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The Obama Morning News || October 28, 2014

Civil rights leader: Amnesty will hurt blacks . . . A top civil rights advocate is warning President Obama that extending executive amnesty to millions of illegal aliens will deeply harm black workers. Peter Kirsanow, as U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner, says in an Oct. 27 letter to Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ recently revealed preparations for a huge ID “surge” upped his alarm over what the president has planned. Breitbart

Top reporter: Obama White House “dangerous” . . .  USA Today Washington Bureau Chief Susan Page called the current White House not only “more restrictive” but also “more dangerous” to the press than any other in history, a clear reference to the Obama administration’s leak investigations and its naming of Fox News’s James Rosen as a possible “co-conspirator” in a violation of the Espionage Act. Washington Post

​Is your Obamacare info safe? . . . As the second year of ObamaCare enrollment approaches, the focus this time is on the security of information the government requires enrollees to provide. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, chairman of the committee with jurisdiction over security of the website, said, “we’ve had hearings on the subject of the security or lack of security with the ObamaCare website and what we’ve discovered is that it seems to be easy to be hacked, the security is not secure.” Fox News

Memories of The One’s faded luster . . . President Barack Obama is fighting his last campaign mostly at staid Democratic fund-raising events in hotel ballrooms and the private homes of donors, a far cry from the huge crowds who turned out in droves during his White House runs and helped elect him twice. Reuters

Nine reasons to fear Ebola . . . The Obama administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have moved to tamp down worries over Ebola even as the number of cases continues to accelerate. However, many doctors and researchers say there are ominous signs about what the future holds regarding the deadly virus. Newsmax

CDC: No quarantine for most returnees . . . Federal health officials on Monday revamped guidelines for doctors and nurses returning home to the United States from treating Ebola patients in West Africa, stopping well short of controversial mandatory quarantines being imposed by some U.S. states. Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, called for voluntary home quarantine for people at the highest risk for Ebola infection but said most medical workers returning from the three countries at the center of the epidemic would require daily monitoring without isolation. Reuters

44 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 28, 2014

  1. All those Dems running from Obama — laughable. They are as responsible as Obama for the mess this country is in. They deserve to be as shunned by the American public as they are shunning Obama now. It is absurd to think they can be disassociated from the disaster that is Obama.

    As for those fundraisers — people paying for access.

  2. Among many things regarding the Ebola issue: Pentagon and WH have different steps they are taking. In many other circumstances there is always a difference of everybody’s thoughts. However this is life or death.
    It is best to be safe than sorry. End of arguement.
    If this should blow over and not harm anyone else here. We could just state to ourselves, at least we put an effort out to be sure.

    • Did you watch U,S. Representative Goodlatte on Megan Kelly last night? He and Trey Gowdy have good evidence that Obama plans to bring some foreign victims of Ebola over here to be treated. Why, oh, why? As human guinea pigs? Or for a high price he and his cronies can pocket? There are thousands in Africa suffering so how does this administration pick and choose the few lucky ones?

      Also heard that Obama and the military are knocking heads over a quarantine precaution for troops who will be treating Ebola patients to protect them, their families, and the rest of us when they come home.

  3. MOTUS says that the grand jury decision on Ferguson will come out later this week. I didn’t know that. I wonder if Obama and Holder have not put pressure on them so that it comes before the election and they can urge all the blacks to go out and “vote for revenge” . And if that happens, you can bet there will be challenges and scuffles at the polls.

  4. Obama plotting to bring in diseased Ebola patients and to grant amnesty to millions of illegals without any investigation or system at all and to grant Holder unlimited power to use the law for political gain and promotion of racial and class division — why we accord this man any serious consideration other than removal from office is beyond me.

  5. Embola: I have a question. If that nurse in NJ was allowed out of tent city bec she had a negative test–what about Dr Bowling–he tested neg early on, too. Contradictions like this make my head hurt…but no fever, don’t worry! If tests are suddednly valid in a few days, why not just test people and call it a day? Thi does not add up.

  6. Apropos of nothing, that thing Hillary did — rubbing her hands while making her grand announcement about her version of “you didn’t build that’ — was creepy. But more dangerous than an addled Hillary, who to my mind’s eye does not have the staying power necessary to be President, is Fauxcohauntus.

    And all this talk about American corporations and taking jobs overseas harming the American workers — and yet no comment about what a flood of illegal immigrants will do to the job market in the US is beyond hypocritical. Underlining this is the myth that these are simply people looking to make an honest path up for themselves.

    Barack Obama’s prevarications and abuse of power has served to expose the depths to which lying and corruption has sunk our political process.

    • And yet . . . and yet . . . a month or two ago I was reading that Wall Street wanted either HRC or Jeb Bush in 2016. Of course, Wall Street probably doesn’t have much to do with businesses and corporations which actually create jobs and employ people anymore.

      • WS votes its own interests which have little to do with the concerns of the American public, by and large and in my opinion. Some are even talking up Fauxcohauntus, unable or unwilling to see that WS is the first on her list of things to do away with. Nationalization of industry would work well for the indian princess.

        What is really appalling to me is the politicization of the banks with the government — closing accounts of gun shops, for example, and this whole forfeiture law that is being enforced with gusto against average Americans and without examination is truly frightening. Here, once again, Obama has found small things in the law and used them as a sledge hammer against America.

    • Apropos of nothing …. actually it was apropos, it was like watching Margaret Hamilton out of the make-up. Just surprised that Hillary didn’t cackle out, “my little pretty” following her comments.

  7. About Ebola.

    The White House says Klain will stay out of the spotlight, and is instead working behind the scenes to coordinate the White House Ebola effort.

    Somehow the idea of anyone working behind the scenes in this WH is more frightening than Ebola iteself.