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The Democratic Turncoats

The most disgraceful thing about this campaign, aside from the race baiting, has been the sight of Democratic candidates ditching any sense of principle and abandoning President Obama.

Can any of these candidates explain what Obama did that they did not ask of him? He’s unpopular not because he’s Barack Obama. Not because he’s black. Not because Republicans are mean to him. And not because he golfs too much, though he does.

He’s unpopular because his policies, and the policies of the Democrats holding their noses as he passes, are a failure. And they’d much rather sacrifice the man who led them partway to The Promised Land than themselves. Because The Promised Land turns out to look very unpromising to many American voters.

The one thing Obama was totally honest about, at least in the 2012 election  and even to a large extent in the 2008 election, were his intentions for this country. Obama lies at the tactical level – “You can keep you doctor,” and so forth – but at the strategic level, everyone knew what he was all about.

He is a left-wing ideologue with a vision for redistributing wealth and using government to advance various social and economic goals. About this there was never any question.

Obama gave Democrats everything they wanted:

* Universal health coverage that will eventually become Socialized medicine;

* A federal-enviro industrial complex supporting all kinds of expensive, unworkable green energy;

* Tax hikes for the rich;

* An increased share of federal spending as a percentage of the economy;

* The abolition of work requirements for welfare;

* The proliferation of food stamps and growth of dependency.

* No Medicare reform and no Social Security reform;

* An end to “Bush’s wars” and an end to U.S. leadership in the world so we can focus on social engineering at home.

What, if you are a Democrat, is not to love?

Nothing. The imperiled Democrats running for reelection all supported this program.

What’s not to love is that these policies resulted in an economy that stagnated for five years and still faces an uncertain recovery; zero wage growth for the middle class; the lowest labor force participation rate in 30 years; a metastasis of part-time jobs; an explosion of federal debt; the prospect of substandard, rationed, and expensive medical care for those who have insurance; and a world in utter chaos.

Voters don’t like that sort of thing, so Obama is offered up for sacrifice in the hope it will atone for the sins of Democrats.

It's my Party and I'll cry if I want to.
It's my Party and I'll cry if I want to.

“The Democratic Party is no longer the Party of Obama,” said NBC Meet the Press host and political analyst Chuck Todd on the Today show this morning. Todd, who noted that Bill Clinton has campaigned in far more states than Obama, concluded: “One thing we do know, after tonight, the Democratic Party is the Party of Clintons again. Democrats all over the country were begging for Bill Clinton to campaign for them.”

This is a misreading of what’s going on. It’s the Party of Obama. Just without Obama. And it’s hardly the Party of Bill Clinton, who ran the country as center-left politician who was able work with Republicans.

The center remains anathema to Democrats, even as the perennially charming Bill Clinton remains popular. Expiating their sins by flogging Obama, Democrats continue to believe, and they are ready to embrace the next left-wing savior, be it Elizabeth Warren or someone else.

Hillary may get the nomination, but it will be because she is famous, she has money, and she might win the general election. Not because it’s her Party.

It’s still Obama’s Party.

But the Golden Calf praised in 2008 by people looking for something to worship amid recession and war has now become the a sacrificial lamb. Democrats should be ashamed of their perfidy.

62 Responses to The Democratic Turncoats

      • I don’t feel sorry for any of them, not even a smidgen. These Democrats gladly joined themselves to Obama and his agenda from the beginning. I hope they get their @$$es handed to them as the door hits them on the way out. Good riddance to bad trash.

  1. The one constant is that the Dems are always quick to adopt the most convenient position at the moment. Unbound by principle in their public discourse, they are willing to say anything and sacrifice anyone (including The Chosen One, King Barry the Arrogant) in their quest to be re-elected so they can continue to pursue the same tired, discredited policies.

    The level of intellectual dishonesty is staggering.

  2. As I said earlier, the losing Democrap Party will shake the slime from their fur and once again march lockstep behind Barack Obama.

    And I suspect there will be wrath, revenge, and punishment for some from the scorned and shunned boy king.

    But if Mary Landrieu wins she will be rewarded with the Racist Politician of the Year Award by none other than Obama and Clyburn.

    • She is an insult to all of the successful woman of our state and Country, and to all the other people who studied and worked hard.
      Rambling her mouth, about this is not about o, this is about Louisiana. She and other Democrats should have had the guts, to stand proud for their State and citizens, several years ago.

  3. Drudge has a report that many voting machines are being found to be misadjusted in Virginia,…always going to the democratic candidate.
    I find it humorous that they never err to the republican candidate.

    • One place in Texas Gregg Abbot not even on ballot.

      Even if you concede a %age of Republican tinkering, every example of proven voter fraud favors a switch to DEM.

  4. Poll after poll revealed that the majority didn’t want what they were offering, but they pushed on. They knew what they were doing, and they didn’t care – until now.
    So, too bad for Mr and Mrs Obama, too bad for all of the elected Dems who shoved the most unpalatable legislation,and the most unworkable programs down our throats.
    We always have the final say.

  5. Allow me to insert here the 62% of Americans who do not vote in the midterms. They should think about that the next time they give Congress ratings in the low teens or single digits.

    • It’s tough to get out there as a Republican here in California…Jerry Brown is running basically uncontested (sorry, Neel Kashkari) and is on his way to an unprecedented 4th term, and all major statewide offices are securely in Dem hands (Gov, Lt. Gov, Sec of State, Atty General, Controller, Treasurer, Insurance Commissioner). Quite depressing.

  6. Using “ashamed” and “Democrat” in the same sentence is a violation of reality. For the combination is a metaphysical impossibility.

  7. “The Democratic Party is no longer the Party of Obama,” said NBC Meet the Press host and political analyst Chuck Todd

    I call BS. They are still the party of Obama. They still support the same failed policies. And they still want control of the House so that they can continue down this destructive path.

    You are certainly right about this, Keith. Obama has done exactly what every liberal dreamed he would do. And the bottom line here isn’t that Obama that has failed liberals. It’s that liberal policies have failed America. And THAT is what should be the underlying theme of this election. Sadly, Democrats remain in denial of it. They cannot fathom the idea that their policies have failed. Instead, they will blame the American people for being too stupid to realize how their intentions were good.

  8. Regardless of the election outcome tonight, the mortally wounded Obama is going to put us through h*ll for the next two years. Adding insult to injury, we now have both of the Clintons usurping the airways – strutting around as though they are heirs to the WhiteHouse…again.

    This is an intolerable situation. Let’s make a deal! Offer Obama a golden parachute to retire two years early…and give the Clintons a two year contract as the interim First Couple. The caveat? They must agree to disappear after the 2016 election. Enough is enough!

    • Obama will be at his most dangerous for the next two years. If McConnell and Boehner don’t wake up and address Obama’s insane policies, it will become an even worse situation.

  9. Using the phrase “sense of principle” with any democrat communist office holder or seeker is an oxymoron.

    So is applying the words honor, duty, honesty, love of country to any democrat communist party office holder or seeker also any oxymoron..

  10. Again, democrats are pathetic; the best they can burp up is retread Wild Bill and Rodham McGoo? Like we have not suffered enough. On the one hand they tell us how great Obama is and on the other they are running as far from him as they can. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  11. Excellent to see Cavuto hold Bill Richardson’s feet to the fire on Immigration. Richardson — all boo Republicans — Cavuto — hey Bill, no enforcement of border security that’s on the Dems. Richardson is just another amnesty junkie.

  12. What are they (the Republicans) going to give the Democrats? So tired of that question —

    What are they going to give the Democrats? Passage of the 400 + bills stuffed in Harry Reid’s drawer.

  13. great article however my recollection of events is somewhat different but coming to the same conclusion. I thought that the President basically handed off all legislative direction action and leadership directly to Pelosi and Reid. They then put it all together in style and substance. The President relied heavily on them, and the congress, while really not providing leadership of significance. I would say the Democrats in congress got exactly what they asked for and the President just signed off. Either way it is hard to believe congressional Democrats can credibly blame Obama for the legislation that voters have since found odious.

  14. Most of what you say is so ill-informed that it sounds as if a child wrote it. Socialized medicine you say? Would your aging parents like to give up their Medicare? Green energy is thriving and the way of the future.

    The GOP conspired against a presidency and sabotaged Obama at the detriment of the American people. Obama has accomplished much considering these POS that were the GOP lead Congress..all bought by dark money donors. The USA is already an Oligarchy thanks to the likes of people such a s yourself that support and admire a sack of sociopaths aka…the GOP…FEH!

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