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Ron Klain, Secret Agent Man

Where is Ron Klain?

He’s an international man of mystery. We know he exists. We know he’s defeating Ebola. Probably has one arm tied behind his back, just to be fair. But we are not allowed to see him.

He is our leader, but he does not lead. He does not talk us. He does not reassure. HE DOESN’T LET ON WHAT THE HELL HE IS DOING.

But that’s because he’s not just the Ebola Coordinator. Coordinating is not really his bag, baby. Ron Klain cannot appear in public, because he is a secret agent man.

Here’s a photo of him practicing his moves. That’s Klain on the left, with White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on the right.


Together, they are fighting Ebola. Earnest takes the public role, while Klain does his secret agent stuff. And Ebola doesn’t even stand a chance.

And now, a tribute to Ron Klain.

33 thoughts on “Ron Klain, Secret Agent Man”

  1. At my montly reading with Madame Floria, I asked about Ron Klain and if she could find him in her crystal ball. Well, she looked, she peered, she whispered something, and then she jumped up to tell me my session was over.
    She ran out of the room, leaving me to wonder what she saw in the crystall ball. Very spooky.

  2. Klain is there to keep the legals from barging through the doors and dragging Obama out by his heels.
    Anybody with any common sense can see that.

  3. OT On Cavuto discussion about whether the Mexican government is using our Marine Sgt. Tahmoressi as a bargaining chip with Obama to dump illegals and drug cartels en masse here.

    Not that Obama, imo, gives a crap about what happens to our Marine but the people do.

  4. Enjoyed the video. Smile.
    o cannot stand to share the spotlight.
    At this point I think klain is meeting with other people to hash out what needs to be stated.
    Than they call o and Josh in and give him his cue cards and notes to read to everyone.

  5. I believe strongly that the military should be quarantined — comfortably and with excellent medical care — for their own health and the health of their families.

    I do not believe the troops do not come in contact with Ebola infected people. I believe nothing from the President, the Pentagon or the Joint Chiefs.

  6. I know why Obama picked Ron Klain to be the Ebola Czar. he heard something about Klain being the go-to guy for hanging chads, and he thought they meant the guy had been hanging around in Chad, so he figured he understood Africa.


      1. behind the scenes with the puppetmaster ValJar. And remember he reports to Susan Rice — so he might be reviewing potential foreign patients to come to the US for treatment. That is rumored next on deck.

        We have 13 beds available in US — at least that’s my understanding — so I guess the gameplan is 1 for an American, 12 for foreign diseased guests.

        1. I think I mentioned before that we have two 1,000-bed US Navy hospital ships–the USN Mercy and the USN Comfort. One of their main functions is to respond to epidemic outbreaks around the world. They are fully equipped, fully staffed and ready to go with five days notice. I just don’t understand why one or both of these ships are not currently offshore–New York or Washington or wherever–to handle incoming US medical personnel coming from Ebola inflicted countries in West Africa. No one even talks about using them. Using them would solve a lot of issues authorities are struggling with now. I’ve written to my Congress critters, but, of course, received no reply.

          1. Re. importing Ebola diseased foreigners — a memo initiated at State. Surely the inquiring media will ask the bimbo barbies and all will be clear.

            The fact that this scenario is even a topic of discussion in America, about its own government , is alarming.

          2. I know some here disdain MoJoe, but even a stopped clock etc. (Plus I like it.) Anyhow someone pointed out that he was a behind the scenes guy at best and a “real” czar was needed. I say quit with the czars or little Caesars or whatever they are and issue some guidelines and stick with them!

        2. I don’t think the “President” can bring non-citizens here for treatment, it is illegal to do so, but they do everything illegal. Laws are not written for Obama and his creeps. White House denies that they are bringing illegal people here for Ebola treatment as was said today on Greta. Wait — White House is just saying that BEFORE the election, after the election they will try to bring them here. Bringing non-citizens here with an infectious disease is most illegal for the United States. Only Obama would do something like that. No shame, no integrity, as usual.

  7. This is a bit off topic, but has anyone else noticed that the “defiant” nurse who lawyered up to avoid quarantine looks like she shares a hairdresser with Debbie Washerwoman Swartz?

  8. Look in YouTube videos for Trey Gowdy and his rant against Ron Klain’s appointment. Gowdy rips him apart while asking why that position was not filled by a doctor who had a background in epidemics and public health. It’s funny and another sad comment on Obama’s policies and procedures.

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