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Sign up today for White House Dossier’s new REDLINE!

I hope you will subscribe to White House Dossier’s brand new REDLINE. A subscription to REDLINE, which doesn’t cost a thing, gets you ahead of the pack each weekday morning with all the vital news of the day. Plus, it includes some commentary and analysis from yours truly.

Your subscription also provides access to occasional White House news alerts when something big happens. Don’t be without it!

So sign up below, and let me find the news for you.


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24 thoughts on “Sign up today for White House Dossier’s new REDLINE!”

  1. Not sure where you find the time, Keith, but Redline is a great addition to my daily reading. It gets right to the point, and objectively, too. Thanks for keeping us all ahead of the pack!

  2. Keith, as a subscriber to your site, I’ve recently started receiving your Redline emails and they’re great. As always, thanks so much for all the news info!

  3. Golly Gee Wilikers Mr. Keith! This is great news.

    Can I sign up all my progressive, lefty, commie pinko, free loading, good for nothin (not even target practice), liberal, tree huggin, global warming, green peace, pot smokin…dearly loved and fondly appreciated family members too?

    1. Keith, do you want to add a tipline ? We can help you find the news links too. Just thinking how Team WHD can help you :) Not to Redline, but maybe on the blog?

      If any of you all have a twitter or FB accounts, use the share buttons ! I did today, but only used the FB to share with political group “friends” for now.

      Keith, one more thing, sorry, I have blabby fingers, for your weekend open threads, use your Redline and Amazon announcements as a lede :)

  4. I tried to sign up but the message was that I am signed up already. Is the Redline what I receive on my personal e-mail once in a while?

    1. Julie, I started automatically receiving the Redline email last week. I assume it was automatic because I’m already a subscriber to this site (upper right corner), where we get occasional emails from Keith. I think the new Redline is a daily (Mon – Fri) email.

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