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Does New Jersey Play in Iowa?

Here’s some video of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie telling a heckler to “sit down and shut up.”

Now, where I come from – New York City, originally – this what’s known as “polite conversation.” But will Christie’s directness play when he gets out in the rest of the country to campaign for president? It’s hard from me to judge. What do you think?

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  1. I’m from Ohio.
    I would have said ! MAKE ME !
    The American People have every right to voice their opinion.
    Politicians today are far too arrogant, and when confronted become belligerent.
    The video stated that the recovery from Sandy is still not complete, as many people are still displaced.
    I would have asked him why that is.

    I couldn’t hear just exactly what the heckler said, but it is obvious Christy has a temper.

    1. You reminded me of a clip of Hillary Clinton being heckled last year. (But first a warning that I think all clips of Hillary Clinton being heckled are scripted and staged.) As the man was being escorted from the audience, HRC said, ominously, “There will be no more yelling.” Heckling is viewed as a normal part of politics in this country. Free speech and all that. If the politicians don’t want it, they have the ability to control their environment to exclude all forms of protest.

      I think his temper could be a problem for him, but on the other hand, if HRC is the Dem candidate, he is the only one I can foresee returning jugular for jugular. However, Christie’s real problems are that 1) he is not an attractive candidate and his “attitude” doesn’t help and 2) he does not have a good record as a governor with managerial success. Doesn’t NJ have the worst tax rates in the USA?

  2. Hostility – that’s what the talking head calls that.
    We here in flyover country call this the typical Dem selfish behaviour when it comes to what they demand from the taxpayer.
    We feel bad, those people built their homes on a sandy beach and got wiped out by Mother Nature – what did they expect would happen, and who do they expect to pay the damages?
    If they want to badger their Governor, that’s their right, and if he wants to abuse them for being mouthy, selfish, and non-productive, then they got what they wanted when he was elected.
    Our advice to the victims of “Sandy” – move. It’s the same advice we have for thos e Californians who built their now crumbling homes on the edge of a cliff – move. Learn from your mistake.

    1. And may I extend your advice to people who repeatedly move back to the banks of the Mississippi River.
      Hear, hear, srdem, and the same advice goes for the people who repeatedly move back to the banks of the Mississippi River and the Gulf Delta after flooding.

    2. As they said on MoJoe, he came off as angry rather than jokingly “come on bring it.” I think he had a tough week. I totally agree with his take on that nurse–for the first time, I took to him!

      Speaking of nursie, I heard that comment from the president that “Americans don’t hide…” referring to quarantines. Well, what would smart Americans do? Say, “Come over here, you free spirit, and breathe on me and how about a kiss?” Q is not hiding.

      1. Nurse is out bike riding — with some paparazzi along the way. I hope the Dems are stupid enough to make her into some medical folk heroine Mother Theresa.

        And I heard Obama say “America is exceptional” — the man is absolutely delusional. All of America knows he is a liar and he is just laughable when he says stuff like is especially after making such a big stink about America not being exceptional.

        1. This nurse. Oy. I’d like to flick her in the forehead. She’s a media hog. A loudmouth. An in your face type of person. And the media is feeding right into her desire to get 30 minutes out of her 15 minutes of fame.

          1. I just heard she was over there for a month. This was not exactly a lifetime as a missionary in Africa. This is not to diminish those with the nerve and skills to go, but please, let it be, girl.

    3. I am from the south and have lived though many hurricanes. Years ago people lived near the water, however built camps near the water, or on the water. They did not build million dollar homes.
      I still feel for anyone who looses their home due to a hurricane, torando, earthquake, or volcano, etc.

      1. I think we all feel bad for events that ruin property and cause tragic deaths. Everyplace has some danger to humans.
        However, common sense has to apply to how we live or where we live. Your dream home in the forest is subject to wild fire, your farm in Iowa is subject to a tornado, your house on the beach is subject to hurricanes or rushing waters and that’s something that has to be taken into account.
        I, We, should not be expected to right every wrong, compensate every loss and be held accountable to make someone’s life more comfortable.

  3. I was born and raised in WV, lived in NYC for 17 yrs, in Boulder CO for 14, and have been back in WV for 10 — and I like it. A lot. But I think, more than anything else, it depends on who he says it TO!

    1. I don’t think that there was anything profane said Lee, I think that Christy didn’t appreciate the man’s determination.
      Public servants had better re-evaluate who is paying their paycheck.

      1. I agree. I don’t know how the man was able to keep himself from flying back with: YOU SHUT UP.
        Christy has to understand there are kids as well that listen to the news, at least I did growing up.

  4. I’m done with Christie. I wasn’t ever an ardent fan before he got all the Bridgegate bad press that wanted him so badly to be guilty. His tent quarantine mess didn’t help him and this yelling to tell someone to shut up, over the top. There are a lot of ways to tell someone you’ve had enough, his way won’t win fans anywhere, even Joisey. :-)

    The kicker for me was at the end, the heckler invited Christie for dinner because Christie said he would talk to him afterwards. But Christie said if he had 1000 things to do, having dinner with the heckler wouldn’t even make it to 1005. That was unnecessary to add.

  5. Little Chrissie Soprano is nothing more than a cowardly bully. Thankfully, he is polling last in most surveys. His thuggish antics might have served him well as a Fed Prosecutor, but they don’t belong in the Oval office. And besides, he’s not that bright!

    1. I remember how Reagan could call you a dumbass diplomatically
      and you didn’t realize it.
      Christy does not have that capability.
      Large people tend to be bullies.
      Large people with power even more so.

  6. There do not seem to be any brakes on speech these days.
    My view is this.
    If politicians, talking heads, union members, illegal aliens, homosexuals, race hustlers and all sorts of other people with a public platform can call Republicans/Conservatives Nazis, and Terrorists, and make all kinds of false claims about how the world will end if a person votes for them, then why can’t Chris Christie tell a moronic heckler to sit down and shut up?

  7. The woman newscaster in the middle looked so delighted at pointing out a republican in criticism ‘gotcha moment,’ that she may have needed a cigarette afterwards.

    People are tired of politicians. At least Christie is real and I am from the south.

  8. Christie sold out to O. He needs to shut up and sit down.
    AND, I don’t believe any of these televised “heckler” scenarios anymore.
    If you are intelligent and a leader, your speech and behavior will disclose that fact.
    Sit down, Christie.

    1. And, by the way – smart assess are a dime a dozen on television.
      Perhaps, Mr. Christie, you should try intelligent replies rather than remarks that bully the questioner into silence. Perhaps you might get more national coverage and gain some respect,
      Sit down, Mr. Christie and decide where your moral compass lies.

  9. There are some opinions on whether or not the damage from Sandy should be covered. And yes, it should, by the property owner insurance plans. Otherwise you take your chances, and if you lose, you take it upon yourself or go elsewhere.

    Being a Sandy “victim” myself to some degree, I have observed this scene closely for the last two years. No, I did not have a beach house damaged or wiped out, I suffered damage 40 miles inland. But my homeowners insurance covered all but my deductible. Which was why I paid the premium for the last 20 years.

    Some of those whose houses washed away decided to roll the dice and go uninsured, and they lost. Nevertheless, they expect someone else to bail them out anyway.

    Some others actually covered the risk, but the insurance companies were doing their best to wiggle out of the policy contracts.

    There are many variables at play. But also, the FEMA/Gov’t relief pledged to help those in need seems to have largely gone up in smoke, and that is why this guy is protesting. Whether or not he was screwed, or knows people that have been screwed, versus the risk-taker crowd is unknown. But Christie should focus on righting the situation for those that have been screwed, at the very least.

    Flood insurance is very expensive, and many owners have had their beach area houses in the family for decades. There is no requirement to pay for flood insurance unless you have a mortgage. So if you own the home free and clear, why spend thousands per year on flood insurance? Oops, until a storm wanders through.

    So there are a number of variables going on.

  10. The heckler appears to be familiar to Christie, and it is entirely possible that they’ve run in to each other before. The security did a decent job getting the man to put his sign down, but they should have told him to get his point across and then…shut up.

    People did not come to this event to listen to a heckler, right or wrong. There must be some sense of decorum and while it is not pleasant to see a sitting Governor balk at this man, it is not necessary to let a heckler stand directly in front of the speaker and berate him and relentlessly interrupt a planned event.

    If this was Obama, guess how long the heckler would have been allowed to stand there and yap.


  11. I am a New Yorker currently living in North Carolina. I have believed for a long time that Governor Christie is unelectable to many of the native-born North Carolinians.

  12. I am from New york and what Christie demonstrated is not ‘polite conversation’ as you put it. In fact the the protestor was correct in presenting to the Garbage Governor legitimate concerns about Sandy recovery. To call Christie’s response “directness” is not being truthful. He avoided the issue, did not deal with it at all. He was not direct, he switched his dimeanor to attack mode to cover up the fear he exhibited. The protestor was getting too close to the truth and Christie just wanted adulation not truth.

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