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Tonight: Election Open Thread

I think you’re going to like this.

Tonight I’m going to run an open thread, so everyone can comment as the election results come in. I’ll open it up around 6:30 pm ET. It will be a new post, not this one. I’ll try to grab a feed from one of the TV stations.

So you are all deputized as the official White House Dossier political analysts. Have a blast!

94 Responses to Tonight: Election Open Thread

  1. “Election night 2014” = 12 pack of Yuengling beer on standby & Fox News goes on 7pm EST & WhiteHoseDossier online…

    Let the fun begin!

  2. Thanks, Keith. There were two very disturbing comments even before the votes start coming in. One, the Mooch telling blacks to vote Democratic no matter what the issues and who the candidate. It’s obvious the Obamas see the United States as a banana republic, their own particular one. The second was even more disturbing to me, and that was the NYT advocating doing away with midterms when they aren’t going their way. I believe it is in the Constitution, ahem, that Representatives run for election every two years and that one-third of the Senate votes are staggered every two years. It’s the closest thing we have to a parliamentary system, and God save us if it’s ever done away with. Maybe I should be positive: this seems the liberals last chance to fix the system in their favor perpetually. Oh, they have one other hope: to open our borders wide as the jaws of death. End of rant.

  3. I’m a Nervous Nelly Republican, very very unsure the R’s will pull this off tonight. I’m already pacing and chewing gum, so I’m not sure I’ll be able to comment in tonight’s open thread if things look bad for the Rs. I’m still in recovery mode from Romney’s loss.

    • I think we wouldn’t be so nervous if it weren’t for the voter fraud! How do you account for that and how much of it there will be. That certainly is not part of the polling results!

      • That’s why we all need a paper receipt of our vote, or a pretty color stamped on our finger. I have brought this up several times, and this is why. If there is any doubt everyone who disagrees with the vote in one of the places with the fraud, can go outside all at once with their finger or there receipt.

          • The first polls close in about 3 hours.
            I’ll get the ink ready!
            I am still upset about DOJ sending monitors to eighteen states to watch for discrimination against voters.
            Every citizen of this Country has been discriminated against with such a fowl move. This is America, and I don’t need a monitor. Sounds like something any dictator would do. Has anyone seen any monitors standing around?

  4. The story will be whether the Reps win the states they are favored in, and whether they win any of the “pick ’em” states. (My cynical gut says “no” on both counts, just like 2012.)

  5. Is there an updated, “Election 2014”, drinking game out there…?

    (Ive done a quick search and most “election” drinking games are from 2012)

  6. We have a hot contest going on in AZ. Ron Barber ran to ‘finish’ the term for shooting victim, Gabby Giffords. His Republican opponent is a former AF Fighter pilot Martha McSally. The R’s have given much money & air time to/for her. They competed last election. It was close & she took off for Washington & began her “freshman orientation’…only to turn & leave with her tail between her legs when Barber eventually ‘won’. Many AZ R’s detest her and are voting for Barber, holding their noses. They feel she is aiming for McCain’s senate job when he EVENTUALLY retires.
    So big fingers crossed going on here.
    Not to mention, the “boycott Arizona” boob Raul Grijalva, a big fat Socialist Democratic, being challenged by a lovely Republican Hispanic lady, Gabby Saucedo-Mercer. Good luck to her, the Republican machine totally blew her off, no air time, no endorsement.

  7. Deputized? Deputized you say? Like with badges? Guns? That kind of deputized — because if so I’m all in.

    If not I’ll just sit in my cell (where I will eventually end up any way — mod jail) and read the results as reported by this excellent deputized bunch of WHDers.

    Thanks Keith.

  8. No results yet ? Well, it´s late over here and I am going to bed so Good night and Good luck , America. Tomorrow will be a glorious day, I am sure.

  9. The big contest in Maine is the battle for the Governor’s office. The current governor is Paul LePage, a tea party governor who is running for re-election. He’s tough, focused and has cut costs while making major enemies of the wacky left who live on the highly populated areas on the coast of Maine–Portland to Bar Harbor.

    The Portland and Augusta papers are owned by one of Congress’s 80+ Socialist Democrats, Chellie Pingree former president of Common Cause with a degree in Human Ecology (not kidding). These newspapers have carried on a fatwa against LePage for four years. She’s married to S. Donald Sussman a notorious lefty who made his millions upon millions of $ as a hedge fund manager.

    LePage’s opponent is Mike Michaud who is owned, lock stock and barrel by the unions and various radical lefty interests. He’s been in Congress 20+ years and no one can figure out what’s he’s been doing there.

    As of right now, LePage and Michaud are locked at 42-42.

  10. The only thing I’m picking up about the election so far is that the exit polls are showing the economy as the number one concern of Americans which bodes well for the Republicans. Obamacare, which Karl Rove thought would be the number one issue, only gets 1 out of 4 votes.

  11. On Fox — good — no sign of Shep on Main Set. Bill Hemmer takes over the map and stats. What I think is interesting — when Shep is not around — why can’t they use that big high tech multi screened set that appears to have been built especially for Shep. Really? Just for Shep? All those toys.

  12. How is it that in New Hampshire, (Live free or Die), folks vote for a Governor that uses the IRS to attack it’s own citizens? I just can’t get that straight in my head.

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