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Crowd Walks Out on Obama – Again

Oh boy. The thrill is gone. The party’s over. And the bloom is off the rose.

Like they did last week in Marlyand, listeners at an Obama rally Tuesday began to filter out before The One had even finished. This time it was during an event for Wisconsin Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke.

B.B. King knows how it feels, Mr. President. Play it B.B.

21 thoughts on “Crowd Walks Out on Obama – Again”

  1. He is a terrible speaker but I don’t think that matters to his fans. Just wondering if these are paid attendees that leave once their presence has been recorded. Regardless, it’s a great scene to behold.

      1. As I posted before, even I had a hard time with our state voting–the “official” newsprint booklets they put out on people were incomprehensible, Spanish dottedn throughout, stilted…The ads were so blatantly canned–the same narrators even. I can’t afford the AZ Republic paper anymore. How does one know the ins and outs…

        1. I don’t appreciate the info & ballots peppered with Spanish .(mexican? They’ve said they stumble through any Spanish classes they take at school)

      2. Jeff:
        Great column. I would suggest a slight addition to…

        “The left’s stock answer is the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, but that ignores the hundreds of millions of dollars Democrats receive from unions, trial lawyers and activists like Tom Steyer and George Soros.”

        They also ignore the billions of dollars in free “non-ads” put out daily by the media. I watched an episode of ‘Bad Judge” last night, where twice a small black child was placed directly in front of a sign saying “Be sure to vote”. Coincidence? Doubtful.

        1. Great point. The agenda driven script is impossible to avoid any more. Imagine if all those scripts promoted citizenship, responsibility, patriotism, and America first instead of entitlement, sloth, promiscuity by anyone at anytime by any sex and the placing of identity above country. It gets downright depressing when I think of the America my grand daughters are getting. Just try to do my little part to inform others as can. Glad you liked it.

  2. They may have walked out but they voted for him, came to the event, and most likely will vote for him or their local Democrat. The thrill may be gone but the stupid remains.

  3. Obama yelling from the podium: “A vote! a dollar! My kingdom for a round of applause showing me how wonderful I am!”

    (Apologies to Billy Shakespeare’s Richard iii)

  4. But this begs the question: “Why were they there in the first place?” Does hope, from the Hope-A-Dope president, spring eternal?

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