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Sunday Open Thread || November 2, 2014

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  1. I am visiting my sister in Florida. Last week she received calls from Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton. Last night she received back to back calls at 7:30 asking her to vote for Charlie Crist. In the calls there were pleas to not only vote for Crist but to do early voting. They said a list of early voting places were posted on Crist’s website. My sister has received no calls from the Scott campaign.

      1. I received a postcard from Mark Pryor’s aunt whom I have not seen in over fifteen years asking me to vote for Mark.
        We went to a fabulous Rally for Tom Cotton Friday….sorry about that Mark!

        1. My imagine is running wild today…must be the time change.
          On Drudge there is a picture of Obama that looks to me like he is morphing into Al Sharpton.

          1. He even looks tiny like Sharpton but I was referring to the face.
            I meant to say imagination running wild….time change effect?

    1. It’s the constant e-mails that are getting to me – Help! the sky is falling. The other side is going to destroy everything. Send money now!. The Dems are pathetic.
      ot: I lent my e-phone to my Grandson while his is being repaired. He was so impressed that “Barack Obama” was sending me personal e-mails. I just nodded. lol.

    2. Early voting is key!!! They need to know how many dead bodies they need to dig up….and how many fake absentee ballots they need before Tuesday. Time is running out.
      Early voting should be outlawed, along with motor voter and Obamacare voter registrations.

      1. Agree 1000% (for once, not a typo)!! Get up on the 1st Tuesday in November, haul our butts to the polls, vote (once) (maybe dip our thumbs in a jar of purple ink so we CAN’T vote an “extra” time or 2) and let the chips fall where they may.

        1. It’s going to get worse, not better. The trend toward “easy”voting — early, absentee for reasons beyond away from home, electronic and so forth –plus lax procedures for IDs and coupling voter registration with other registration — all fodder for voter fraud.

          But here’s the thing — it appears there is a lot (on both sides) of notices that “hey are you going to vote? your neighbor did, your mailman, your mailman’s dog did” (that one is from the Dem) — as a result of increased electronic “snooping”. It would appear from that alone we would have the resources to locate voters who are illegal — Put it to good use rather than creep notices from your big Brother Political Party.

          1. I think it’s in upstate NY where Democrats are getting messages like “We’re watching so you’d better get out and vote. We can’t tell which party you’re voting for, but we’re watching to see if you vote.” Now if that isn’t Big Brother, what is? I hope they all go out and vote R.

          2. “We’re watching so you’d better get out and vote.”

            My 1st question would be “Or WHAT???”. Then on Tuesday I surely WOULD go vote R across the board. At LEAST once!!!

          3. I can’t stand the pressure. I’m not going to check on the returns at all. I’m going to have an extra Dirty Martini (extra Martini, not extra Dirty), read a Louis Lamour Novel and get up on Wednesday Morning with hope in my heart!!

          4. I used to like my Martinis mixed with the vermouth kept at least 1 room away but as I’ve matured I come to enjoy the taste. About a half a capful for a double. It’s the splash of olive juice that makes the drink!!

          5. At times I’m happy to live in the Pacific time zone so I will start watching about 5 p.m. our time and go until the last ballots are in on the West Coast. My state is one of the few bucking the trend, but there are a couple of ballot measures I’ve got me fingers crossed on.

          6. Hah… calibration my…(deleted in observance of new policy).

            Republican vote switched to a democrat is a calibration issue. A demoncrat switched to republican is (hold your hat) Voter Suppression!

          7. I think based on the rules set forth in Keith’s post, the occasional use of more mild curse words like “ass” is okay. The overly sensitive types will just have to deal with it AND please note that Keith asked them to stop taking others to task over it.

          8. Havent seen that one or heard that one in the rochester area. But I’m not the key demogrohic either.

            One thing is clear, not as much hype as we are deep blue. Few if any yard signs…few adds…tons of phone calls. Gov Doumbo refused to debate Astorino. I caught one interview with him and he sounded, frankly like an adult.

            Already voted. Easy peazy and assume it will be counted.

  2. November 9 it was 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. There will be big celebrations of this historic day. It was one of the grandest moments I have ever experienced in my life. The future seemed so wonderful, so full of promises. And so many great things happened afterwards, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the unification of Germany, the liberation of Eastern Europe. Some professor wrote about “the end of history”. But, as we all know, we were not allowed to feel safe and happy for so very long. Sigh.

          1. Well, Lee, hopefully there will be something about it the actual day, November 9. This is an event we can all remember with pride and joy.

        1. I hope on Tuesday, we can Tear Down This Wall of liberal agenda.

          Hard to believe it has been 25 years for the Berlin wall. I also thank you for bringing that up. I vividly remember watching the TV coverage and watching the peoples reaction, climbing the wall, so elated. A profound moment in history.

          1. You are my neighbor to the south there in Kentucky.
            How is Grimes doing after the Clintons efforts ?
            I don’t much care for McConnell, but at least he’s a rep, even if he is a RINO.

          2. AFVet, I guess I am the only one not allowing myself to be an optimist in this election just yet. They say McConnell is pulling ahead, but I still fear the women’s vote just for the sake of voting for a woman. (I truly wish it was Matt Bevin instead of McConnell, but of course I can’t vote for Grimes and can’t Not vote!)

            I don’t think the Clintons moved the polls at all from what I can tell. Everytime Grimes has an ad about the war on women or how she is for increased minimum wage, it backfires… McConnell (or someone) has a great ad about how Grimes is the lawyer for her family’s restaurant where they pay the waitresses $2.15 an hour. Kind of hurts her case (as does the fact the restaurant is named Hugh Jass Burgers — say it out loud… I kid you not!)

          3. Clinton has been here several times and was due back over the weekend. I do not think that he has moved any polls here either….his home state.
            He likes coming back to his Penthouse over his Library where he supposedly has “guests.” Hillary seldom accompanies him here.
            Clinton has campaigned for Mark Pryor some but his real interest is in beating Asa Hutchinson for governor who was a leader in Clinton’s impeachment proceedings when he was a congressman. Asa’s opponent Mike Ross was Clinton’s driver when he was campaigning for president and maybe when he was governor of Arkansas.

          4. To Artcat,….Thanks for responding.
            Boehner is going to win again.
            He’s in one of those districts that are a slam dunk for him.
            That doesn’t mean that the house cannot select a new Speaker. (Trey Gowdy ).
            On the senator side, neither one of ours are up for re-election.

          5. Do they happen to be big enough to show what part of the wall they came from? Half of the people voting today, do not know what the Berlin Wall is/was.

          6. Zephr Dmm, I was unable to respond under your comment made regarding the Wall chunks. To have pictures as well. Wonderful combination of history.

          7. In 1999 I went to the Newseum (when it was still in Va) with my sexy, crazy girlfriend from college…
            I have a picture of her looking at a section of the Berlin wall they had.

      1. Well Mandy, the Soviets helped to win the war on the Eastern Front and the Western leaders agreed upon the Iron Curtain. So, even Patton could do nothing about it.
        A curious fact, when the Berlin Wall fell, a young KGB officer named Putin was there, watching.

        1. In mentioning the iron curtain; as a child in the early 60’s, my mind conjured a picture of a huge suit of mail type curtain hanging over the USSR. It sounded scary.

      1. Julie, yes, future looked so bright. Well, we had that Yugoslavian war in the nineties. It was truly awful and resulted in great waves of immigrants into our countries but the conflict was somehow contained. Who could imagine September 11 ?

        1. ~Being a US Navy vet from the no-one-cares mid-1990s under Clinton the ‘Yugoslavian war’ was my “war”…
          (I got combat pay & two medals for sailing off the coast of Yugoslavia from 1994-95/1996 and doing nothing on my ship)

          1. Beautiful sailing. I spent about ten years off and on before the war visiting Yugoslavia — mostly Croatia — but entire country including Montenegro. Lots of friends and historically interesting. It was waiting to blow — but what God awful ugliness that was. Serbs Croats Muslims Christians Neighbors Friends.

          2. Said Montenegro where I did go but meant Macedonia — which was fascinating. Rebecca West Black Lamb and Grey Falcon caught my eye way back when.

          3. I think I’ve told you that I’m half Macedonia half Serb (from Croatia!) so I guess I really was a Yugoslav. Black Lamb and Grey Falcon is one of my most favorite books.

          4. A Serb from Croatia. Yikes! A true Yugoslav. You must be lovely.

            And that book — it’s a go to for me. Influenced my course of study. Of course, it is biased but in that 30’s kind of way. And come on — it’s Rebecca West.

          5. Reply to Grace: my mother’s family lived in a small Serb and Orthodox pocket. I forget what it was called, but it was there for about 1,000 years. During the war their farm was confiscated and they were driven out of Croatia and taken in by Serbia. When I was growing up in that melting pot, Gary, Indiana, Serbs and Croats were good friends. They basically speak the same language. Two of my cousins were married to Croats in Yugoslavia, since divorced, and who knows what their kids are considered now.

          6. Responding to this
            Julie Brueckheimer November 2, 2014 at 7:23 pm
            Interesting. I can remember when Serbs and Croats were friends as well. But nationalism and historical ties and losses live deep.

            Here North and South have pretty much buried the hatchet, and perhaps were flames not fanned, so would the blacks from slavery. But it takes a long time and in times of trouble never goes away. The feeding ground of evil men.

            BTW I was born in Hammond Indiana. There for about 5 months –my dad was doing steel work and then joined back up.

  3. ISIS killed 50 members of an Iraqi Anbar tribe in western Anbar province,
    officials and tribal leaders say. The men and women from Al Bu Nimr tribe reported to have been lined upa and shot in retaliation for resisting the jihadists.
    A number of people from the same tribe were also found dead in a mass graves earlier this week. Mid-East News section.

    1. Note — ISIS is off the media screen. As is Ebola. Anybody know how the Doctor from NY who spent a day and night out on the town is doing. We used to get daily updates on Ebola victims — now crickets.

          1. You may be right–that could have been before the State denial (it was in a “newsletter” vers of Wash Times)–or maybe they are waiting for the news to cycle away from Ebola, which is already is, what with the election. Then they will do it–fill up our 9 beds with allies’ sick people. Maybe Kaci can run over and work.

  4. The winds are howling this morning in the NY metro area. A sign that the times, they are a’ changin’ once again. Bring it on, ready for Tuesday.

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone

          1. I can’t even do a sentence right today….left out so and spelled our out.
            Maybe I should just go back to bed til voting time Tuesday….I will be a nerve mass before then anyway.

          2. Hey Mandy — I hear there are quite a few caves out Afghanistan way — but I don’t think they’d would roll out the donkey welcome cart for you. :) :) :)

            I am teasing, of course.But I’m with you on the hide out until the storm has passed. Hope there is something left to work with.

          3. The Smoky Mountains don’t take kindly to outsiders who don’t share their beliefs. Those folk can spot an imposter a mile away. I love those people and hold them in highest esteem.

        1. Reply to Mandy re. Caves

          Mandy — It should be clear to you and all that I don’t know jack about caves — although I have been in a few. But to your point, I think I would rather do the bear thing in a cave where it snows (note to self — buy fur coat) than in a cave where there are things like snakes and spiders and creepy crawlers who go into a cave to escape the heat. Also we are in Obama’s Amerika and it is entirely possible that all caves are now federal property and spelunkers or those looking for respite could be found by the Cavstapo and fined and put in stocks in public squares.

          1. You’ve reminded me of this story.

            The U.S. Forest Service vowed Thursday that a proposed policy change will not interfere with news-gathering groups’ constitutional rights to take pictures on federal wilderness property, following a backlash from First Amendment supporters.

            “The U.S. Forest Service remains committed to the First Amendment,” agency Chief Tom Tidwell said. “The directive pertains to commercial photography and filming only. If you’re there to gather news or take recreational photographs, no permit would be required.” SNAP

    1. (the girl that has broken my heart lives in Jersey City, NJ… I cant stand watching any FNC show that shows shots of NY-NJ nowadays)

  5. The winds are howling in Maryland, too. It’s a ‘feels like’ temp of about 35 right now. The predicted high is 48 with 20mph winds. It is too bad we won’t have this on Tuesday to keep the lazy voters at home. I doubt the President folded yesterday or that he will hit the links today. Poor thing…

  6. “We will be reviewing voting records . . . to determine whether you joined your neighbors who voted in 2014.”

    It ends with a line better suited to a mob movie than a major political party: “If you do not vote this year, we will be interested to hear why not.”


    The woman also received a report card of her voting record, pointing out that she had failed to vote in two of the last four elections.
    Overall, the notices were sent out to 1 million registered Democrats who had failed to vote in previous midterm elections, according to the group.


    1. Mandy as I said above there seem to be some corollary to this in the Republican mailings as well but more along the lines of Hey your neighbor voted kind of thing. Which might be creepier. Or at least as creepy.

  7. More from the Religion of Peace:

    The leader of Nigerian Islamic extremist group Boko Haram announced in a video released Friday that more than 200 kidnapped schoolgirls had been married off and converted to Islam, dismissing claims by the Nigerian government that it had agreed to a truce.

    “If you knew the state your daughters are in today, it might lead some of you … to die from grief,” Abubakar Shekau sneered, addressing the parents of the girls and young women kidnapped from a remote boarding school more than six months ago. SNIP

      1. And, no, I’m not reluctant to tell you that I’m a Christian. It’s just that I don’t want to get involved in your idea of a debate.

        1. I saw a Southern Baptist minister on one of the Fox shows last week who tackled the “turn your other cheek” conundrum. He said that applied to individuals but not to a whole society. Society is there to protect the future of a people not to give it up. Sorry I can’t remember his name.

          1. Evidently that philosophy does not apply to the Mayor of Houston when she demanded the transcripts of the sermons.
            Word has it she was inundated by Bibles sent to her from all across the country.

        2. Interesting comment – interesting because you want nothing more than to draw me into your idea of a debate. You can’t have it both ways, friend. No need for anger or belligerence as defenses. I am interested in your perspectives. Wish you could say the same. We both have much to learn.

          1. I was thinking the same as your first line, Aileen. Oh, well…I do sort of think of this as a bar, where it takes all points of view and people do try to bait others… IU think we need more liquor though.

  8. Speaking in connection with The Wall coming down and Big Brotherism in politics today, I’d like to mention a subject dear to my heart: the perversion of “science” by Obama and his administration. MOTUS has a very good piece on it this morning and is much more eloquent than I can be so I recommend it to you. For those of you familiar with the old Soviet Union, it is the same perversion of science to political goals which we saw under Stalin.

    1. Thanks Julie. The history of the Soviet Union and their tactics for controlling dissent should be must reading. To that point the whole issue of psychiatric diagnoses and gun control.

    2. Julie thanks. It was excellent. Culture and education — what the progressives and the left has highjacked. How to reinstill American values and aspirations?

      What leads change? What’s the primary mover? Politics or culture?

        1. It’s a which came first, the chicken or the egg, situation. Still, I’m hoping the Republicans will be able to cut off the money to all of Obama’s “scientific” projects.

          1. I saw an excellent comment the other day on another blog where the poster very specifically listed ways appropriations could be limited to many of the Obama tentacles. Also there is a lot of Obamacare money being redirected.

          2. Don’t know why, but every time I mention a certain name, my comment goes into mod. You’ll know who it is once I get out of jail.

          3. J — this is not funny actually. I tried to escape and did so by cutting and pasting some texts and they all went to that place, including one that had editing details. At first I thought our place was harmless now I am not so sure.

    3. Exactly Julie.
      I listened to NPR this AM and they are intent on bearing down on the global warming issue, saying that the science has been decided and there is no more argument to the contrary.
      Another day, another lie.

      1. I am not a scientist, AFVet, but I think real scientists would agree with me that science is never a decided issue. I know that real scientist still have questions about the data in Einstein’s theory. It just doesn’t work out perfectly. So that a politician like Obama can be so sure about global warming or the spread of disease leaves me spluttering.

      2. I wish some scientist would study the effects of the enormous solar farms in California and Nevada. Are they having an effect on the atmosphere? Coincidence that California is in a drought? Put aside that the solar rays are frying birds and blinding airline pilots. Just google solar farms in California and look at the Images, or look on google earth… they are huge! How can it not have some effect. (Ivanpah Solar plant is the largest in the world).

  9. Glad to see this. On the Editorial Report I think it was WSJ Mary Kissel who came out and said about Elizabeth Warren that she is “economically illiterate”. Warren is a communist in her outlook and is economically illiterate and yet the Dems keep touting Fauxcohauntus as some economic genius — She is a rising and dangerous force and the more and earlier she is exposed the better for the country.

    All it takes for someone to rise in politics today is to be a minority and a woman. And Lizzy is an Indian princess as well.

    1. I don’t see it. All the left, the rats, are dancing in cream cheese up to their knees over Warren, but I can’t see her winning the presidency, not after that other Commie, Obama. I suppose Cloward and Piven would disagree with me.

      1. I think she is rather successfully positioning herself as all middle class heroine. I use FB for business and I remember checking out some pages of other group members and I was surprised to see Elizabeth Warren sprinkled here and there as someone to be admired among women.

        Liberals and conservatives might just as well be living on separate planets. And the gap is getting larger than in the past I think because we are losing our common base– pride in America.

        1. My leftie loonie cousin loves her! I posted something on her Facebook page against something Warren had said that my cousin had posted, and you’d think I had cursed God or something.

    1. That’s why the republicans have to win by wide margins, otherwise, they will ‘find’ enough votes to put their candidate in.
      Don’t forget how Al Franken won by just over 300 votes found in the trunk of a car.

      1. There is one race which I have my fingers so-crossed over but my husband thinks I’m being naive. My hope is that Governor Quinn lose in Illinois. The WSJ thinks he will lose, but having lived in that region for two big periods of my life, I just think that even great Republican turnout will be thwarted by voter and election fraud.

        1. That would be great Julie — if Qinn loses. It will be interesting to see, if the fraud can be substantiated and traced enough to challenge if it does happen. Also I think there has been some recent Obama transplanted illegal immigrants — at least in the Chicago area.

        2. Julie, I have my fingers crossed on that one too. I also lived in the area for nine years in three different suburban areas.
          Politics in Chicago is the dirtiest ever….and of course we now have too much proof of that in the current White House.

  10. My takeaway from this morning’s political talk shows:
    Repubs are carefully optimistic, but not sure.
    Dems are worried, but not sure either.
    It seems the political polls are all over the place and no one is sure what people are thinking.
    If they really do count mail-in ballots then almost all the Repubs in my district have at least one vote.
    The guy running (unchallenged) for “Mine Inspector” is a Dem, so I did give him my vote.
    Apparently no one really wants to be “Mine Inspector” – sounds like a dangerous job.

    1. What we forget is that the candidates have their internal polls which we the public don’t see. The races are probably not as tight as the public polls portray to maintain interest and prevent complacency. Still, I’m superstitious when it comes to politics so I’m trying to overrule my heart and be cautiously optimistic.

      1. Inclement weather also helps — although I think most of the weather will be neutral on Tuesday.

        On the other hand it is only Sunday. And there could be a natural disaster, an unfortunate death(s) by shooting, or Chris Christie might sup at the WH with Bruce Springsteen and dedicate a new song of praise for Obama.

        1. I’m worried that the Ferguson grand jury will announce its decision before Tuesday. I’m sure Obama and Holder have pressured it to do so, but I hope the members have enough courage to thwart them.

          1. I don’t think the grand jury will be that irresponsible. But I have been so wrong about all things justice since Holder hijacked the American justice system.

            That said, Sharpton is there now and for the duration through the elections I think, and he is shepherding something called “justice disciples” to watch over LEO. And Sharpton is the admitted race relations representative of Barack Obama so if his chain gets jerked I am pretty sure the Reverend Al is willing to dance.

          2. Mod Jail– Perhaps the mere mention of Barack Obama’s race relations representative Al Sharpton got me here.

            I BYOB — so now I am going to look for snacks.

          3. I’m in again. Twice in one day. Don’t know whether I am out from the first time. Am rethinking the snack suggestion — perhaps it is better to bring some.

    1. I just saw this. It is a sale of Christian Yazidi women at a slave market. The buyers are all followers of the Religion of Peace. Subtitles are included for all those open to it. And at the end it appears that one of Yazidi slaves may indeed be already dead. I hope it was not the one with the “blue eyes” that these guys were interested in. Religion of Peace my ass.

  11. Keith, would you consider an open thread section on Tuesday so we can report or voting experience.

    We readers/posters could provide a wave of reports from time zone to time zone as the day goes on. Maybe my community is unique, maybe not… but the first year Obama ran, I knew he had won just from the crowd voting. I had never had to wait in line to vote before. And trying not to sound racist, I had never before seen so many blacks voting, in my small rural Kentucky town.

    The second time Obama ran, I knew then also, due to the turnout. Wonder if others experience this sense of who wins and loses from being at the voting booth?

    1. Great idea. We could also use an open thread on Tuesday night as we all watch the elections results.

      I hate to say it, but I think the Dems are going to manage to steal it again. I pray that I’m wrong.

    2. Good idea Artcat ! Nothing else will be going on that day but the nail biting :) Or Keith can “pin” an Election Day Thread at the top of the page for 24 hours or so?

      Good luck everyone !

  12. We all do different things. Sundays are my day to read — casually – kind of surf I guess we would say today.

    Every Sunday there is a book thread at Ace of Spades. The focus of the thread changes weekly but there is latitude. I have found many good comments and links to things I might not have read or looked at. It is interesting and entertaining.

    1. Also sometimes there are snaps of beautiful libraries around the world, or bookstores. This time it is a Mexican bookstore and whether by choice or happenstance it is quite colorful.

      1. Gracepmc, thank you for this information. I rarely read Ace of Spades and had no idea about the Sunday book thread. If I could, I would live inside a big bookstore (one with character, not a generic chain) or library, so this is a great find. :)

        1. Good I am glad you like it. The formatting is awkward but as I said the main topic changes every Sunday and there is some latitude. Today I picked up a good find on some fiction books featuring the Moscow subway system which is fascinating in itself. Anyway, enjoy. And bring a sense of humor.

        2. One more thing. WHD is my home base. But AOS has some interesting dedicated threads on the weekends — including gardening and other topics. They are interesting as well. I just noticed that somene threw up a fun one Toys and Games from our childhood. It’s fun. Occasional cursing –so if that is your thing don’t go. But I have found it to be good.

          1. I’ll check these other things out too. Thanks so much for all this info! I bookmarked the site and will make it part of my daily browsing, especially on the weekends.

          2. FYI They call themselves The Horde and refer to regulars as Morons and ettes — Moronettes. People who read and rarely comment (that would be me) announce themselves as Lurkers. It is a conservative — rough and tumble — military (ex and serving) and other “departments ” blog and more — there are unique personalities and you will get to know them. I find good information — laughter — they are a knowledgeable and clever bunch — but don’t be fooled — they are loyal to their mates and spouses and they can offer up some powerful prayers. A good read. Glad you like it.

        3. Me too– on independent bookstores. Back in the day in Palo Alto CA there was a children’s bookstore called If Wishes Were Horses and it was great. Might still be there. And in between assignments once I worked at a small travel bookstore — Phileas Fogg’s. Nothing better. I love good travel writers — and there were so many. Not so much today.

          1. I’ve read that much is not being made of Hagan’s family scandal with stimulus money. The Republicans need to change that.

          2. I live in North Carolina. The senate race was the Republicans to win and they blew it. I just saw on Hagan: 84%, Tillis: 16%. Not the most scientific poll, but it speaks volumes about this race.

            I watched Hagan and Tillis debate: they are polar opposites. Do you want more of Obama (Hagan) or less government. That’s really the bottom line.

            I so disliked Hagan since the Obamacare debates. I called her office to make my voice heard and was told by an staff member “You know she is voting for it.” No debate or thanks for calling or anything. Yuck.

          3. And I am so tired of hearing and reading about the dysfunctional North Carolina state legislature. Since when? I guess since the Republicans took control.

  13. OMG! Just turned on FOX to catch the headline news. Hag Hillary and Landrieu are doing an early victory dance around the stage together – holding hands, giving victory signs, and thumbs up.
    Most irritating, however, is Hill’s phony finger pointing to a make-believe acquaintance in the crowd. Her husband used that ploy ad nauseum.

    Honestly, I would rather see the DEMS keep the Senate, than have that evil hag and her two-faced womanizing husband occupying the WH for another 4 – 8 years. What a pox on this country!

    @Star, please note: In deference to you, I did not refer to HRC as an OLD hag. Age really has nothing to do with it…I am older than HRC. A hag is a hag.

    1. I am glad I missed this. But what a way to tie Hillary to Obama to racism and to sexism. Woman is tone deaf. And politically greedy. She is out of her element trying to be “current” — just like with her awkwardness at trying out the old “you didn’t build that”meme.

      Hag works for me too.

      1. ‘Politically greedy’ – indeed! She is an insult to women. She is also a chameleon. If only the media outlets would start re-playing choice bits from the ‘old hag Hillary’ on the campaign trail in 2008. She has done a complete 180 with her sweet little dulcet tones, always laughing and smiling – not a worry in the world – persona. Happy little wife, mother, and grandmother! What’s not to love about Hill? UGH! (Maybe FOX will bring Dick Morris back to irritate the heck out of her,) lol).

        At least we still have the ‘What difference does it make’ sound byte!

          1. Perish the thought! I bet they are already picking out the wallpaper for the nursery in the WH. Chelsea appears to have a ‘marriage of convenience only’, imo.

            According to Klein’s new book, Blood Feud, Chelsea and her mother spend the week together at HRC’s Georgetown manse in D.C…..while Bill is either at his library or Chappaqua. Everything is a sham with these people.

        1. That new persona — and the little witchy hand rubbing thing in her ‘you didn’t build that moment’ — creepy. She is just creeping me out this time around.

    2. I am not a fan of the word elderly–old, older is fine with me. “Senior” still means HS to me. “Mature”–well, that just does not fit–I for one am not mature. Thanks for respecting my delicate sensibilities…LOL.

      1. I read an article last week that mentioned an “elderly” man. Then, when they finally noted his age, I saw he was 62! What? How is 62 “elderly”?

        I agree; I’m not a fan of “elderly” at all. “Old” and “older” work better, I think.

    3. This is another gimmick you’ve spotted that I’ve always wondered about, whether people notice that phony finger pointing to someone in the crowd. In hrc’s case always accompanied by bugged out eyes and wide-opened mouth.

      I’ve adopted an expression someone else used of Andrea Mitchell for hrc: uber hag.

      1. I have a vague memory of a television show or a movie in which this finger-pointing motion was taught to someone. Was it “Dave”?

  14. This is one of Obummer’s rare golf-free weeknds, as he’s campaigning l weekend:

    President Barack Obama hits Michigan, Pennsylvania and Connecticut on Saturday and Sunday to stump for Democratic candidates in advance of the Tuesday election. First lady Michelle Obama campaigns in Moline on Saturday for Gov. Pat Quinn, Sen. Dick Durbin D-Ill. and Rep. Cheri Bustos D-Ill.

    Saturday, November 1, 2014

    12:00PM In-Town Pool Call Time

    4:25PM THE PRESIDENT departs Joint Base Andrews
    Out-of-Town Travel Pool Coverage (Call Time 3:00PM – Virginia Gate, Joint Base Andrews)

    5:45PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Michigan
    Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport
    Open Press

    7:00PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at a campaign rally Gary Peters and Mark Schauer
    Matthaei Center, Wayne State University
    Open to Pre-Credentialed Media

    8:10PM THE PRESIDENT departs Detroit, Michigan en route Washington, DC
    Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport
    Open to Pre-Credentialed Media

    6:30PM In-Town Pool Call Time

    9:30PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Joint Base Andrews

    In-Town Travel Pool Coverage (Final Gather 7:00PM – Stakeout Location)

    Sunday, November 2, 2014

    10:00AM In-Town Pool Call Time

    1:25PM THE PRESIDENT departs Joint Base Andrews
    Out-of-Town Travel Pool Coverage (Call Time 12:00PM – Virginia Gate, Joint Base Andrews)

    2:25PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Connecticut
    Tweed New Haven Airport
    Open to Pre-Credentialed Media

    3:30PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at a campaign rally with Connecticut Democrats featuring Governor Dan Malloy
    Central High School, Bridgeport, Connecticut
    Open to Pre-Credentialed Media

    4:55PM THE PRESIDENT departs Connecticut en route Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Tweed New Haven Airport
    Open to Pre-Credentialed Media

    5:55PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia International Airport
    Open to Pre-Credentialed Media

    7:10PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at a campaign rally for Tom Wolf
    The Liacouras Center, Temple University
    Open to Pre-Credentialed Media

    8:15PM THE PRESIDENT departs Philadelphia, Pennsylvania en route Washington, DC
    Philadelphia International Airport
    Open to Pre-Credentialed Media

    9:00PM THE PRESIDENT arrives Joint Base Andrews

    In-Town Travel Pool Coverage (Final Gather 7:20PM – Stakeout Location)

          1. Mandy Manners November 2, 2014 at 3:52 pm

            I don’t think so.
            Somebody else then. :) Still a Dad that tells you about Antigonish — cool.

          2. I recognize the poem now that you’ve posted it. I’ve been wracking my brains trying to make some association with the Greek tragedy, Antigone.

          3. @Mandy Manners.
            Slamming doors is rude.
            I wouldn’t do such a thing.
            However it sounds as if a lot of you have been crude;
            Setting off Keith’s Oped.

            Insult me as you may
            Insult me at will
            While I continue to show how Ike Golfed more than all behind the Presidential Pew.

          1. Julie Brueckheimer November 2, 2014 at 4:20 pm

            nope — not me and my Dad either. And I went to Antigone as well. Glad I looked it up.

      1. I noticed the “pre-credentialed” too ….Anybody but Fox News ? Or have to sign some oath to not ask the supporters if they were union paid to be there ? I wish James O’Keefe would lurk at one of these things :)

        1. Who is to say he doesn’t — or won’t? He is a clever one. Although I would love to see Jesse Waters –? at one. He is good on a whole other plain.

  15. Interesting comments from Mooch yesterday:

    First lady Michelle Obama stumped for Gov. Pat Quinn, Sen. Dick Durbin D-Ill. and Rep. Cheri Bustos on Saturday at a rally in Moline. Between now and November 4th, we need to do everything we can to reelect Pat and Dick and Cheri so that they can keep moving this state and this country forward. We’re going to get this done. And understand — look, this is personal for me, because this is my home state. This is my home,” she said.


    Oh, really??

        1. Not harsh at all. She was in Chicago doing a Get Out The Vote push for Gov. Quinn, Senator Durbin, and a rep (Bustos). Click that link and read the transcript of her remarks.

          I see that she used the same line that Obummer used the other day – total bullcrap:

          “You’re here because you know that under the leadership of our elected officials that things are starting to get better. You’ve heard the numbers: Our businesses have created more than 10 million new jobs since 2010. This is the longest uninterrupted run of private sector job growth in our nation’s history. (Applause.) And you’re here because you want to keep this state heading in the right direction. ”


          First, note that just like Obummer did recently, Mooch says “our businesses” created new jobs. He’s always said “we”, but now he says businesses create jobs (hmm, after Shrillary’s recent remark, “Don’t let anyone tell you that businesses create jobs”).

          But, what really gets my blood boiling is their claim that 10 million new jobs have been created. What a lie! If that’s the case, why are so many people still being signed up for food stamps each month? I live in one of the most affluent counties in the country, (along with Chris Christie), and not a week goes by where we don’t notice some business/store/restaurant closing. I’ve never seen it this bad here, and for so long. We know plenty of unemployed people, some who have given up looking, including professionals who once made well over six figures. Ten million jobs created? The only jobs have been low paying part-time or temporary jobs. Even in higher paying jobs like in the tech sector, companies are only hiring temp workers. And, you pretty much have to be here on a visa even to get those contracts. Americans need not apply.

          1. There’s a little disconnect between the Obamas bragging about his economy and the Clintons saying bring back the good old days under Bill.

          2. You are correct the majority of the so called jobs, are part time jobs. I started to type more regarding this issue. I was on the 4th paragraph. I decided to erase the paragraphs and keep short. I will note again however, 10 million jobs hogwash! I would rather them give us the grand total of people who were layed off due only to o care.

          3. As a counterweight to Barry Pinocchio’s fantasy economic data, here’s a site that goes into great detail about how the US, under Obama, is falling behind other countries in many economic metrics. Pull up the PDF, and go to page 382. And be sitting down when you read it. You won’t like what you read. But you won’t be surprised. It’s fairly wonkee, but worth a look. It uses Obama’s most hated element–actual data.


    1. Are the people in Illinois so dumb not to notice she only cares about them for money and election time? They NEVER go home unless there’s a giant golden carrot dangling for them.

  16. if someone already posted this, apologies. And if you find it, yea!

    Anyway, here is a post by Michael Goodwin, a self professed Democrat but Independent, who puts the blame for what has happened under the Obama regime on Democrats who put allegiance to Barack Obama over the country, on the shoulders of Democrats. And it belongs there — for a very long time. We need serious house cleaning.

    If the Republicans gain control of Congress I hope they do their jobs and work in the interests of the Republic, our constitution and the rule of law. Not holding out a lot of hope, but some.

    Joni Ernst is good stuff and Bruce Ogden is the same old worthless noncommittal candidate running on Independent but bought and sold by the Dems already. It will be interesting.

  17. Well…

    Read a report earlier today that had Mitt Romney promising comprehensive immigration reform if the GOP wins.

    Uh, Mitt? Don’t bother auditioning for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Boo, because that comment tells me that you are utterly tone-deaf.

  18. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned much in the news recently is that for many companies it is open enrollment time for their health insurance. I have to wonder why Obama and his gang thought merely hiding premium costs on the website would keep it secret until after the election because employers are sending out notices, including costs now. My husband worked for a public utility company here over 30 years and there are thousands upon thousands of people employeed/retired that are upset at losing their health insurance. If this is also happening across the country it can’t be good for the D’s.

    1. The enrollment period as well as cancellations in the news are coming in drips and drabs. I just read Anthem in Indiana cancelled 30,000 policies. I suspect the media will begin to cover this in depth post midterms and hand-wringing.

      1. I think each and every individual policy, for each and every person/family is and should be main stream news. They do not deserve to come in drips and drabs to be swept under the forgotten rug. People took jobs for that coverage and security, as well as the paycheck itself.

    2. I can’t believe how Obama and gang were able to totally upset health insurance in America. Rather than providing insurance to those that needed it, Obamacare was a windfall to pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies now can offer less coverage for higher cost. No wonder they were willing accomplices.

  19. Just a comment.

    I am Catholic. Today is All Soul’s Day. I love this day to pause and remember all the family and friends who have graced my life and on whose shoulders I gratefully stand.

    We all have something no one can take away from us.

  20. Just happened to catch a few seconds of Obama screeching away in Philly: “HOPE IS WHAT PUT A MAN ON THE MOON…..”

    And Obama is Mr. HOPE and CHANGE who closed down our space program!!! Can you imagine his speechwriters using a line like this? And worse yet, Obama went right ahead and used it.

    1. I just saw that too. Damn, he looks mean and nasty!

      The BEST part is what Ed Henry reported on Fox, from the floor of the arena (paraphrased): The camera is set up so you can only see about 30 to 40% of the basketball arena at Temple U. On the other side is a black curtain covering up the other half of the arena. They did that because they can’t fill those other seats, so they just want to show a smaller part of the arena. There are still some empty seats in the open part, but about a half hour ago, there were a lot of empty seats, (in the open sections). If they had left open the entire arena, the other half would have been empty, and that’s why they shut it down. That’s.a lot different than 2008 and 2012.

      1. I’m shocked at your report of how he couldn’t fill the stadium even half way. Maybe he ran out of Obamaphones to give away. Oh, I also read that he was heckled today.

        I’m shocked too, that Obama said that about the man on the moon. I guess they thought people wouldn’t realize he’s the man that killed the space program.

  21. Just noticed on Drudge there is an NYT oped about murky late campaign finances. I skimmed it. An effort to appear non partisan, but the fact is that the NYT thinks we are still all so stupid and won’t notice the timing or the slant. Old an Grey maybe lady not so much.

    Anybody reads this and proves me wrong on the bias i would be delighted.

  22. No surprise here:

    This email was sent out by Cheri Jimeno, Ph.D., the President of New Mexico State University Alamogordo to the university students.

    Jimeno encourages students to vote early and often.

    “Remember – early voting is available through Saturday. Please be sure to turn over your ballots to read about GO Bond A, GO Bond B and GO Bond C. Yep, Bond B and C have a direct (and wonderful) impact on NMSU-A. So, if you are going to vote “yes” on the bonds, I would encourage you to vote as often as possible…..the passage of any of the bonds will NOT increase taxes!


    A copy of the full email is at the Gateway Pundit link.

    I’m not surprised at all about the voting “as often as possible” comment. What offends me just as much is that in the previous paragraph, this PhD university president actually said “baited breath”. I see that mistake online all the time, but from the president of a university? Good lawd, does anyone know the correct word is actually “bated“?!

  23. This is a test. I copied my incarcerated text.

    I don’t think the grand jury will be that irresponsible. But I have been so wrong about all things justice since Holder hijacked the American justice system.

    That said, Sharpton is there now and for the duration through the elections I think, and he is shepherding something called “justice disciples” to watch over LEO. And Sharpton is the admitted race relations representative of Barack Obama so if his chain gets jerked I am pretty sure the Reverend Al is willing to dance.

  24. Sarah Palin really shredded Obama over his remarks that “we” don’t want women to have to choose to stay home with this kids. She nails him on Michelle telling people what to feed their kids, on how women in the middle east are treated, lower WH wages for women and so on and so forth. It’s quite a scathing post. Way to go, Sarah!

    >>It seems you’d shackle us by your snobbish shunning of one traditional lifestyle choice while taking advantage of power to manifest your liberal view by manipulating public opinion and resources to diminish moms who put career on hold to raise a family. You are really messed up. And you’re so 1960’s. <>Yes, the 60’s are calling and they want their ardent yet narrow sexist confines back. See, you just set the women’s movement back a few decades, and I think it’s hilarious because for being the smartest man in the room, you ain’t too smart.<<

  25. I am crossing fingers & toes. Praying a lot!
    We need to get our country back. If I was Obama and enough good reps I would start kissing but and drop the amnesty.
    I hope they nail the entire administration for everything starting with Fast n furious..

    I know, I have a dream.

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