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Who is Going to Investigate Biden’s Boondoggle?

Vice President Biden, Jill Biden, and 11 family members had a grand vacation this summer at a lodge in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. They spent four nights there in August, presumably doing what you do at national parks – hiking, fishing, canoeing, bothering wildlife, and taking in the marvelous views.

And until a reporter inquired about the trip, they hadn’t paid for it.

Time’s Zeke Miller exposed Biden’s sweet deal. Are any other reporters going to investigate this?

According to Time:

Vice President Joe Biden, his wife and 11 other family members spent four nights on vacation this August at a lakeside log cabin overlooking the snowcapped peaks of Mount Moran in Grand Teton National Park.

The four-bedroom Brinkerhoff Lodge, where they stayed, is owned and operated by the National Park Service. Under a policy adopted in 1992, after controversy over VIPs using the cabin for vacations, the National Park Service banned purely recreational activities by federal employees at the property, restricting its use to “official purposes.” But in recent years, the park service has interpreted that same rule so broadly as to again allow senior officials to take cheap vacations in Grand Teton with friends and family.

While visiting the park, Biden held no events, kept no public schedule, and his staff initially declined to answer a reporter’s question about where he spent the night. Last week, after TIME uncovered documents confirming his stay at the lodge, Biden’s office said the Vice President planned to personally reimburse the park $1,200 for “renting the Brinkerhoff” for his family’s vacation.

Under park service rules, the lodge is maintained for use by federal employees for “training and official conferences” and for those on “temporary duty in the park.” In practice, the superintendent of Grand Teton National Park, who has discretion over whether to demand payment for the lodge, has interpreted those rules to allow extended family vacations if there is an element of official business involved.

A Grand Teton National Park spokeswoman, Jackie Skaggs, said last week the Biden family visit met the internal criteria, since the Vice President received an official park briefing and tour while staying at the lodge. “With few, if any, exceptions, officials who stay at the Brinkerhoff are given in-depth briefings and/or issue tours,” she wrote in an email to TIME . . .

A spokesperson for the Vice President, who declined to be named, said Biden’s office was still waiting for an invoice from the park two months after the stay, when TIME made inquiries. “The office understood from the park service that personal use would cost the local per diem rate,” the spokesperson said, referring to the a schedule of overnight hotel costs maintained by the General Services Administration for a single hotel room. Biden’s office said the Vice President will now personally pay $1,200 for the four nights, a figure that includes an extra $10 per night for each additional member of his family.

That cost, which assumes that a four-bedroom lodge is comparable to a single hotel room, is far below market rate for other nearby accommodations, especially during peak summer tourism season.

Bolding is mine.

Here are the questions to be asked by an enterprising reporter, should one feel inspired somehow to investigate the Obama administration, which few seem to be.

1. Did Biden understand that all he had to do was tolerate some “briefing” and go for a tour in order to get for himself a taxpayer-subsidized vacation. Presumably, taxpayers had already paid for his travel aboard Air Force 2.

2. Why did it take him two months to pay? Who waits two months to get a bill from their place of lodging without making some kind of inquiry about why they haven’t been billed? Did Biden ever intend to pay anything?

3. Why didn’t Biden pay the market rate for his stay?

4. Did Biden’s office initially refuse to answer questions because he was hiding something?

The Interior Department has launched an investigation into the use of Brinkerhoff by public officials. Others, including former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson and Education Secretary Arne Duncan, used it as well. It’s not clear if the probe will look at Biden’s activities.

But, as they say in monkey house at the zoo, this really smells. Biden runs around the country bashing rich people. Biden himself is well off, yet he seeks as a vacation destination property where he can take advantage of his position in the government to save some money.

I guarantee Zeke didn’t discover everything in the course of assembling his story. Others should get on the case.

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  1. What a POS Biden is. To think that he could be in charge of this country is terrifying. Maybe not as terrifying as Obama being in charge, but still pretty darn terrifying.

      1. Sure he is the “VP” but he show no respect to us citizens, just like his boss “president” Obama… so its OK to insult him

        1. Disagree–on my watch anyhow…You can go ahead and use low rent language and I will tag it. It makes you “nsults” less effective–easier to write off…

          1. -I was in the US Navy. I learned Five things:
            1. How to clean.
            2. How to paint.
            3. How to look busy & do nothing.
            4. How to drink.
            5. How to curse.

          2. # 5 emulates what those profane rodents are doing in our WH day & nite… why be like them? My grandpa told me years ago that a man who spews profanity is a man who has little respect for God, himself & others.

          1. x10,000!

            As I said last week, it’s beyond rude and extremely tiresome. If I have to keep reading these comments constantly scolding other posters here for nonsense, (abbreviations?!), then, I am going to keep reiterating my comment from last week:

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            This constant objecting to any and all “bad” words, even using abbreviations (“WTF”) or asterisks is beyond ridiculous and at this point, just rude. None of us have a right to tell any other poster here what they can post or how they should or should not phrase something; although, yes, I realize that by making this comment I am sort of doing precisely that. I’m just sick and tired of biting my tongue every damn time I see this (which is multiple times a day!)

            Ordinarily, I scroll by comments I am not interested in, but just this once, I finally have to say something. Now, I shall continue to scroll, and I will ask everyone here to do the same. If you don’t appreciate a comment, or how it’s phrased, just scroll along.

            Or, better yet, if you want the right to approve of every comment posted, then get your own blog!

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            Thank you.

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          4. We are graciously given free reign here to hold forth on our opinions. We agree and disagree and many time, speaking for myself, I learn new information.
            I value this site.
            Personally, I do not like profanity. I grew up in a home where it was frequently used…and many times a precursor to punishment. I myself have to be careful because using that language is almost second nature to me.
            I managed to put myself through college. I believe I am reasonably educated. I love the written word in all forms.
            My point? There are so many perfectly descriptive words in our language that can instill thoughts and ideas and emotions. Words that truly stir the soul. I love them and I love our language.
            Profanity – not so much, IMHO.

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  2. $1200 for 4 nights and for 13 people? Undervalued amount is right. That equals to be less that $24 per person per night. What were they staying in a shack? I guess Biden thinks we’re as dumb as he is, in that we wouldn’t find out.

    1. In fairness, Biden only charged the Secret Service $295 for protecting his Delaware home the four nights he was in Jackson Hole.

  3. You could smack the “media” over their heads with this story and they WILL NOT REPORT IT… I bet FNC wont even touch it.

    I mean NO ONE reported the fact that Joe Biden’s coke-head son got kicked out of the US Navy after TWO MONTHS! HE FAILED A DRUG TEST!!

  4. He has not paid yet. To secure a proper lodge/hotel, most people have to pay and secure it ahead of time. So this baloney of not paying yet, is an absolute insult to all citizens here. Just as o and his click (family and friends) travel the world and do not show payment.
    Keith I appreciate the questions being listed for certain journalist to pick up on.
    This whole administration and all of the problems (The List), remind of a cartoon: Top of the mountain and thieir is a small round brush, it start rolling (downward) and it gets bigger, and bigger, etc…

  5. Related to this is the fact that the MSM has not covered his son being kicked out of the Navy whereas it has gone to town on the Palins.

    1. Hmm, I SEEM to recall the bush daughters use of alcohol was a VERY big deal indeed. I would point out that this SEEMS to be some sort of DOUBLE STANDARD but I don’t think anyone here at WHD (except for circlejerk or whatever his handle is) needs to be informed of the “Vast LEFT Wing Conspiracy!!

  6. Hey, its like one of those tortuous Time Share come on’s. You sit and get badgered for 90 minutes and then enjoy the resort Scott free..

    This is not good if Biden decides to run in 2016….bwah ha ha ha…Listen to me…bwah ha ha…..

    This is small potatoes….lets get back Eric Holder and his momma emails.


  7. I’m not saying this is OK, but how is this abuse of our resources any different from the IRS employees using taxpayer’s money for a useless, but fun trip to Las Vegas? Or any of our elected officials using our tax-payer supported airplanes for their personal use, or the limos we provide for our military brass?
    This is just one more example of our government excesses and proof that no one, no agency is in control of anything
    Sure, VPBiden used his position to enjoy a tax-payer funded vacation, and yes, he should pay a fair market value for the use of the facility, but as it is, he should NOT have been given a perk that ordinary tax-payers don’t have.

    1. It’s NOT any worse, but his position as the #2 PERSON (I was going to say MAN but Mandy might hunt me down and cut off my man parts) in this regime magnifies the offense.

        1. Agree X12!! My wife’s an atheist, but she’s seriously considering joining a church just to show solidarity with those who choose to believe in God! Let me see if I’ve got this straight. It’s OK, even CELEBRATED, to show a Crucifix immersed in a jar of urine but to opine that certain behaviors are in conflict with your beliefs results in subpoenas. I guess the 1st amendment only applies to LIBERAL speech. And then there’s the 2nd amendment. Ooh, I think I heard a liberal clutch it’s chest and fall to the ground at the mere MENTION of THAT abomination!!

  8. Jeez……wow…….come….on…..what…….oh,man……THIS guy……..what…..believe this?…….oh,this guy………what, oh brother……

  9. well you have to cut the VP some slack, Keith. he probably didn’t have enough money to take a vacation because he gives so much to charity. oh wait…

    1. Good one. Plus, let’s not forget that poor old Biden isn’t rich:

      I make a lot of money as vice president, Biden said in the Washington, D.C. speech this morning. But, he said, he was the poorest member of Congress when he was a U.S. senator.

      “Don’t hold it against me that I don’t own a single stock or bond,” he said. “Don’t hold it — I have no savings account. But I got a great pension and I get a good salary. For real. For real.”

      Actually, it’s not quite real. Biden in fact does have a savings account.

    1. Wholeheartedly agree.
      Every position I have ever pursued had a written job description with specific duties and requirements. If I did not meet the qualifications, I was deemed unsuitable for the position.
      Not so for our elected representatives. They simply need to get elected – and now, I question the authenticity of that process.
      Interestingly, I agree with the Obama administration about one thing – we need change in this nation…starting in Washington. ASAP

      1. And then, as it is in the real world, we must hold our elected representatives and their personnel responsible for their job performance. Accountability is an absolute necessity for successful job performance.
        As it is in the real world, job performance yields quantifiable results. Elected representatives’ on the job performance should yield national, economically measurable, positive results.
        When employed by a business concern, continuation of profitable business yields job security. A poorly managed business will fail and result in job loss. The same principle should apply to government. Yes, I know government is “non-profit,” but, expenditures by government can be tracked and measured for necessity and for outcome.
        We have been lazy citizens and now, we are shocked that our country is in such disarray. We must set aside the shock and determine – through excellent blogs like Keith’s – that we will hold our representatives accountable – from this day forward.
        “Man up,” people. Become thicker skinned and voice your thoughts to the general public. There is still time to save our nation.
        This is my sincere belief:
        “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV)
        We ARE called by His name – trust in that fact and His promise.

  10. Hey, he did take a walk in the woods at night talking to the squirrels about nut conservation. I guess that qualifies as government business.

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