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The Obama Morning News || November 4, 2014

Did White House fatally delay hostage rescue? . . . As early as May, the Obama administration had strong and specific information about the location of American James Foley and other hostages held in Syria, a source close to the discussions told Fox News, but the rescue mission was not approved until early July. By then, the hostages had already been moved. Fox News.

Court rejects Obama housing bias rule . . . A federal judge on Monday threw out a housing regulation issued by President Barack Obama’s administration that said racial bias claims can be based on seemingly neutral practices that may have a discriminatory effect. U.S. District Judge Richard Leon said the Fair Housing Act allows for only direct discrimination claims and not those based on so-called disparate impact allegations. Reuters

White House role in Sherrod ouster revealed . . . A 2010 email from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says his department was “waiting for the go-ahead” from the White House before accepting the resignation of employee Shirley Sherrod, according to newly released documents, despite Obama administration assertions that her ouster was Vilsack’s decision alone. Associated Press

White House: Voters hate Washington, not Obama . . . With many races still tight but polls showing a general trend in favor of Republicans, the White House on Monday blamed voter dissatisfaction with Washington for what could be an Election Day rout for President Barack Obama’s Democrats. Reuters

Biden claims he never apologized to Turkey . . . Vice President Joe Biden says he never apologized to Turkey’s president for claiming last month that the country’s mistakes helped foreign fighters enter Syria, contradicting what the White House has said about the incident. Fox News

Feds monitoring votes in 18 states . . .  Staffers from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division will monitor polling places in 28 jurisdictions in 18 states today, to make sure there’s no attempt to prevent minorities, the disabled, the illiterate and non-English-speakers from voting. CNS News

Obamacare patients turn to community care . . . When ObamaCare patients learn their deductible is so high they’re unlikely to get any reimbursement, they often wind up in places like the Denton, Texas Community Care Center. Fox News

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30 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 4, 2014

  1. I saw James Foley’s mother on TV. So sad.
    The way this Administration has responded or not responded to those incidents of beheadings or jailed in Mexico or the families of the victims of Benghazi is just sad. And yet for Bergdahl — a Rose Garden Reception.

      • I will if I see it. I just got this by accident — I think off Drudge.

        Also somewhere I saw that Angelina Jolie might be considering politics — and of course, there is Clooney and Arab Princess Bride, and possibly Afleck and God knows who else of the Hollywood set that will delegate the governing (if they run and win) to their personal assistants. In the case of Jolie , who does a good job at UN, she might just recycle a nanny or two.

      • J — Also, the Florida gubernatorial race is reportedly very tight. Crist is a snake and it defies thought that anyone who could vote for him — goes party to party just trying to get elected. I’s pretty repulsive.

          • X2. Have you seen that great ad about Crist being all over the political board? “I’m a Republican . . . I’m an Independent . . . I’m a Democrat . . . I’m against Obamacare . . . ” and so on.

            NRO has a funny meme about the 2014 midterms. “The Last Temptation of Crist” is one of my favorites.

  2. The Poll Watchers:
    WHAT? They want to make sure the “illiterate” get to vote??? How does that work if they can’t read………you just can’t make this stuff up!

  3. Good news on the housing bias ruling. If Obama and Castro have their way you will be paying for the moving cost to relocate unqualified minority and illegal “buyers” to your neighborhood and you will also probably pay a portion of their mortgage.

    • Yes, that housing decision is some unexpected good news for sure. Let’s hope that the housing regulations Obummer has planned for December with Castro will be challenged and eventually rejected by the courts.

    • Thanks for the clip. The military for years have had a strike rule regarding illness. I would think everyone would respect and understand the way the military has learned how to contain different illnesses though the years.

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