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Biden: “The Middle Class has been Left Behind”

Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa wait a second here. Who is the president? Did Biden forget that he is the vice president, and Obama is the president?

Here’s some video of Vice President Biden in Iowa Monday complaining about the predicament of the middle class. President Obama has supposedly – he didn’t, but stick with me here – supposedly made the middle class the cornerstone of his presidency. And the cornerstone, like every other chunk of the foundation around the Obama White House, seems a little wobbly.

Does Biden realize he sounds like a Republican? I guess if he is going to run for president, he can’t say everything’s perfect, leave it alone. But if the middle class didn’t benefit from Obama-Biden, what was the point?

The point, as you and I know, was not the middle class. It was redistribution.

Said Biden:

“But you know the truth: The middle class is still in trouble. The middle class is still in trouble. You don’t have to know the numbers, you can feel it. You can feel it in your bones.

Anyway, he gave some numbers:

According to all the statistics, all the economic Policy Institute, and all these groups that are outside experts in the economy, the gross domestic product means the nation grew over the last ten years by over 25 percent, and productivity went up over 30 percent. But middle class wages went up, according to this group, by only 14 cents. Hear me? 14 cents. You know it. You don’t have to know the number, but you know. The middle class has been left behind.

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      1. When will someone please urge this neanderthal to double his meds and take a nice long trip to the south pole? Our local pet store has a parrot that speaks more sense than this babbling idiot.

  1. No one picked up 0’s statement at Paltrow’s party, as quoted in Thehollywoodreporter: 0 said the people that have done the best are you folks, the 1% ers, the middle class hasn’t had a pay increase in 20 years.

    1. I totally missed that comment……I think I may have still been getting physically ill from Paltrow fawning over Obama……at least she finally wiped the drool from her chin

  2. At least Biden’s being honest since we all know the past 6 Obama/Biden years have been a miserable failure. AND, they had a super majority those first two years also.

    Way to go Joe !

  3. Just read the book “First Family Detail” Author says “old Joe” fly’s home to Delaware every weekend at tax payer expense. So far the equivalence of 400 flights as the plane has to return empty each time.
    Millions of dollars wasted. Also says that Joe refuses to have the nuclear “football” with codes nearby. When he is in Delaware it is over 15 mins away. So if Obola can’t launch, neither could old Joe. We would all be dead. Thanks Joe!!

  4. Gee, being fairly wealthy my Obama experience has been great! Sorry the Middle Class, Democrats and Minorities haven’t done as well but he isn’t there for them anyway.

    I understand he has now played more rounds of golf since 2009 than Tiger Woods.

  5. The middle class has not only been left behind, but they were left laying in the middle of the street, run over by a bus that the Democrats are driving

  6. One of the biggest reasons the middle class has been left behind is the Affordable Care Act. We’re paying more and most of us aren’t getting a thing. It’s just money down the drain, while we have to pay and pay because our deductible is so high.

    I think about obama bragging about how people needed health insurance so they’d have access to health care and wouldn’t go broke if some big happened healthwise. NOW WE HAVE NEITHER. We don’t have access and we’ll still go broke if something happens.

  7. only the wealthy democrats have benefitted from obama’s policies. The rest of us have struggled and done without in an effort to provide for our children.

    watch this video…..these gentlemen are spot on.

    The republicans offer an opportunity to become self supporting and in control of your destiny. Where as the democrats just want to increase the welfare roles and dole out taxpayer money while not offering any alternatives.

    Our political leaders,no matter what affiliation, should be promoting education, family and faith. The democrats promote class warfare and have the true war on women.

  8. I get weak. What’s he talking about? Our so-called POVERTY class has cars, cards to get better cuts of meat and upscale packaged foods than I care to pay for, heat and lights in houses of more square footage than the upper middle class in Europe and the UK occupy, as many TVs as they want with cable or satellite, computers, Obamaphones with all the bells and whistles, taxpayer-funded health care, housing subsidies, and on and on. Maybe what he’s saying is since the lion’s share of government revenue comes from the middle class and they’re soon to be crushed by the Dumbocrats’ debt, more of which has been accumulated in the last 6 years than previously amassed in the entire history of the country, in order to just service the debt – pay the interest instead of decreasing the debt.

  9. How is it that the upcoming elections seem to be very close,
    if people realize the impact of the Obama/Biden administration
    on the middle class?? What am I missing?

  10. wiith the news coming out about a hundred thousand hatitians getting work permits and the amnesty President Owebunhole wants to hand out to the illegals the middle class is going to fall into the poverty class. Isn’t Biden a ignorant dumbass. the one who he and all other democrats butt kiss will take this country down. In the olden days before Clinton gave us nafta free trade and wto the middle class supported the country. debt will compensate till theres nothing left thanks to all Democrats.

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