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Live Stream || Obama Speaks to Health Workers About Ebola

The event has concluded.

32 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Speaks to Health Workers About Ebola”

  1. CA just announced a 21 mandatory quarantine for people who have had exposure to Ebola:

    Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014 • Updated at 12:13 PM PDT
    Jack Thurston

    Anyone arriving in California from an area with an active Ebola outbreak and came into contact with someone who had the deadly virus must be quarantined for 21 days, the state’s Department of Public Health ordered Wednesday.

    How and where affected people will be quarantined will be left to each county’s public health officials, the order said. Anyone traveling from the affected areas will be initially screened by federal officials at the airport.

    State officials are informed of anyone meeting the criteria threshold, and local departments will now be asked in turn asked to manage individual cases.

    Observation, monitoring and possible restriction of travel and movement can be ordered.

      1. No problem, Lee. I should add a long overdue thank you to you for watching the briefings and posting comments for us. Also, I appreciate the summaries you post after watching press conferences on television. Thanks for helping keep us updated.

        As for CA, is the.White House going to pressure Gov. Brown to reverse the quarantine decision? Who knows?

        1. Of course, he is pressuring all the governors, but why? why does he want all of us to be anxious? I have said it before, Obama is a sadistic mother-fu… thats the only way to describe him. A controlling mother-fu…. All of this is a game to him, who he can control, who he can hurt, thats the way he appears to me, I may be wrong. But to cause so much alarm and panic and anxiety on purpose, it seems, he has to be a jerk, a dangerous jerk. He has to win his point all the time but he won’t win this time. He is over.

    1. I think so. I think that is what this is all about. I heard a snippet in the car and that’s where I went.

      My disturbance about this is that many healthcare workers are doing yeoman’s work here. And deserve to be recognized. But this is not what motivated Obama — special snowflake motivated him. And he is bound and determined to make this all about him. He will not defend this country from ISIS but he will import diseased foreigners to show himself as some big deal humanitarian. I believe that were this not a disease of dark colored people from Africa Barack Obama would not even lift an eyebrow.

      1. According to a recent popular book referencing WH gossip by the Secret Service, the claim is that in overheard conversations Michelle was heard urging Obama to side with the black person no matter what and to come down hard on the GOP. Apparently she’s the working racist in that duo.

  2. Finally! The men in the White Coats are there to collect President Obama!

    I wonder if those Dr coats were found in Jay Carney’s old office closet from the Obamacare announcement.

    1. Ha, I called it yesterday in Keith’s post stating there would be a photo op with healthcare workers today. I said that someone was probably digging through closets at the WH looking for those old white doctors’ coats from his 2009 Rose Garden Obamacare photo op with the doctors.

      When I saw the white coats today, I actually laughed out loud. Then, I turned off the volume because I can’t stand to hear his voice anymore. I’d rather just read about or hear about it later.

      1. I laughed out loud too. Since they were standing behind Obala, you could see what cheap coats they are as opposed to real dr coats. These probably came from a costume shop, and yes, I have no doubt they were stashed in Carney’s old closet somewhere. More of our taxpayer dollars at work.

      2. Yes, you did call it SnarkEsq, and that’s partly why I laughed when I saw the cheap coats. Obama lectured and scolded and all I could think of was how theatrical the setting was. I wonder if he hired a set designer from Hollywood. LOL

  3. I missed the white coat scene. I just heard on Fox that this was stated:
    If you are dealing with it there/We welcome you here.
    Another welcome matt from o….

    1. Heard also on Special Report that one of the twins said will not be bringing non Americans to Americans for treatment.

      Then again, I believe nothing from any department of this Administration, especially State, and especially from one of the bimbo twins.

  4. OT — sort of. But it stays on the “deadly potentially lethal” track.

    Barack Obama goes to WI to campaign for Mary Burke. Previously Scott Walker ahead by 2 in a tough fight with WI Democrat and union thugs. Post Obama visit, Scott Walker ahead by 7.

    So maybe some of those who walked out on the tainted Obama the other night have seen the light.

    1. I was just going to bring that over. thanks. You cannot make this stuff up. Choosing to expose himself to this is one thing — bringing it to the WH is appalling.

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