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The Obama Morning News || October 31, 2014

Obama’s GOP allies warn against exec action . . . Three of President Obama’s GOP partners on immigration warned him Thursday not to try to act on his own to grant legal status to illegal immigrants, saying the border is not yet secure enough from either illegal immigration or potential terrorist threats. Sens. Marco Rubio, John McCain and Lindsey Graham said in a letter that the president lacks the legal authority to act on his own. Washington Times

DOJ won’t prosecute VA wait time cases . . . The Veterans Affairs Inspector General referred at least 17 cases tied to allegations of wait-time manipulation to the Department of Justice for prosecution, and the agency has declined to prosecute all of them. Both agencies have refused to comment on the reasons behind the lack of prosecutions. Free Beacon

Democrat pundit: Obama surrounded with lackeys . . . Former Democratic operative Kirsten Powers said on Fox’s “Outnumbered” Thursday the problems with the Obama administration stem from the fact that the president surrounds himself with “people who suck up to him” and “Kool-Aid drinkers.” Daily Caller

McCain: Former Gitmo detainees back in action . . . Sen. John McCain says reports of 20-30 former Guantanamo detainees joining the Islamic State (ISIS) and other terrorist groups are nothing new. In fact, he said Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,” the five Taliban leaders exchanged for American Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl earlier this year definitely re-entered the fight, noting that they had been “judged too dangerous to release.” Newsmax

Foreign fighters still streaming into Syria . . . More than 1,000 foreign fighters are streaming into Syria each month, a rate that has so far been unchanged by airstrikes against the Islamic State and efforts by other countries to stem the flow of departures, according to U.S. intelligence and counterterrorism officials. Washington Post

Hillary: Dropouts our “responsibility” . . . Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told students at Georgetown University on Thursday that they should believe in not only their own potential but of those who may not have a high school diploma who are part of “our web of responsibility.” CNS News

Rand Paul: GOP brand “sucks” . . . Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky likened the Republican party to Domino’s Pizza this week during a swing through Detroit, declaring that the GOP brand “sucks” as he tries to make it more palatable to minority groups. Washington Times

DOE: Have a politically correct Halloween . . . The Department of Energy this week has orchestrated an all-out blitz to get people to celebrate Halloween in an energy-saving way, including by using compact fluorescent bulbs to light the way for trick-or-treaters, and even using an energy-saving stove to heat up your apple cider. The department is also producing reams of Halloween-themed advice on how to save energy, such as ways to fight “energy vampires” in the home. The Blaze

USDA pays for students to wear “fat vest” . . . The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is paying a researcher $17,500 to make students at New Mexico State University wear a fat vest for “weight sensitivity training.” The 20-pound fat vest will be worn for an “empathy exercise” so non-obese students can experience what it is like to be obese. The premise of the project is to fight “weight prejudice.” Free Beacon

30 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 31, 2014

  1. I can’t believe tha granting legal status to illegal immigrants is even being considered in the smallest way. The border needs to be secure.

  2. DOE: Have a ‘politically correct’ Halloween. Use energy saving light bulbs to light the path for trick/treaters.

    Hah! I have had to replace every one of the six expensive curly cue light bulbs I bought as an experiment six months ago for the two overhead light fixtures in my laundry room. What a rip-off! Never again!

    • Sen. Sessions will be the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee should the Republicans retake the Senate. He will have the power of the purse over issues like immigration.

      • I called Rubio (my Senator) office — no surprise I know :) — and noted I was encouraged by his announcement on immigration but not convinced. Suggested he line up with and back Sessions. IMO, Jeff Sessions clearly sees the danger to the Republic, is not afraid to stand up, and needs people to stand with him. He has been very consistent and persistent.

    • Thanks for the clip. It spells out how anyone, and everyone included. As noted in the article, o has exempted virtually every group in the world from America’s immigration laws:
      People who enter before a certain age.
      People related to people who enter before a certain age.
      Adults traveling with minors.
      Minors traveling with adults.
      Illegeal immigrants who are not convicted of serious crimes.
      Illegal workers who are convicted of serious crimes but not enough serious crimes.
      Almost anyone who shows up at the border and demand asylum.
      The millions who overstay their visas.
      Recently exposed illegal immigrants with serious criminal histories.
      The list continues to grow.

  3. The dropout responsibility is for the parents! Not the government!
    Bring back dicipline in school! Bring back the proper way of teaching!
    Bring back their school lunches!

  4. The Gitmo detainees. Why isn’t o running his mouth about that issue?
    I do not want to pay for him to fly around fundraising, when those former Gitmo prisoners have joined ISIS. A child could have figured out that they were not going home to start a normal, honest, safe family and buisness.

  5. Not that I esp want to bring up this drip again, but O’Reilly had a Georgetown prof on who MADE NO SENSE. Yes, I know–impossible to believe. He was defending Hickox’s actions because of the “science”–she had no symptoms so was not contagious. Well, isn’t the 21 days to MAKE SURE she has no symptoms–not a few days and nope, feel fine… Also he had weird glasses on.

  6. Didn’t that brilliant liberal Gwyneth wear a fat suit in Shallow Hal–nothing like the real thing, baby! I have also heard of suits to show people what it’s like to be “old”–shoes with pebbles so you limp, of course bulk, reinforced knees that don’t bend…etc. I wonder if any of this proves anything–people will get old (and probably larger) soon enough if nature takes its course. If you disdain older people now, well what goes around comes around.

  7. The high school dropouts are not my responsibility. I suppose hrc thinks that we haven’t thrown enough money at the education system. That’s always the solution for Democrats. That and constantly reinventing the wheel instead of sticking to the basics which have worked for generations. Methinks that now that Obama usurped and sank universal federal health care, Clinton is look for new ground.