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Michael Jordan: The President is a Hack. At Golf.

Oh no. All that practice, all that playing, and one of the world’s greatest athletes in history thinks you’re still no good at golf.

This can’t be welcome news for President Obama.

“He’s a hack. Man, I’d be all day playing with him,” said basketball great and frequent golfer Michael Jordan during an interview with former football great and current sportscaster Ahmad Rashad.

“I never said he wasn’t a great politician,” Jordan continued. “I’m just saying he’s a shitty golfer.”

“No, he’s not a bad golfer,” Rashad responded. Tactfully, since Rashad plays with the president regularly and, last I heard, was dating Valerie Jarrett.

Actually, if Obama was any good, I’d expect Rashad’s defense to be a little more robust.

64 thoughts on “Michael Jordan: The President is a Hack. At Golf.”

  1. Golfers all though the years always look handsome while they are looking at the ball. They really look like they are thinking about a whole lot different moves (hits, puts) they could take. In the pictures I have seen of him playing, it never seems he is thinking about anything.
    He may be smiling, etc. but never thinking.

  2. Thanks for at least putting symbols in the word–I see Keith has started to use the whole word. The NYT and WaPo say no profanity–I wish to heck we could avoid it here, too. So crude.

    1. It was a direct quote Star. Give it a rest. Almost everyone on this blog has been respectful of your incessant reminders about language, And by the way there is no such thing as “my watch” — it is not your watch and it is not your blog. And for you to call even Keith out on this is just simply bad manners. We are all here as guests.

      1. @to all: I don’t like profanity, it’s a low-class way of expressing an opinion.
        If M.Jordan doesn’t think MrO is a very good golfer, there are a thousand other words to decribe that than the one he used. MrObama doesn’t use that word in public, nor do any of his cabinet members or associates.

        Anyhoo, anyone can spew out profanities, but it takes some thinking to say it another way.
        Let’s class it up here.

          1. You are not arguing with me Grace.
            I think it should be used when needed.
            We are all adults here, and, to my knowledge, children are not allowed on this website.
            Of course,…that is up to Keith.

            To the extent that it shows up, I really don’t see any problem.

          2. My apologies. I did not mean arguing although I did say it. If I I find the constant reprimands about language beyond my tolerance then I am free move on.

          3. Children are hardly the issue–it makes some of us adults feel like we are wasting our time–I came here the day this site opened…the profanity used to come from Drudgies who migrated over…now it’s daily. It’s not “manly” or grown up” or edgy.

        1. We are graciously given free reign here to hold forth on our opinions. We agree and disagree and many times, I learn new information.
          I value this site.
          Personally, I do not like profanity. I grew up in a home where it was frequently used…and many times a precursor to punishment. I, myself, have to be careful because using that language is almost second nature to me.
          I believe I am reasonably educated. I love the written word in all forms.
          My point? There are so many perfectly descriptive words in our language that can instill thoughts and ideas and emotions. Words that truly stir the soul. I love them and I love our language.
          Profanity – not so much, IMHO.

    2. Good grief, are we turning into democrats eating our own. Enough reprimands , we’re all adults here. Is “class” the conservative ‘racist’ card?

    3. Well then Star you just rip off a searing message to whomever called the Prime Minister of Israel a CHICKENSHIT !!!
      I’m sure that the administration will get back to you promptly with the name of the individual.

    4. Not that Keith needs anyone to come to his defense, but this blog is my favorite and he very graciously gives us an open forum every Sunday. I really think it’s impolite to insult our host and would hate to see us lose that open forum privilege over infighting. Keith’s articles are always informative, in good taste and in this particular case quoted a celebrity. I value the comments here also and hope we can all just get along.

      1. I agree. My favorite subjects were history and current events.
        The family members I use to discuss those things with are no longer here. I appreciate all of Keiths articles and appreciate everyone’s comments as well. Sometimes I may type as fast as I talk. We are all human.
        Smile everyone.

      2. Unabridged information is what we get here.
        If you don’t like this, you can go to the MSM.
        I prefer this.

        I really don’t think that there is much infighting going on here AZ Granny.
        Our opinions are just that.
        Many are expressed in different ways.
        As to the profanity on this site, it pales to the liberal sites on attacks on reps and conservatives.
        Those people are vile.
        This is nothing.

          1. Just my 2 cents worth…we would get our mouth washed out with soap if we dare say a four letter word growing up.
            I have no doubt and his staff of czars speak gutter talk 24/7. It ain’t classy but neither are they.
            Please just remain calm and carry on.
            Keith, thanks for reporting the news.

          2. Everyone appreciates Keith’s site–so why trash it up? To me that is a disconnnect. You can tell me to stop pointing out crude nonsense–some of you seem proud of it–but I will keep my own counsel. Feel free not to read my posts–it’s OK–there are some I don’t read for obvious reasons.

  3. This and the remarks said to have been made toward Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu remind me of a frequent expression I remember from childhood and the Nixon era, “[EXPLETIVE DELETED]”. Much has changed since then.

  4. As a guy who used to be in the golf biz I’ve commented before: he’s a 36 handicap (the highest allowable) but worst of all MJ’s right: he can’t play in the accepted 4 hr. window. He’s a 5 hr. guy at best. I’d have to send the Marshall out to tell his group to skip a hole to make up the lag. Remember when he wanted to play tony courses over Labor Day and the POTUS was refused? That’s why.

      1. This guy gets around. Spouses have been. Sale Johnson (2007 – 2013) · Phylicia Rashad (1985 – 2001) · Matilda Johnson (1976 – 1979) · Deidre Waters (Since 1969)
        Wikipedia info

      1. I have no idea how Tiger scored on that round,….or even if they kept score.
        But I do know it’s hard to play when you’re laughing.

  5. OT –It’s late and critical analysis to follow probably here and/or elsewhere. But in the meantime, Mary Landrieu “stepped it it” tonight — pretty much calling the voters in her state “racist” and “sexist”. Ouch not only for Mary but most probably for Democrats in other southern states as well.

    Gift to the Republicans should they choose to take it. And maybe in the longer run this will allow an honest political opening for blacks and women.

    In the meantime, here’s a Twitchy thread on it.

    1. She should be ashamed she made such desperate comment to get elected again. She has been around my entire life.
      If anyone sees this piece of news on Fox, or any other MSM please let me know.

    2. I don’t know how old she is–and I am not interested–but they said on Fox tonight that she has been in politics since she was 23 years so it’s really rich that she is bringing up the sexist card. I just wish that the Republicans in LA and GA could win it all Tuesday night without having to go into a run-off.

      1. That would be sweet. Not happening in Georgia — which is amazing considering how underqualified Nunn is — but maybe this could affect Louisiana. Getting rid of Harry Reid as speaker and some of the old time Dems like Landrieu would be great. Then we can start housecleaning Republicans.

  6. What about those who post links that “suggest” that Islam is not a Religion of Peace?

    What about those who tell the truth about Islam’s “Perfect Man”?

    He was a head-chopping warriror who raped 9-year-old girls.

  7. Remember all, this is the guy who couldn’t break 100 at bowling, missed how many shots in a row in that pathetic basketball fiasco, wears skinny jeans and a helmet riding a girls bike and will forever be remembered for the pic of him throwing the first pitch at an MLB game looking like a transgender Steve Urkel.
    Forget the conspiracy theory of whether he was born in America, the photographic evidence alone shows he’s unqualified to be POTUS.

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