As of now, I am in control here, in the White House


This is just out. RNC appears to have a sense of humor.

Conservatives have a better sense of humor than lefties. They take themselves less seriously. And the Left always thinks the world is about to end.

16 Responses to GOP GOTV Humor

  1. Speaking of which, I found an episode last night of a show called Rival Survival…a variation of the Dual Survival series.

    In this case, two Senators were dropped off to survive for a week on a tiny island in the Marshall Islands – one Dem and one Repub.

    Of course, they survived, but the Repub had a good line – As they were scrambling to build a shelter out of palm fronds, he quipped something like “He’s working hard, I’m impressed. Usually the Democrats stop working at 5pm. Union rules.”

  2. Great video. However I wish more video’s like this would have been all over the TV and Internet, while certain people were not reading what THEY voted on.
    They really needed another filmed real quick about the people who voted on this not going to be effected by it.

  3. Sometimes I think the Republicans come up with dorky ads. Maybe those are the ones coming from Karl Rove. But not this one. This one is good.