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Curtain Draped to Hide Empty Seats

A giant black curtain was draped to hide half an arena of empty seats during an Obama campaign appearance Sunday in Philadelphia.

“A long way, for the president, from 2008 when he had Greek columns, and adoring crowds,” said Fox News White House reporter Ed Henry.

Meanwhile, there was pandemonium in the hall during an appearance earlier in Bridgeport, Connecticut as immigration activists heckled the president.

41 Responses to Curtain Draped to Hide Empty Seats

  1. Well, at least it wasn’t a racist “white” curtain. The Cold War had the Iron Curtain that destroyed millions of lives while an elite few wielded power and filled their pockets, The Obama era has the Government Curtain where a radical President takes it upon himself to shred the Constitution and use the administrative regulatory complex to destroy the lives and opportunity of millions of Americans.
    It took half a century to win the Cold War but at this point I don’t even know if Obama’s war on America is even winnable. At every turn he’s embedded ideologues to oversee our destruction. ISIS is nothing to what’s coming down the pike from D.C. these last two years.

    • First thing is to secure the borders, stop amnesty and deal with the problems we have with the illegals. Everything else can be dealt with — if we don’t run out of time. But a tsunami amnesty will be a death knell. As it is our electoral process is seriously compromised and our entitlements are out of control. To say nothing of the cultural damage to the country.

      How ironic that the very thing that America has been praised for — the melting pot — give us your tired, your poor — has been so perverted that once a strength is not a deadly liability.

      • The difference today vs then is that all those that went into the original melting pot did so as “new” Americans. They all wanted to assimilate, respected the rule of law and revered becoming “American” first with their country of origin second.
        The millions of La Raza minions put Mexico first and demand America be second.
        It’s going to take millions of us willing to stand up and be called racists, bigots, xenophobes and worse if we’re to stop it. But in context of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq I and II, Afghanistan, being called a few words by radical leftists is a small price to pay considering the sacrifices so many before us have already paid.

        • Of course that is the big difference. A desire to assimilate and to be American. I am a first generation American and I know that well.

          I have no problem standing up and taking the slurs. I think it is a huge threat to our very fabric. And LaRaza should be investigated to its bones, all the way to the WH where many ex LaRaza members work — in powerful positions.

          I am hoping that Senator Sessions can be a gathering force.

      • The numbers are so close. I am very concerned. There should be a much bigger difference between the people running in tomorrow’s election.
        I would like to hear from a great deal of people who have come here the proper way. Show there effort. Show the LEGAL way.
        What is the plan? Gracepmc just mentioned, Secure the border first.

  2. “You can’t say we’re going to give an honest days’ pay for an honest days’ work and then not vote!”

    What the heck does that even mean?

    He must be telling the paid shills to make sure they earn their payola?

  3. Made myself laugh with an image of ValJar behind THE Curtain, arms and legs all akimbo, entangled in puppet strings , lurching awkwardly to and fro. It’s very satisfying — all the more so, since I fail at visualization.

  4. One can’t be part of the audience, or gain entry into the venue without proper ID, assumed to be American issued ID.
    We are to believe that American citizens are demanding that the American President allow foreign nationals to enter our country at will, and be given all rights granted to legal citizens.

    Staged, phony, faux, and most of all, insulting.

  5. Even the part of the arena that was not hidden contained a large number of empty seats.

    It reminds me of a rally back in 2012 in which the organizers forced people out of their seats and onto the floor in order to create the illusion that FCMABBHO was speaking to a packed house.

  6. We live in S. IL My husband and I were noticing that we could not find one Quinn or Dirkson sign anywhere. Plenty of dems with signs for local people but nothing at the state level. Know that it doesn’t matter; Chicago will control the elections, but it will be interesting to see the results in counties down here.

  7. Open question to ‘the panel’.
    Boehner can be voted out of the Speaker position in the House,…but can McConnell be replaced as majority leader if he is re-elected ?
    I would hope that he could be.

  8. OT and Keith has mentioned this. Post Election the AWOL Ebola Czar Ron Klain to replace Podesta or McDonough.

    Proving further that the Administration, still lacking a Surgeon General, ha no clear epidemic public health policy much less an Ebola policy.

    Suspect if the issue of Evirus and illegal C.A. crossers ever manages to fight its way to one mention of it,it too will die on the Obama vine.