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Quote of the Day || November 4, 2014

“If people, out of a deep sense of patriotism, want to vote twice – or even after they’re dead – why should we prevent it?”

– Barack Obama

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

16 Responses to Quote of the Day || November 4, 2014

  1. He believes this.
    Mandy Manners, you will appreciate this:
    I saw a fb post that said the following:
    “When voting, ask yourself: Am I more likely to be infected, beheaded, or audited than I was six years ago?” (from The Patriot Post)

    • Depends on several things. Where do the poll workers stand? Maybe some are not using the same name? Maybe some go to different polling locations?

    • In Espanola, NM, a man went in to vote and found out he had “already voted”. He had not. Someone else voted using his ID. Who says we don’t need a picture ID to vote? Voter fraud is alive and well. They did give him a provisional ballot, it is uncertain whether the provisional will count in time for the election.

  2. 7:20 mark: “I think a good victory for Democrats on Tuesday should be rewarded with some fried chicken.”

    You read that right. Earlier she tells Black Amer. to vote D regardless. Then FLOTUS tells them that after they deliver they can have “fried chicken”, collards and mac n cheese.

    The WSJ has an excellent article today on this topic: