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Obama to Meet with Congressional Leaders

President Obama has invited the bipartisan leadership from the House and the Senate to the White House for a meeting Friday afternoon. I gather this is another one of those fresh starts where Obama is finally going to start seriously engaging with Congress.


24 Responses to Obama to Meet with Congressional Leaders

  1. Yeah, sure.

    “I’ve invited you all here to tell you what I want from you. If you don’t do it, I’ll do it myself and blame you all for the outcome.”

  2. Keith, funny you ended with “Whatever”, because that’s exactly what I was thinking as I read this news and I was going to post that as my comment.

    It’s just another photo op to pretend he will work with both parties when we all know he’s full of it.

    • I had to straighten my kids out when they were young and said “whatever” to me. I said it’s the equivalent of F-you. Not sure Keith uses it this way but hey, it works.

  3. A sit down with HReid and MMcConnell. hmm. Like to be a fly on the wall for that.
    SenMcConnell will have his staff digging in the trash at SenReid’s office looking for all those bills that Congress passed but Reid wouldn’t allow anyone in the Senate to vote on.

  4. Dear friends I have called this meeting to acquaint you with the fact that elections no longer have consequences. It will be a simple meeting, a short meeting with frugal refreshments, soft lighting and gentle background music piped in. Do I recognize that song. Could it be “I Did it My Way” or maybe “Long And Winding Road”?

    • McCarthy already went on tv — RINO reconcilation on immigration (thank you Boehner) and Repeal and Replace OCare (down the road)……. so the sell off and pay backs begin tomorrow. Didn’t take long.

  5. What would be really interesting: One of the Republican attendees is a psychiatrist who could report on Obama’s state of mind, assuming things go our way.

    • I was so wrong. Guess I am used to waiting for the other shoe to drop , door to open, curtain to raise —- so I hope all the Republicans at that meeting make him squirm. McConnell should demand that Harry Reid hand over those 400 bills he has stuffed away. They are coming your way Barack and now America can really see what you are all about.

      • I suspect he had info telling him the handwriting was on the wall, and he was strongly advised to make it look like he was not leading from behind as he’s done the past 6 years. Hence, announcing the pow-wow before the election results came in last night.

  6. He wasn’t getting any attention tonight so he had to make some kind of announcement so people would talk about him. Needed some more spotlight time.

  7. I gather this is another one of those fresh starts where Obama is finally going to start seriously engaging with Congress.

    Not a chance. Obama doesn’t do ‘bipartisan’. Obama doesn’t engage either. All Obama knows how to do is lecture.

  8. “I like to invite my opposition to show I have open door policy to get agreement to better American life. Then I intend to send WH surrogates on Sunday shows to say this is no what he meant. He has pen and phone and will veto anything Congress votes for, which He does not like” – a mule residing in WH.

  9. What is this in aid of? Charm offensive 2.0 so the press will have something to talk about and they can take yet the one millionth photo op of Obama? I am with you Keith….Whatever!