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Top Democrat Seconds Landrieu’s Charge of Anti-Obama Racism

Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, the third-ranking Democratic leader in the House, said on MSNBC Monday that “a lot of people” oppose President Obama out of racism.

Clyburn made the remark when asked about a comments by Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., who noted last week:

The south has not always been the friendliest place for African- Americans. It’s been a difficult time for the president to present himself in a very positive light as a leader. It’s not always been a good place for women to be able to present ourselves. It’s more of a conservative place.

Clyburn chimed in:

And the fact of the matter is she reads some of the mail that she gets and I read some of the mail that I get. And for anybody to say that there is nothing that’s racial about some of the animus that’s being expressed about Barack Obama, you’re just not telling the truth.

The fact of the matter is we know that with a lot of people — I don’t care what he does, he is not going to be acceptable because of his skin color . . . None of us can successfully change our skin color, anymore than we can change our gender.

Let’s be clear about a couple of things. Yes, there are a certain number of people who oppose Obama out of racism. But there is no proof this is a pervasive problem – that it’s “a lot of people.” To the contrary, the perfervid, even feverish support among among those on the right for a host of charismatic and accomplished black conservative leaders suggests racism does not animate Republicans.

To suggest that there is something inherently racist about conservatives is blasphemy coming from Democrats, the  Party that long hosted big-government Southern – and other – racists, and even had a former Ku Klux Klan member, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, as its leader in the Senate not too long ago.

Byrd, whose appetite for federal pork amounted practically to an attempt to move the federal government to West Virginia, is as far from a conservative as one could get.

This is not moral outrage from Mr. Clyburn and Ms. Landrieu. This is cynical get-out-the-vote politics, a desperate effort by desperate Democratic leaders to move African Americans to the polls.

It’s politics and demagoguery at its worst, and the White House and Democratic leaders should repudiate it. They won’t, of course, because they think the black vote is their last chance to hang onto power. Oh, and they like it.

Clyburn’s tirade starts at about 3:50 in the video below.

48 Responses to Top Democrat Seconds Landrieu’s Charge of Anti-Obama Racism

  1. With Obama and Clyburn, I would say it’s content not color. Sure, some people use color as short hand for heaven knows what, but with those two men, if you are listening, you have plenty of objections based on ideas, feelings, theories, and intelligence.

  2. Meh, Clyburn’s the one who called the Clintons racists back in the 2008 primaries. Real racists eat their own too ;)

    Also, how do you explain Bobby Jindal and Tim Scott in the south ?

      • It seems to me that the Democrats this election cycle did not initially intend to exploit the race card as much as they have done recently. When you look at all the candidates, the Democrats went overboard on women candidates and trying to exploit women’s issues. But it hasn’t worked: the issue turned out to be a dud. So they went for the next big thing, the smaller electorate of the black community, to try and build a fire wall. Mary Landrieu provided a link to passing the torch.

  3. Democrats and their legions can find racism in a ham sandwich and under a rock. It is old, tired and played out. They are campaigning like it is 1964. Whatever.

  4. N.O. is a melting pot. Not on the scale of New York. It is one of a kind place to grow up and to live. She has drawn herself into the same click o’s crew is by stirring up the racial issue. Katrina was a disaster. The local Governer and Mayor handled it WRONG! They should have told everyone to get out now, when a catagory “FIVE” HURRICANE was in the Gulf. President Bush, stood back only because he appreciated that each state had people in office. Let me remind o himself that, I know for a fact that people from all over the Country of every race, tried to help. Some left their jobs, buisnesses, took their money and headed down south to help. I could go on and on venting about how disappointed I am in her comment. At this point I will stop. Happy Mardi Gras EVERYONE!

  5. Liberal Tourette’s Syndrome. Racism, racism, racism. Koch Brothers, Koch Brothers, Koch Brothers. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so pathetic. How do these two Democrats think THEY won election after election after election?

  6. This might appeal to the base of blacks and the Bob Beckels of the world but I find it tedious, disgusting, and nothing more than plain old fashioned race hustling that will never dissipate in my lifetime.

    It will be a fine dance indeed when the spanish speaking underclass of illegals via amnesty or other means becomes the favored base for Democrat demagoguery and blacks are left to lick their old wounds alone.

  7. While the many Black conservatives such as Ben Carson and Allen West have forced all but the most racists people to conclude that Blacks are worthy citizens, President Obama and other left wing loons such as Clyborne and Waters seemed to determined to confirm the derogatory image of black people that is advocated by the KKK.

  8. Just wait for the explosion in the MSM IF the senate goes republican.
    Anything against the liberal policies of Obama will be drawn and quartered, and displayed loudly 24/7.
    Obama will step on the gas to get his agenda past the congress and any opposition is going to be ridiculed incessantly.
    The cries of racism are being used to defy the effort to take this Country back on the principles that it was founded upon.

      • Just heard Rush run a sound byte of Moochelle telling dems to vote dem,……and she said that even though I don’t recommend it, go eat some fried chicken as a reward !!!
        Evidently racist comments only apply to non-black people.

        You talk about some hypocrites !!!!

    • And if this happens the losing lefty Democrap Party will once again be in lockstep behind Obama.

      Although I suspect there will be revenge and punishment for many.

  9. “…some of the animus that’s being expressed about Barack Obama…”
    Correction: I saw part of this clip on Fox last night and had to rewind it to make sure Clyburn said what I thought he said. He actually said:

    “…some of the animus that’s being expressed BY Barack Obama…”

    Exactly!! Gotta love the Freudian slip!

  10. “None of us can successfully change our skin color, anymore than we can change our gender.” Well actually, according the loons on the left, there are many who have changed there gender and they all want to join the military.

  11. I would love to see Clyburn, Holder, Landrieu, Obama, Sharpton and their ilk stand one on one with Thomas Sowell on racism and voter fraud.
    But they won’t. And the reason they won’t is because they know they are lying for the sake of political ideology and power. They are the worst kind of cowards — keeping an entire community of Americans dependent so that they can continue to fill their pockets and receive the favors of the politically elite.

  12. Has this senile, racist idiot Clyburn ever read a history book about the ‘democratic’ party in the South, from the US Civil War to the 1960s, and how THEY (democrats) supported RACISM…?

  13. “None of us can successfully change our skin color, anymore than we can change our gender.” I think Clyburn just got himself in big trouble with the LGBTTIQQ2SA community. He should expect immediate excoriation by the mainstream media. Oh, wait he’s a Democrat.