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Obama Must Repudiate Landrieu

Let’s see if President Obama has any political courage at all. He must not allow to stand, in any way, Sen. Mary Landrieu’s assertion that the president’s unpopularity in the South is built on racism. Not if he’s president of all of us.

Meantime, Landrieu might be advised to seek spiritual and intellectual guidance from Louisiana’s two-term Indian-American governor.

This is simple race baiting. It’s a desperate effort by a desperate politician to drive black voters to the polls.

But I don’t have much faith Obama will do the right thing. Not just a few days before Election Day – and what with getting the black vote out the key to Democrats’ survival.

As I wrote in todays’s REDLINE: What a sad thing that instead of healing racial divides, Obama and his aides have taken actions – whether with respect to Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, voter ID, Biden’s “back in chains” remark, etc. – that have stoked racial tensions. Instead of taking a leadership role to unify us, Obama has thrown in with the likes to Al Sharpton. It’s one of the great missed opportunities of his presidency.

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    1. She has insulted not only Louisiana, but every other southern state and the citizens within. Take that back she has insulted the entire nation with her comments. As a woman of 2014 I do not agree with her backward comment about how friendly the south has been for women.

  1. Desperate people do desperate and stupid things. Sad we have such leaders that ignorant. She has no credibility now, if she had any before.

  2. It just makes me so sad, how can be people be so despicable is completely beyond me. Between the fake war on women and racism the Democrats are showing their true colors. Lets hope most people see the hypocrisy.

  3. There have been many situations that Obama could have, but didn’t repudiate such comments. He, Holder and Landrieu all know better but, choose to stir the pot for their own lying agenda.

  4. Prior to Obama entering office, I used to think of Liberals as kooks, but harmless. It is the year of our Lord 2014 and they are campaigning on racism, return to slavery, lynching, Ferguson etc. They are thoroughly disgusting. But then again, they have no ideas or policies that work…..the marxist/soviet retread has not worked and now they are desperate. I would say that they should be ashamed….but they are missing that gene entirely.

    1. Rush just echoed your comment.
      He said that they are out of ammo.
      The only thing left they have is voter fraud.
      November 5th is going to be interesting.

      1. There are a couple of states where large numbers of votes by illegals have been reported. I think MD and NC. Also votes for Republicans being recorded as votes for Democrats. It seems as if the machines in IL need to be “recalibrated” quite frequently.

        1. I live in Maryland–for now!–and quite frankly, this basket case of a state may as well just stop holding elections.

          Between “calibration errors” (right…) on voting machines that are flipping Republican votes to the Democrats, and entirely too many non-citizens voting while the Board of Elections looks the other way, it’s becoming obvious that if you’re a born American and/or conservative, you don’t count in this state.

          1. Have you experienced the virus that causes a rep vote to go to a dem vote ?
            Just curious, as I would like to know why this hasn’t been fixed after the last election.

      2. And that’s exactly what’s happening, AFVet – voter fraud. Early voting helps to determine how many votes are needed…and gives the DEMS time to improve their (under)ground game – digging up dead bodies from the cemetery.

        Also, absentee ballots are now game changers, not to mention motor voter. Oh, and the Obamacare exchanges also provide voter registration forms.

        We will never have a legitimate election again thanks to Obama.

        1. You bring up an interesting scenario Girly1.
          I voted absentee this year and questioned the worker at the board of elections just how the ballot was tabulated.
          She said that they are run through a scanner BEFORE November 4th.
          It has happened in the past that the MSM have broadcast the results in the eastern timezone, before the central, mountain, and the pacific time zones.
          We can only assume that they will do it again.

          What you mentioned is nothing more than an attempt to skew the vote in a tight election.

          I think that the results should not be published until midnight pacific time on November 4th.

    1. Maybe not…..the weather is going south in the northeast this weekend; means he will have to spend time with Michelle and the kids…..just what he deserves.

  5. Mary, you are a disappointment.
    If these people had a record to be proud of, they could simply base their campaigns on the record of their accomplishments for their constituency.
    Sadly, in lieu of a stellar record, they must resort to mudslinging – and in this case, that slinging is against her own constituency.

    1. I am disappointed in Landrieu-my impression of Louisiana anyhow is of the races living fairly amiably, loosely united by food, music, humor, and love of a good time. They have drive-in windows for daiquiris, for heaven’s sakes! Maybe I am naive.

      1. As I mentioned ealier, she has insulted not only the citizens of Louisiana, but every other southern state. I am so proud to grow up here in Louisana. I can’t wait to hear what my mother has to say about her comment. Well make that my mom, aunts, cousins, friends from childhood, friends now, neighbors. There are going to be a lot of woman who are upset by her comment.
        Not friendly to woman. Ha!

      2. Don’t waste any energy being disappointed in anything that a liberal lunatic does or says…..prepare for the worse. They will now attempt full out voter fraud next week.

        1. My darling daughter and four friends are in New Orleans right now, on their second annual visit for Hallowe’en. Fawn loves New Orleans, for the music and the food.

  6. Mary, Mary quite contrary…from the 2010 census.

    More than half of black Americans live in the South.

    New York had the largest black population of any state as of July 1, 2008 (3.5 million); Georgia had the largest numeric increase since July 1, 2007 (67,000). The District of Columbia had the highest percentage of blacks (56 percent), followed by Mississippi (38 percent).

    Cook County, Ill. (Chicago’s county) had the largest black population of any county (1.4 million), and Orleans Parish, La. (New Orleans’ county) had the largest numeric increase since July 1, 2007 (16,000). Claiborne County, Miss.
    on the Louisiana border—had the highest percentage of blacks in the nation (84 percent).

  7. I am not holding my breath waiting for our President and his race baiting race hustling Advisor Al Shapton to repudiate Landrieu. I suspect Miss Mary has received a congratulatory phone call for having the courage to speak up on his behalf. That said justice would be for Landrieu to lose so big that a run off would not be necessary.

    If we transition out and away from the fundamental transformation of our country by Barack Obama there will be or should be big examples made of the those who were his loyal lieutenants. A Landrieu defeat would be a good start.

  8. Landrieu is merely taking a page out of the Obama/Holder playbook. Anyone who doesn’t support Obama is a racist for pete’s sake.
    But it was the ‘racist-in-chief’ who said his ‘policies are all on the ballot”.

    In his perverse attempt to divide this country racially (beginning with Professor Gates and the Cambridge cop in 2009 and Eric Holder’s ‘we are a nation of cowards’ in 2009), he may have just shot himself in the foot.
    His arch enemy, Jesse Jackson Jr., was caught off mic in 2008
    saying that Obama doesn’t give a (bleep) about our people.
    Jackson was right, and Blacks are now waking up to that fact.

  9. How right you are. As a Southerner, born, raised, and educated, I am so sad to see the South being portrayed as more racist than others.
    I lived twenty-six years in the North, nine in Chicago suburbs, twelve in New England, and three in upstate New York.
    I saw more overt racism there than I have ever seen in the South….bordering sometimes on fear of blacks, a feeling I have never experienced.
    Also, I surely have loved being a woman!

    1. I saw a Dem try and defend Landrieu on the “oh come on, we all know the South has a history of racism”….having lived in the south, the north, the east, and the west coasts … I find that to be such a bogus argument. As if the Emancipation Proclamation never happened and the Dems didn’t found the KKK.

  10. What a stupid comment by soon to be ex Senator Landrieu! Let’s call the electorate racist because they are against her actions and votes. If I recall she was the one who sld her soul to Harry Reid and President Obama to pass Obamacare

    The fact of the matter is LA has voted for the Republican Presidential Candidate since the 2000 election. Republican Senator Vitter has held his seat 2004. Gov Jindal is now two terms a Democrat a Democrat Governor Blanco held it.

    I don’t see how Senator Landrieu could call your citizens racist and sexists because they are against you and your party’s track record. What this interview shows is how weak a journalist Chuck Todd is by not challenging her statements with a follow up with the facts of the history of LA races. This continues to show that Todd and NBC is nothing but a head nodder for the Democrats. Ask the question the Democrat wants ask and sit and nod agreement in the pan out shot.

    I don’t live in LA but I am impressed at the actual diversity the elections there over the past 15-20 years have shown. The one thing no one has pointed out is that when the south was racists it was the Democrats who were in charge.

    1. I think independents are starting to get to the point where they don’t accept the race card any more.

      Senator “Louisiana Purchase” needs to either pay cash, or shut up and go home.

      1. She not only pulled the race card, but insulted all the females as well. Such a foul Racist and Sexist comment she made.
        She didn’t run her mouth about agreeing with over 97% of what o wanted to do.

  11. Great Minds…
    Keith and I share many views and sometimes what we write are scary similar and we write before we read each other’s stuff. Today’s overlap is almost total! today will show you how much.

  12. “Sen. Mary Landrieu’s assertion that the president’s unpopularity in the South is built on racism.”

    Racism must be rampant throughout the US then, because it seems the president’s unpopularity has no geographical bounds (even at Democratic rallies).

    Come to think of it, he’s pretty unpopular on foreign soil too. How vexing, how truly, truly vexing that so many people of the world are so racist. //sarc. off//

  13. So far, I don’t think Obama has done a single thing as president that’s actually been good for the United States.

    And frankly, I expect he’s going to to EXACTLY one good thing as president: leave office when his term is up.

    And I actually have more than a few doubts about THAT.

  14. Well we know the President will not repudiate Sen Landrieu’s comments. After all he is all about fostering racial divide. However, who I really call out is Chuck Todd

    I watched the clip on MSNBC’s site to see how it was edited and Chuck Todd stood there like the good propagandist/stenographer for the Democratic Party.

    Never once did he challenge any of her unfounded assertions. If Chuck was an honest journalist, which we know he’s not he might have asked Mary to explain how NOLA citizens twice elected Ray Nagin as their mayor or how they managed to elect former Louisiana Congressional Representative Carl Jefferson who represented Louisiana for almost 20 years but is best known for having $90,000 stuffed in a freezer and is currently serving a 13 year sentence in a federal prison..For the uninformed both are black politicians.

    I’m sure Chuck and his wife are swell people but let’s be honest the real problem beside corrupt politicians are propagandists pretending to be journalists.

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  16. Are you dreaming … Obama has no b**ls to fire anybody, specially from White House. He is afriaid that that person will spill the beans on what is going on at White House and he is not that dumb that will be harmful to him.

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