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Obama: “Only Vote Once – this isn’t Chicago”

President Obama Tuesday made a humorous, inadvertent little reference to the corrupt Chicago political machine that helped produce him.

From remarks at a rally in Milwaukee for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke:

One week, Wisconsin. One week. One week from today you get to choose a new governor. And because early voting runs through this Friday, you don’t have to wait until election day. You can vote all week. I mean you can only vote once – this isn’t Chicago now. I’m teasing Chicago, I’m messing with you. That was a long time ago.

25 thoughts on “Obama: “Only Vote Once – this isn’t Chicago””

  1. Juvenile. A President of the United States making a joke about the electoral process that he is currently in the process of corrupting beyond repair.

  2. Funny guy, uh huh.
    Another accidental(?) gaffe from the leader of the Dem party that insists that there is no voter fraud, no need for voter ID.

  3. “….I mean you can only vote once – this isn’t Chicago now. I’m teasing Chicago, I’m messing with you. That was a long time ago.”

    Yeah….that was a long time ago – 2008 to be exact. Now the ChiTown crooks are all living at the WH.

  4. On voting — WAPO published an article that included a list of states not requiring voter ID. LaRaza picked this up and circulated it among its followers. Once again the media encourages the bad actors who support and are supported by Barack Obama.

    An investigation of LaRaza is long overdue.

  5. According to the Appleton Post-Cresent, Scott Walker has now opened up a 7-point lead over Mary Burke. With that news, the GOP is now willing to pay the full travel costs for Obama to visit other Dem candidates on the campaign trail.

    1. I have lived in Madison, WI since 1998. I know Mary Burke personally. The best example of Mary’s logic I can offer is that in order to win her seat on the Madison School Board in 2012, she spent $240,000.00 of her own money to win a part-time job that pays a $4,200.00 per year stipend. Anyone who’s ever thrown a question at her that she wasn’t prepared for has seen the true emptiness behind her eyes. This is a woman for whom aides write constant notes and place them on tables during interviews, offering such sage wisdom as “emanate strength and warmth.”

      1. Jed: Thanks for the insight. She sounds like the typical liberal candidate. I hope WI sends her another note next Tuesday, something short and to the point ‘Go Away’.

  6. Obama makes jokes about voter fraud and Ms. Shaheen makes jokes about border security. I think they both, should have to apologize to the families of the fallen California officers. Voter fraud and failing to defend our own border, threaten our very lives and livelihoods. The majority of Americans don’t find that very funny.

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