As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Statement on Ebola

The event has concluded.

21 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement on Ebola

  1. Funny. He will speak on the WH lawn, helicopter waiting in the backdrop to whisk him off to his real job attending fundraisers. Perfect.

  2. Question: Confusion with military and the States. (partial question)
    Military different. We have different rules here. (partial answer)
    When people go over there when they come back we are prudent, but not do things not are based on Science, not politics.
    Oh Brother!

  3. OMG! Says he will have more to say tomorrow when he brings the workers out (for a photo op). This is his election bonanza – so he thinks.
    Meanwhile, Ron Klain is nowhere to be found. I did read an article last week that the new ebola czar wlll not be able to start the job full-time for 5-6 months due to previous work commitments. Another phantom of the WhiteHouse!

  4. This little speech was done in a couple of mins., before going to raise money. Who paid for this flight? HA!
    I feel he did the speech, because the citizens have made themselves clear that this was being handled wrong. He had to make himself look like he was on top of this. Only thing he is on top of now, is possibly a cloud.