As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || November 3, 2014

Can Obama Reboot? Does he even want to? . . . “He appears tired,” says Sen. Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican and one of the few in his party who sees himself as a potential dealmaker in a GOP-controlled Senate. “It is almost as if he is wishing for a six-year term instead of an eight-year term,” added Corker. Still, Corker said the president has a “golden opportunity” because some Republicans, like himself, are eager to prove that GOP control of both houses would create a more productive environment than the past four years of divided rule. Politico Magazine 

Will Obama pull a Jimmy Carter . . . and improve? . . . Both Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama advocated restraint amid numerous foreign crises, but Carter eventually changed course. Will Obama? Free Beacon

Cruz to push for Obama probes . . . Cruz made it clear he would push hard for a Republican-led Senate to be as conservative and confron­tational as the Republican-led House. Piggybacking on what House leaders have done, Cruz said the first order of business should be a series of hearings on President Obama, “looking at the abuse of power, the executive abuse, the regulatory abuse, the lawlessness that sadly has pervaded this administration.” Washington Post

U.S.-backed Syrian rebels routed . . . The Obama administration’s Syria strategy suffered a major setback Sunday after fighters linked to al-Qaeda routed U.S.-backed rebels from their main northern strongholds, capturing significant quantities of weaponry, triggering widespread defections and ending hopes that Washington will readily find Syrian partners in its war against the Islamic State. Washington Post

Paul courts the black vote . . . The GOP field office on Livernois Avenue is a squat, brick building with a grillwork of bars on its windows. The outpost in the predominantly Democratic, African-American neighborhood is a place where prominent Republicans don’t often venture. Rand Paul seems right at home. The Hill

Paul: People don’t want Christie’s “bully” demeanor . . . “I think this sort of bully demeanor may go over well in certain places, but I can’t imagine that — I grew up in the South, and we’re … a little bit more polite,” Paul, a Kentucky Republican, said on CBS’s “Face The Nation. Examiner

Republicans question Obama’s Tahmooressi effort  . . . Republicans on Saturday welcomed the news of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi being released from a Mexico prison and the efforts by GOP congressmen to help broker a deal but questioned whether the Obama administration did enough. Fox News

Feds paid nearly $300,000 for drugs for dead people . . . The Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) found that drugs purchased through Medicare Part D are vulnerable to waste, fraud, and abuse since CMS allows for a 32-day window for purchases of prescription drugs after a person’s death. Free Beacon

Foreign diplomats get benefits under Obamacare . . . Foreign diplomats stationed in the United States are eligible to receive subsidized healthcare benefits as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), prompting concern on Capitol Hill over the Obama administration’s inability to explain the loophole. Free Beacon

27 Responses to The Obama Morning News || November 3, 2014

  1. One of the best things that could happen to America is for sincere and effective conservatives to have an inroad into the AA community. I am not expecting much but there have been some good signs. The former black Senator against Mary Landrieu, a few ads by AA against the Dems, perhaps Rand Paul. There are also some extremely talented black conservatives in Congress, and I assume locally who could help.

    I know it is a huge problem, but the Dems, especially under Obama, have made it so much worse for AA. And they almost openly insult them now. For every Ferguson, and Chicago and race baiting and race hustling the Dems and the President foment, I look around me at the AA in my day to day life and personal life and I know there is so much more.

    God knows I am no Pollyanna but I do see some signs. One of the saddest things about the Obama Presidency is how much damage he has done to the Black community. Money and entitlements does nothing to help any of these people become the next President of the United States.

    And the Muslim influence among blacks is downright frightening. But understandable.

  2. Can Obama reboot? I wouldn’t even begin to speculate on the next two years. One thing – Obama is vengeful. The only question in my mind is will he will exact his revenge on the Dems or the Repubs?

    Michelle Obama opened her big mouth a couple of weeks ago and whined about the Dems not supporting her husband – so why should she campaign for them. Revenge and retaliation seem to be the bond that holds these two miserable human beings together.

  3. As far as I am concerned each and every senator should be on the TV and or on the street stating the same thing as Cruz. Than an explanation of how/why they walked and voted behind o like blind sheep.

  4. Good point on whether he wants to “reboot.” I think he is sick to death of dopey old Americans, wanting leadership and good thinking. How dare we expect so much–wasn’t just his going to Harvard and being the first black president enough for us?

  5. I still do not understand the limited war/no, operation. o should have been explaining his limited actions in Iraq and Syria, for the last several weeks instead of fundraising.

  6. I will allow my self one day of giddiness the day after the election if all goes well, but right now I remember myself two years ago full of expectations which were crushed.

    • I remember that, too.

      However, it was nothing like the feeling I had the day after the election in 2008. I cried so hard and so long that I had a difficult time getting my son to school that morning. I knew that our nation had elected a narcissistic Communist who hated this nation with a burning passion.

  7. The NYT is not sanguine about tomorrow and is advocating a Constitutional amendment to do away with midterm elections. Yeah, sure. We’d truly be stuck with one party politics then.

  8. Foreign Diplomats get benefits. Here is another issue not being mentioned on MSM. I said weeks ago that there is so much mess hitting the fan, that everyone cannot keep up with it. I still feel that was one of their orginial plans.

  9. I just saw the story about Sweden that some of you were talking about the other day. The police have abrogated their responsibility in 55 zones ruled by Muslim gangs. As have the ambulances, firemen etc. What surprised me most is that these zones are not ruled by militant Islamic terrorists but by punks dealing in drugs. I hate to use the term “white people” as if law and order only belong to us, but it seems to me that “white people” around the globe have gone very soft on defending civilization.

    • Inquiring mind’s want to know, will she bring the picture of her son posing with a gun, a mouthful of money, in front of a bottle of liquor. Or perhaps the surveillance video of him committing a strong arm robbery.
      Naw, just his 6th grade picture.
      Toxicology report would be nice.