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Video || SNL Roasts Obama’s Ebola Response

21 thoughts on “Video || SNL Roasts Obama’s Ebola Response”

  1. On the surface it’s hilarious. It’s not going to be so funny when The Big Apple has another case diagnosed. Imagine an Ebola outbreak in NYC. The financial havoc would be incalculable. .

  2. Sad that the actors playing White House press reporters do a better job asking questions, than some of the real White House press reporters.

    1. lol. that’s because they are better actors. The only difference between these reporters and the “real” reporters is that we can see the strings.

  3. How racist, how “jim crow”, for the national media to always portray Barack Obama as a Black man. He could, and should, be portrayed as a White man 50% of the time.

    1. And the New York Times is running clips from “Dear White People”, written and directed by a Justin Simien.

      Isn’t it racist to call a black person a “simien”?

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