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Open Thread || Election Night 2014

Alright everyone, let’s here what you’re thinking. Maybe even what you’re reporting!

UPDATE: Well, this is the only video stream I could find. It’s the Fox News second string. Anyway, it’s something. They’re not doing a bad job.



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  1. What channels are you following ? I’m on Fox, I don’t think I’ll be flipping tonight. Brett Baer and Megyn Kelly are the least annoying anchors in all of the English speaking news networks in the worrrrrrrld.

  2. For what it’s worth: Where I live there are three high-rises and down the road a bit an apartment complex. Within the property complex and in the club house we have three voting booths. I voted midmorning. The lady behind the desk remarked that usually if they have a 100 voters before noon it’s a busy day. I was #181 by 10:30. I have no way of knowing until after 8 when the polls close how it went it my little corner of the world.
    Did anyone else here note an increase in midterm turnout?

    • 7:55am EST here in Delaware my voting place was rather busy, I was kinda surprised.
      (but its Delaware so my ‘republican’ vote dosent count)

          • Kind of following up on what everyone is drinking tonight, I went to a liquor store to buy vodka (for me) and rum (for my husband) and when I was checking out, a couple of people commented on my purchases (weird in and of itself!) and when I said excitedly “Well, we plan on being up as long as it takes tonight to hear the election results” I just got stares… and then oh, yeah……like whatever. More evidence of lo-info people…..actually worse, people who don’t care.

          • I hate when other customers or the ‘help’ (customer service..?) comments on any of my purchases. It’s none of their business. It happens a lot these days!

          • If I had been in Jan’s shoes, I might’ve said something about my heroin dealer being in lock-up and I couldn’t find another connection.

            *That* would’ve given them something to talk about.

          • A woman at a convenience store today asked me how my day was. I told her it had been busy but that I’d still find the time to vote. She said in a superior and smug voice that she didn’t vote because it would put her in the jury pool. I said, with a sweet smile, “If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to bitch.”

          • Well, she’s right, it does put you in the jury pool. Let’s see. Does anyone remember the term “civic duty”? Cripes, if any one of us is ever on trial we’ll be judged not by a jury of our peers, but by a jury made up of people too stupid to get out of jury duty (or old farts like me who just want to get in there and agitate)!!

          • Well, I was called for jury duty about 9 of 11 years. They ask what web sites you visit! So, if you want to get off say Fox News or Drudge. All the Libby lawyers will freak & not choose you. You know, cuz you are some Tea Party crazy.
            pplllaugh…I finally told them take me off your list.

          • I’m in Kahleeforneeah. Maybe we can form a club for conservative irrelevance. Hmm, club – democ-rats. I think I see where I’m going with this!!

    • My precinct was doing a brisk business, more so than other mid-term elections. I passed by a precinct in another town while I was on my way to pick up my son from school and the parking lot was PACKED.

    • We’re in a very Republican County in NJ and our polling place was about the same. We never have a big crowd here but turnout is good for the area, I think because we have many polling places for a fairly small town. Sadly, we’re stuck with Cory Booker no matter how we vote. The rest of this damn state always screws us!

    • Dobbin Texas polling place at mid-afternoon was just me and one other gentleman. The election official said earlier they were quite busy. I live in a rural area which is about 60% black. Don’t know how they vote but they are good neighbors.

  3. Kasich in Ohio for Gov. got lucky.
    The dems put up a guy that went for ten years without a drivers license, and was caught with a female (not his wife) in his car in a parking lot.

  4. Here in Michigan, we’re mostly watching the Governor race (Synder is being challenged by lib ass Mark Schauer), and senator race. Terri Lynn Land did a really crappy job and we’re probably going to lose that one. If Synder loses I’m gonna get really drunk tonight.

  5. Saw this elsewhere and “borrowed” — it made me laugh.

    $100 if Kruthammer bitchslaps Juan Williams and runs him over with his wheelchair.

  6. I just turned the channel to a local station to check updates on other issues, such as judges, etc. The Scroll at the bottom is broken. I hope no news is good news.

  7. Getting late, some races are tight, perfect set up for the demokrats hauling in the dead, rebussing the first round, stuffing trunks, finding ballots, remote control the voting machines….

      • LOL, sorry everyone for posting so much. That Venti frapp kicked in and I’m high on caffeine.

        This makes up a bit for election night 2012 when we had no power for over ten days thanks to Hurricane Sandy. We took ice cold showers in an ice cold house and went to vote early that evening (had to go to a different polling place with generators). We were finally able to find a generator to buy that day, so we came home from voting that night and turned on the TV and sat in the dark, cold house watching the sad election results. After ten days without electricity, heat, and hot water, it was just adding insult to injury that that m-f’er Obummer was re-elected. You can’t even imagine how difficult that election was for me, a political and news junkie, to be cut off from TV and the internet for the last week and a half of the election. I didn’t have a smart phone back then, so we had no internet. All we had was a battery operated radio where we could get some news reports, but it was horrible. If only Romney had won, I wouldn’t have cared if the power stayed off another month. (We did finally get it back the day after the election).

        • If you have a garage, or a shed, buy a gernerator. Use it on the Fridge, one TV, and a couple of lights in the evening.
          I am glad you made though Sandy. It is an experience that will stay with someone for a lifetime.
          During the last hurricane, The one after Katrina. (So tired, can’t remember the name right now) we had the gernerator. I washed one load a day. Than picture this: I was hanging clothes from the trees outside. I could have used the dryer, but insisted on using ONLY what was needed.

    • 20 counts Fox said — the other guy must have been really really bad. I am not proud of this that’s for sure. No one with 20 counts against them should be running for office. They should clear that up. Unless of course it is the Holder crowd that is chasing him — in which case he is probably clean. Although I know nothing about what the charges are.

      • When asked about his foreign policy experience the other guy said he had had a foreign exchange student from Japan stay with his family. He seemed to have no views on foreign policy.

  8. Ugh, Landrieu is talking now, Is it me, is she reminding me more and more of Shrillary these days?

    What’s interesting is that all the polls had Landrieu winning in the three way race, although not reaching 50%, (and then losing to Cassidy in a run-off). But so far they say Cassidy is at 42 to Landrieu’s 40. That’s saying something since the Republican vote was split between Cassidy and Manness.