As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 4, 2014

10:00 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
12:30 pm || Lunch with Biden
2:10 pm || Meets with the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
4:00 pm || Meets with Secretary of Defense Hagel
4:45 pm || Meets with his national security and public health teams to receive an update on the Ebola response; The Situation Room

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at noon

53 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, November 4, 2014

  1. Lol, someone actually put things on his schedule for a change to make it look like he actually does work. What gives? Is it election day or something?

  2. Wow — there is an overabundance of the race card issue in these elections. All general — none provable. The typical but elevated Democrat liberal charge of RACIST!

    Thanks to Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and Eric Holder for this racial division.

    • The three of them are members in good standing in the Department of Racial Division.

      Sharpton: The street man.
      Holder: The enforcer.
      Obama: The instigator.

  3. I cooked dinner for my mom tonight. She said something about the election while I was cooking. I don’t know what it was. but the moment I heard her mention it, I stuck my fingers in my ears and started singing, “LALALALALALALALA!”

    She started up again, and I did the same.

  4. On one of the Fox programs someone said that there was worry about tomorrow in the Shaheen camp, and now I just read on The Daily Caller that there is a bombshell memo on Shaheen conspiring with Lois Lerner!

    • wow. That would be big — at least to me. On the other hand if you are a Dem and think Lois Lerner and the IRS have done nothing wrong then Shaheen is goo.

    • Julie, yes, we are well aware of the no-go zones were ethnic gangs rule and we are well aware of our weak police responce. Politicians want “dialogues”, not arrests, they are so afraid of media and the “racist” accusations. Law and order and restrictions on immigrations are burning issues over here. The former government didn´t want to discuss it and lost the election but now we are stuck with an incompetent alliance of socialists and green environmentalists. They are making a mess, stopping investments, closing airports, the Palestine issue and so on. The PM and his crowd are mocked daily and there are already discussions of new elections. It´s downhill with this country right now. Let´s hope it´s the opposite with the US after the election today.

        • Sadie, thanks for the link, I saw it now. Who is this man, he is British, isn´t he ? Ukip ? Well, I have to say that he is mostly accurate and I of course agree with him. Bitter truths. I love my country and I love to live here but, gosh, could someone please stop our politicians from being so terribly pc ??? Right now, on our newsradio, i hear that many, many, many more Syrian refugees are expected next year. And the years after…. And our politicians yet again act as if there was a God-given right to come and stay in this very country. It must be possible to arrange protection for these people in other ways.

          • swedishlady: Yes, he is British and has many videos on youtube. When he began to video himself he began with GB and their “welcome mat” for Asians (Muslims). I don’t know what’s wrong with Europe. One would have thought that the horrid memories of WWII would have been a warning with the political echelon firmly having their heads buried. Short memories make for long wars. Sad.

        • I watched most of it, but he does mention that Sweden is coming to the tipping point–as are we all. He sounds British, and that country also is not far from being a canary in the coal mine, especially to the English speaking world. The report of the interchange between Angela Merkel and David Cameron seems to me to point to the only solution to the European countries’ problem with immigration: the dismantling of the EU and a return to sovereign nationalism. We have the same problem here with Obama and his globalism.

      • X2. How soon can Sweden have new elections? There have been many times, especially under Obama, when I wished the US had a parliamentary system.

          • Let’s hope that happens and that more Swedish eyes have been opened. It isn’t going to be easy, but all of us have to face the hard facts, not just Sweden. If things go right tonight in the US (no pun intended), I hope we will give the Europeans proof that even now the situation is reversible.

  5. Special just for our new illegals, old illegals and dead people voting — Eric Holder and George Soros have both dispatched election help to “assist”.

    Unclear whether Holder’s thugs are the old New Black Panthers or new New Black Panthers. And Soros gang is Common Cause.

    If and election is close and a Dem pulls it out at the end Republicans should seek every legal means for election tampering and fraud against the Democrats. I have absolutely no confidence that in the electoral process under Barack Obama and this leftist Democrat Party.

    And Eric Holder is a disgrace. He should be be disbarred and in jail.

    • Grace, on an exciting day like today maybe I shouldn`t bring up this issue again but since you asked. “Genocide”, well, that was the ticket, the excuse for bombing. In these days of the mighty Internet, I feel that I am wiser, or more cynical or more skeptic, I have seen my share of propaganda and read about false flags and so on. So, was it “genocide” like Assads “poison attack”, or like the “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq, or like the downing of the Malaysian plane…..? Well, I believe there were horrible atrocities on many sides in this very complex war, or series of wars, but the Serbs were made the villains, they were to be crushed. So Clinton gave NATO free reins to bomb ” back to the stoneage” and bombs certainly rained over those poor souls. Even thousands of clusterbombs. Those wars produced so many refugees and a tidal wave arrived to my country. So many had bitter, bitter stories to tell , be they Serbs, Croats, Bosnians etc. I have to say that I cringe when I hear Mao´s words : ” sometimes you have to break some eggs to make an omelette”. That´s what happened. Was it necessary, was it right ?
      I can certainly understand why former Soviet satellite states want NATO protection and I had nothing against NATO in the strong, able hands of good US presidents but now, under this incompetent and weak one, ( who really likes campaigning….) , when I have seen the Ukraine crisis escalate in a most dangerous way, I am skeptic. Europe should take care of it´s own defense and rearm.

      • Thanks for your thoughtful commentary.

        Re. the former Yugoslavia — assume no US intervention — how do you think that would have been resolved internally with its 6 ethno national states? In terms of world powers it was always a mix of those leaned West and those who leaned East.

        Regarding Europe taking care of its own defense and rearm. Under what umbrella would Europe do that? And who would be the “enemy”.

        It appears that the idea of defense of the former Eastern bloc countries with NATO would be acceptable. Without its ATO commitments would Europe come to the defense of Poland should it threatened by Putin when he is finished with Ukraine? Actually would Western Europe come to the defense of any of the former Eastern European Bloc countries? And NATO under Obama it is even reasonable to ask would the US even fulfill its treaty obligations.

        Our non response to Ukraine imo, again a mistake. The escalation of Ukraine has a lot with do with Putin. But again, we will disagree here.

        Europe has long been fraught with nationalism and now influx of “refugees” and “worker” from non European countries there is something else added to the mix. You see this with the Muslim problem in your own country –and elsewhere.

        And oddly we are seeing something like that in the US under Obama — with refugees (Somalia etc) and illegals and the collapse of people coming here to assimilate and want to be Americans. Assimilation of immigrants was a key to our strength. Failure to assimilate might be our death knell.

        The New World Order of people like Obama is proving a little more difficult to enact than he might think. Yet the vacuum that has been created by his unwillingness to lead is telling.

  6. I wanna tomorrows pdb.

    10:00 am || Cancels the Presidential Daily Briefing. Takes ibuprofen.
    12:30 pm || Cancels lunch with Biden. Calls Eric Holder to find out how to fire Biden.
    12:40 pm || Calls Surgeon General about migrame.
    12:50 pm || Calls Michelle to see if she knew Surgeon General was niether a surgeon or a general.
    1:10 pm || Tells Joe no, he doesn’t want to go out and play. Covers head with pillow.

  7. 9 PM –
    Screams at Michelle “we got shellacked!!”
    9:05 PM – Convenes meeting to punish every American citizen in the most excruciating way possible

      • Yep, double down. I only think that if the Republicans win tonight, those remaining Democrats in the Senate who are up for reelection in 2016 will have second thoughts about how to proceed.

  8. I notice that Obama gets the PDB usually after 10am. Isn’t that kind of late? I seem to recall back when GWB was President reading that Chief of Staff Andrew Card was usually showing up for work at 7am or earlier to work with the President. Do we have records of the time of day that previous presidents received the PDB?

  9. Hmm. Interesting that voting isn’t on Barry’s schedule today. Maybe he forgot? You know good and well that he is always looking for a swell photo op. A WH photo showing Barry grinning while casting his vote would be just the thing they’d want splashed all over the media. Just saying.