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Obama’s Sushi Roundtable

The battler-in-chief for the middle class decided Tuesday to hold a DNC fundraiser at an expensive sushi restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. Because, I guess when you’re golfing every week, you long ago stopped caring about appearances.

At least, I assume it’s expensive. The menu on the website for the restaurant, Umami Moto, doesn’t list prices, which is always a bad sign for anyone on a budget.

Anyway, the “DNC donor roundtable” – I gather that means Obama was forced to sit around the table with lefty fat cats and listen to their bullshit – cost participants at least $16,200 apiece. I mean, that’s expensive, even for sushi, right?

And Yelp only gives the place four of five stars.

And here’s the chef.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.06.11 AM

Look, let’s be honest here – a white guy? No offense to white people, but if I’m going to pay $16,200 for sushi, I at least want to feel like the guy cutting the fish was whelped and raised¬†by traditional sushi masters.

21 thoughts on “Obama’s Sushi Roundtable”

  1. How fitting – a fundraiser at a sushi palace.
    The Aisians must be laughing up their sleeves at the way the elites took to eating raw, uncooked fish, something that would have been sent back to the kitchen 10 years ago.
    An unpalatable President collecting money from hangers-on at a raw fish restaurant – how fitting.

      1. @Car –
        No snark, no smart aleck stuff – are you saying you would eat a fresh-caught raw filet of perch that just lays on your plate – without dousing it in the taste bud killing hot sauce.
        If your answer is ‘yes’, then I salute you and take back the “elite” snark. If no, well………..

        1. I don’t know about perch, but I happily eat sushi grade salmon and tuna with nothing on it. Yum. Melts in your mouth.

          I’ve made my own gravlax at home and I love that as well. I’ve heard FRESH FRESH conch right from the ocean is delicious too, but I’ve never had it.

          1. There is a joint not too far for me – a Japanese grocery store – that sells all the sushi grade fish to the hoi poloi in ROyal Oak (tony burb of Detroit) – but they also make their own sushi and sell it from a counter in the back- for CHEAP. When i’m a good girl, hubby will pick some up for me on the way home. So good.

        2. And, I will happily admit to having sophisticated taste buds (not EXPENSIVE, we’re not rich). I’ve known plenty of poor people (starving artists, etc)who were adventurous in what they ate. But Obama is a SNOB SNOB SNOB. He eats things because they are considered “finer”.

          Except dog, of course.

  2. I also would have expected a more, let’s say, traditional, looking sushi chef. But I looked up Umami Moto and it roughly translates to “Bob’s Diner” so, there you go!!

  3. Rest assured the big o will have some real 5 star sushi by a real sushi chef when he vacations back in his Ol hood on his upcoming taxpayers Hawaiian Holiday!

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