behind we would not be who we are today.

        1. I didn’t vote for him. I can’t explain a great deal that has gone on in this Country for the last several years. As far as Edwin, he is a smooth talker, attractive man. Other than that, who knows why anyone voted for him.
          As far as the Senate Race, we need 50%. Having a third person in the race did not help.

          1. True enough. Here in GA we had the same problem (3rd person candidate) with both the Gov. and the Senate race. The polls all had it too tight to call, and I think that may have been one of the reasons that so many people voted here. In the end, it was a landslide victory for both Deal and Perdue. On a side note: In the small GA town that I live in, I was actually surprised that I had to stand in line, and wait for a ballot machine to become open.

          2. It was packed here as well. I was able to go early in the morning. Some of my relatives had to go last night, they said it was packed…………………

    2. You must be in Pa. like me. Don’t be too upset, the R’s still control the state house. Just keep humming to yourself, “Who’s Afraid of the big bad Wolf.” ☺

    3. Sorry, Kimbly. But I’m in full celebration mode today – – MD finally elected a Republican governor! What a repudiation of Martin O’Malley, as the Dem candidate is his Lt. Gov. Doing my Happy Dance…

  11. Good grief, Keith.

    You act like we lost.

    We won. The Democrats are wailing and gnashing their teeth today.

    That’s good enough for me right now.

  12. Extremely negative. Every Republican speech I watched was calm, addressed issues and even specific strategies–for example, removing the three most troubling parts of Obama care and replacing those, instead of just killing the whole program without something to replace it. There were no vague “hope and change” claims. The votes were not “angry” with Obama; the exit polls showed the economy, healthcare, border security and ISIS were the primary motivators. These are very serious, reasonable reasons for change.
    I’m really disappointed that you’re condemning this remarkable sea change before the final tallies are completely done.

    1. You know what? I agree. But let’s worry about that in January. Today let’s just celebrate that true fact that the citizens of the United States of America stood up and shouted in unison: We ain’t gonna take it anymore!

      Long live the Republic.

      Macon Man OUT!

      1. I had a wonderful day yesterday and last night. However I feel this Country does not have time to wait. This pen and phone person scares the dickens out of me.

        1. After watching Obama’s news conference, I agree. By using fiat and executive orders, this man is going to attempt to do as much damage to this nation as he can. Heck, he’s already shot down the Keystone pipeline proposal, even before it was proposed. Whhhaaatttt???

          I would love it, If tomorrow, we could run all the losers out of town, and introduce the infusion of new blood that this country elected and deserves. But, alas, my friend, this will not come to pass, and we must wait until January, when the new Congress is seated. Just pray and hope that the damage the boy president does between now and then isn’t reversible. If we’re lucky, maybe one of his cronies will show up with a blunt and ask him if he want to go play some golf.

          Long live the Republic.
          Macon Man OUT!

  13. Come what may, watching MSNBC and CNN this morning was priceless. Without blinking they down-played SHELLACKING #2. The talking heads looked like Whirling Dervishes spinning the results. Hollyweird and friends poured a lot of money into DNC coffers, which turned out to be coffins and literally in Washington State. The two biggest nastiest mouth pieces, Pelosi from Shellacking #1 and Reid #2, are history.

    The old “HOPE” poster has the new look of “CHANGE”.

    1. I know. Right? That’s the first thing I did this morning. I bypassed the local channels, and Fox, and went straight to the liberal stations and websites. Forget Drudge and Instapundit, it was a lot funner listening and reading, MSNBC, CNN, Huffington Report, and Gawker. According to them, this election doesn’t matter Oh, and by the way we are still just a bunch of mouth breathing, knuckle dragging neanderthals, who hate women and minorities. Can anyone say Lean Dunham?

      Long live the Republic
      Macon Man Out!

  14. As much as I hate to, I have to disagree a little. I’m excited. I’m hopeful. The GOP made history. Women never been elected to Congress in states were elected. An openly gay Republican was elected. 3 (that I know of) Black Conservatives elected, one a woman. Not sure how many but Tea Party candidates elected. I do see your point though. Now the winners need to come together and solve our problems. As a citizen I want border security first and I am going to blow up (not literally) their phone lines, twitters, and emails. Let’s demand they do what we want.

  15. I generally agree with Keith’s statement. McConnell and Boehner are not the type of leaders we need to clean up Obama’s messes. Neither is articulate (perhaps if McConnell takes the marbles out of his mouth when he speaks, he will begin to makes sense). Boehner always seems like he’s working off a bad hangover. I hope they both get a backbone and do what needs to be done. They will never be conservatives, but can they at least use the powers granted to them by the US Constitution? Is that asking too much?

  16. I suppose you’re correct, Keith, but for the time being, I’m smiling the day away.
    There’s an immense amount of work to be done. We can’t get it done by losing elections.

  17. Name calling should be beneath those who called Mr. Koffler an idiot–especially on his own blog. He is a realist and his commentary spot on, unfortunately. Unless Obama pivots like Clinton–which is not in his DNA and serves him no purpose–the next two years will be high political drama with no positive accomplishments. Short of impeachment, Obama will not back down. He will happily drown knowing he sank the ship. That is in his DNA.

  18. Gotta agree with Keith on this one.
    Only a battle has been won, not the war.
    No time for Repb’s to sit on their duff’s.
    Attack, attack, attack, via legislation.
    As rulierrose commented, ” what it is , is a beginning “.
    Yep, it ain’t over till it’s over, and last night it showed at the poll’s.

  19. While I agree there’s little reason for high-fives and dancing in the end zone, the win is far better than a loss. I think we have at least some chance of slowing Obama’s last two years rather than continuing to watch Reid stall and Obama run wild. You are correct; we absolutely must have a positive conservative agenda in 2016, and be prepared to clearly communicate and demonstrate in short clips why socialism (Obama;s, Hillary’s and everyone else’s) is and always will be a failure.

    We have a lot of ground to recover, and only a limited window in which to do it.

  20. I came here today at just about the same exact time Keith posted this column. Boy, what a downer. Rather then commenting, I went and turned on Rush and felt better.

    Then I tortured myself and watched Obummer’s press conference, swearing like a sailor and screaming at the TV the entire time. I’m still in a bad mood over that. He’s the most dangerous president ever.

    I would love to see a Republican stand up and point out that every time Obummer says he’s going to act on his own, he’s essentially flipping the bird to the American voters. Obummer thinks he can completely disregard the voters and do what he wants because he’s king. We have never seen such an arrogant PO(t)(u)S.

    I’ve been floating between anger, frustration, and near tears all afternoon because I just want to know where the HELL is the outrage over this! I am SO pissed off and fed up. I want to smack that snarky, arrogant little jackass!!

    1. Dude, you’re preaching to the choir, and speaking of music, Dee Snider, the cross dressing lead singer for Quit Riot expressed it best when he told the world:

      We’re not gonna take it
      No, we ain’t gonna take it
      We’re not gonna take it anymore

      We’ve got the right to choose and
      There ain’t no way we’ll lose it
      This is our life, this is our song
      We’ll fight the powers that be just
      Don’t pick our destiny ’cause
      You don’t know us, you don’t belong

      We’re not gonna take it
      No, we ain’t gonna take it
      We’re not gonna take it anymore

    2. SEsq..
      My Granddaughter always asks me ‘Why are you Yelling at the
      TV ,when am listening to Stupid Liberals”? My answer..”I feel better once I release my frustration into the Universe’…maybe The God of Common Sense is listening and will do something?
      I can’t watch or listen to the ‘Grand Poopa’, he has nothing to say that I want to hear & I can’t afford to replace my TV if I throw a wine bottle at the screen.
      My advice…Don’t listen to The Arrogant Jackass! He has nothing to say that isn’t a lie.

      1. Ha, sometimes I mute it and read the closed captioning to see what he’s saying. The last couple of years, I’ve mostly tuned him out and just read about it later, usually on this site, and see clips on Fox. But, I just had to see how he acted and what he said today.

        I rant and rave at the TV all the time. My son is 14 now but about four or five years ago, I had Mark Levin on in the car one day and he was going off about something. My son said, “Hey, I like this guy! He sounds like you!” Ha ha. Mark gets so crazy sometimes, I worry about his blood pressure.

          1. Never throw a wine bottle unless it’s empty. In this day and age you never know when you may need even just a little SIP of tranquility. In my experience the best thing to throw is an empty 2 liter soda bottle. Has a little heft, gives one a good feeling, but does little damage. Far better than a half full, 1.75 liter glass bottle of Smirnoff. I speak from experience. Less said the better!!

  21. well that’s good to know….I always sleep with one eye open….seriously we can feel good about Georgia and the US for now….to quote Arnold S…”I’ll be back” and yes…we conservatives take nothing for granted…especially these next two years…

  22. I am not drinking any Celebration Champagne …just yet.
    However, the mid-term outcome is the potential beginning
    of a political change within the GOP and hopefully for America..?
    If in fact that is possible at this late date.?
    Let’s plan for the best and prepare for the worst…….

  23. I haven’t finished reading all these comments yet but I do not ever remember a president that didn’t at least FAKE representing all Americans!!!

  24. We just have to hold their feet to the fire. If we keep on ’em they’ll know we’re watching and maybe do the right thing.

    If all else fails, we can throw a bunch of ’em out again in two years.

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