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Biden Blows It, Says Orman Will Caucus With Dems

Vice President Biden let his mouth run too long as usual today, revealing that the White House believes Greg Orman, the supposedly “independent” Kansas Senate candidate who actually leans to the left, will caucus with the Democrats.

“We have a chance of picking up an independent who will be with us in the state of Kansas,” Biden said of Orman, who is in a close race to unseat Republican Sen. Pat Roberts.

Republicans have been trying to tell Kansans that with Orman, they’d be getting a liberal. Biden today lent a hand to the effort.

Which begs the question, Why are Democrats allowing Biden to talk this close to the election?

13 Responses to Biden Blows It, Says Orman Will Caucus With Dems

  1. The Dems can easily pull this out. The republican moderates have beatin up their conservative ‘betters’ and have no message of hope.

    Any chance Boehner won’t be voted as the House Speaker again? Can we have a change in leadership AT LEAST in the house?

  2. Seriously I live in Kansas and if he’s an Independent I’m the bloody
    Queen of England. He absolutely reeks slimy two timing politician.
    Sadly my beloved Kansas has started to drift I hate to see it happen.
    But Pat Roberts has been a bit of a disappointment the last couple years.
    Orman reminds me of Anthony Weiner.

  3. If Biden thinks there will be a run of in Louisiana, than I feel a little better.
    They may end up putting one of the buzzing things that you can put on your pet. That way when he starts to put his foot in his mouth, they could just BUZZ him.

  4. Letingng VPBiden loose on the country is like giving Uncle Fred the mike to give a wedding toast after he’s had a few: you just know he’s going to have everyone cringing and doing face palms.

  5. Good olé Crookcounty/ Chicago Dem’s never disappoint.
    Yesterday, an estimated 2,000 election judge’s received “robo-calls” telling them that more training was needed before they could report to assigned polling stations.
    Polling stations are short 2,000 judges, causing confusion and long waiting times.
    The Chicago Commissioner of Elections stated that he hasn’t seen anything like this in his 18 years of service. Of course this will be investigated, AFTER the election.
    Sweet home Chicago.