In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Democratic Get-Out-the-Vote Update

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    1. Good morning. I just read the good news article on Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooresi. Than to to pull up new thread with a great laugh of the morning.

      1. Thank God our Marine is home but it worries me that it was timed so close to the election and Debby Wafflewoman Schultz’s has made some nearly readable comments. Bill Richardson was mentioned in connection with the release having visited the boy and conferring with Mexican authorities.. Look for some (or all) Dems to claim they got him freed. Couldn’t find out who paid for the private plane to fly him home. Surely it wasn’t out esteemd gummit since they have been so totally AWOL on the issue.

    1. Thanks for the clip. I did read your well informed article. A lot of people thought the purple finger routine was silly. However that may not be such a bad idea. Either that or the paper reciept showing our vote.

        1. Agree, However when there is a very, very close win. All the people with their purple finger can go outside at one time to show the vote was rigged. Same with the paper receipt, go out side and hold up all the receipts to show proof of a vote.
          Just an idea. I would bet everyone that comes out to show proof of their vote, would be glad to show that they are a citizen as well.

    2. Good article Geoff. Thanks.

      Voter fraud is a very big deal and growing. DLs as ID are useless as they can be had, as can SS cards, on virtually any street corner in America.

      It is at the point now where some proof of citizenship should be required to vote. It would require a lot of organization and work to do so. There are many ways this could be organized and implemented – we have the machinery of government and data collection in spades — what we don’t have is an efificiency of government to implement nor do we have the national will to preserve the privilege of voting over politics.

      Finally, if ever there is an organization that needs to be investigated for illegality and fraud it is LaRaza.

      1. I voted absentee this year and they asked for my name, she typed it into a computer, saw that I was registered and handed me a ballot.
        I had to fill out some info and she double checked it against the computer file.
        You’re right Grace, it shouldn’t be to hard nowadays to accomplish it.
        The libs can’t afford to lose their precious illegal voter base.

  1. Ain’t it the truth! Everyone raves about Obama’s ‘ground game’; but if the truth be known, it’s really his ‘underground game’ that got him elected – twice!

  2. I’m a dual citizen living in Canada and I recently voted here. I had a postcard from the elections office that I turned in as well as being required to show a picture ID. No one complains here in Canada that we must do this. I honestly don’t know how a person gets by in everyday life without some sort of identification!

    1. In Canada we must show ID in order to vote. End of. I’ve never understood why it’s such a controversial issue in the USA. What’s the big deal?

      1. Because it’s harder to cheat if you have to show an ID! Seriously, you need an ID to cash a check, purchase certain cold medicines, enter government buildings, get a library card, and just about everything else in life. WHO was born in the U.S. or became a citizen here but doesn’t have an ID??? It’s all a fake and a lie on the part of those who want to have non-citizens vote and/or vote more than once.

        By the way, my father is deceased and my Mom is in the advanced stages of dementia in a Catholic nursing home. I have called the county where they lived for decades to make sure they were not still on the voting rolls (they aren’t) and have contacted the voter registration office here to make sure that no one had registered her (they had not) and verified with the nursing home staff that no one comes in with ballots to have the residents vote (tthey don’t).

  3. Great article on Mary Landrieu’s gaffe by Jonah Goldberg on NRO. Big picture of Obama and then a paraphrase of Landrieu’s remarks: It’s not HIS fault, it’s YOUR fault.

  4. My mother voted Democrat until the day she ;died. We cancelled each other’s vote each time.
    She was an invalid her last few year and always voted absentee.
    After my divorce she and I lived together in an apartment for four years and that was her voting address.
    A year after she died, I remarried and moved into my husbands home. As she was deceased she never there!!!
    In the 2000 hotly contested election I am quite sure that she voted again. She received constant campaign material mateiral at that address where she never lived in her life.
    I notified Republican workers but the literature continued to arrive up to election day.
    That was a very dirty campaign and was managed and coordinated by the Clinton Machine to elect Mike Ross to Congress to replace our then Republican Congressman Jay Dickey who had participated in the Clinton Impeachment hearings. Jay was ahead in the polls up til the day before the election. Mike Ross won.
    On the Sunday before busses and vans picked up minorities at churches throughout the district and transported them to large facilities such as armories and gymnasiums. One side of the large room was voter registration. The other side was absentee voting.
    On election day stretch limos, vans, and busses transported voters all day long to the polls. We drove ourselves!
    The next day in my first period class one of my black students asked me if I knew that many blacks in the state had not been allowed to vote.
    I totally lost it and replied that I had not been driven to the polls the day before in a stretch limo and had to transport myself.
    The rest of the day I worried and fully expected to be fired by the end of the day.
    I don’t know if my mother still votes. We retired in 2001 and moved to the Ozark Mountains…..but I wonder?

      1. Your mother was a smart lady.
        My dad died young in 1977 but I believe that both of my parents would have not supported Obama and not because he is black. They would have recognized that he is anti-American.
        My mother died before Monica. I think that would have swayed her.
        We desperately need another Reagan.

  5. Unless it turns hotter than hell on Tuesday, even the weather is not cooperating with the Democrats. Global warming? What global warming? Record early snowfalls in the US, and I hope it continues on Tuesday because it’s the Democrats who don’t turn out to vote when the weather is not just perfect.

    1. Agree, Julie. I’m praying for heavy rains on Tuesday in my state, the oh-so-blue Maryland. There are a lot of supporters of Larry Hogan, the Republican candidate for governor, who will not be deterred by any amount of rain! The race is a dead heat, so turnout is key.

      1. Ellen, MD is blue until you go up to Western MD and parts of the Eastern Shore. Sadly it is not enough to cancel out the rest of the state. But I would love to see a party change for Gov. and then watch my FB account explode with all the whining from my classmates who still live there. And I will just offer them cheese (I live in WI now ;-) ) Tuesday is going to be fun here also.

        1. I live in Maryland. It is Baltimore City (which doesn’t have as many citizens as it once did), and Montgomery, Prince George’s and now Charles Counties that are the democrat strongholds and have so many residents that they tend to control the elections. Howard is mixed and it looks like Baltimore and all other counties will go for Hogan. Unfortunately, we are supposed to have good weather on Tuesday, but the bad forecast for today did not come to pass, so hopefully the good weather will be bad after all.

          However, I know a lot of liberals who are voting for Hogan strictly on the economy, nothing else. Brown’s ads have been very negative and concentrating on issues such as guns (really? in Maryland where it is practically impossible to get a concealed carry permit and it takes months to get state police approval for a gun license), universal pre-k, and his record of leadership (hah!) but he refuses to take responsibility for his role in heading up the ACA health care exchange. I work with a woman who doesn’t watch television news and listens to NPR and nothing else in her car. She isn’t sure she will vote for Hogan, but said she is not voting for Brown; she may just leave that part of her ballot blank. No, it’s no use talking to her and I’ll be satisfied if she just doesn’t vote for Brown.

  6. There are dead but politically active Uncle Franks all over the country voting for Democrats, sad to say. And voting machines programmed to vote D every time, and people being paid to vote Democrat, etc. We have to clean this mess up.

    1. What passes for proof of citizenship there Star? I am curious. In Florida, all that is required is photo ID. Which at this point is better than nothing but not nearly enough.

      1. Cleaning up the voter logs should be the first start.
        That is what the libs don’t want.
        That would also require a database that prohibits people from voting in multiple states.

        1. Thank you for your great suggestion. That should have been done a long time ago, but of course this administration would not want the rolls cleaned up. They depend on the dead vote to win.

  7. OT from Frank and the dead voters….Washington Free Beacon has a good collection of articles on Obama’s “detente” moves toward Iran, including a recent “business trade” meeting in Pittsburgh with Iranians and our State Department in attendance, why we didn’t stop the recent massacre in Anbar, as well as Obamacare for foreign diplomats. Obama’s policy toward Iran brings to question Susan Rice’s micro management of the current effort to “degrade and destroy” ISIS as well as Obama’s true objectives.

    A concern for me, is while Obama weakens the US internally with amnesty and entitlements and division, we will be ill equipped to defend ourselves against an Iran given free rein.

    1. I also read the Pentagon is starting to push back against Rice’s micro-managing of how they are to get the job done. It looks like Rice and Hagel do not get along also, though the WH says it’s untrue.

  8. Fox News was in somewhat of a “Debbie Downer” mode yesterday (namely Cavuto and Special Report), claiming the Dems were indeed ahead of the game for getting out the vote and the Repubs could be in for a big disappointment on Tuesday…it just seemed a bit odd and out of the blue.

    Anyone else here sharing in my paranoia that the Ferguson Grand Jury decision will be revealed on Monday to unleash the protests/rioting, discourage voting (unsafe), and take over the news cycle on the eve of Election Day?

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