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The Obama Morning News || October 27, 2014

Woodward: Unanswered questions on IRS . . . Bob Woodward says there are “lots of unanswered questions” in the IRS targeting scandal, and if he were a young reporter he’d take former reporting partner Carl Bernstein to Cincinnati to start interviewing people. “Now, there’s been political spin put on it by lots of people, including Fox News, including the White House. Question is: What are the facts? What really happened?” Woodward said in an interview aired Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “MediaBuzz.” Newsmax

No WH strategy to country ISIS propaganda in U.S. . . . Always a day late and a buck short with this White House. And the buck is always getting passed to someone else.Once again, the president who promised to fundamentally transform America into a land more reliant than ever on government has done more than any previous president to prove government’s shortcomings. White House Dossier

Obama to unveil millions in executive actions for biz . . .  Obama will launch a series of executive actions on Monday to strengthen U.S. advanced manufacturing, including a $300 million investment in three technologies considered crucial to the country’s industrial competitiveness. Reuters

Obama library gets just one donor in 3rd quarter . . . The foundation laying the groundwork for Barack Obama’s presidential library received a contribution from just one new donor during the third quarter of 2014. The donors are longtime Obama supporters Carol and Robert Wolf, who most recently hosted the president for a Labor Day weekend Democratic National Committee fundraiser at their home in Purchase, New York. They gave between $100,001 and $250,000. Politico

Bush clan readies for a likely run . . . As Jeb Bush nears a decision to become the third member of his storied family to seek the presidency, the extended Bush clan and its attendant network, albeit with one prominent exception, are largely rallying behind the prospect and pulling the old machine out of the closet. Barbara Bush, the former first lady and Jeb Bush’s mother, is unconvinced, according to people close to the family, but has been persuaded to stop saying it so publicly.

As for George W., he has not been especially close to Jeb, who is seven years younger. By all accounts, the former president is closer to their younger brother, Marvin, who visited him in the White House or at Camp David regularly. But George W. has become an outspoken advocate of a White House bid by Jeb. “The one person who is really, really trying to get Jeb to run is George W.,” said the family insider. “He’s talking it up all the time.” New York Times

George P.: Dad “moving forward” on 2016 . . .  Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is “moving forward” on a potential 2016 White House run and it appears more likely he will enter the Republican field, according to his son, who’s running for office in Texas. Associated Press

Cruz, Huckabee on a collision course . . . Social conservatives are desperate to settle on a single candidate earlier than ever to avoid another “moderate” as the GOP nominee. National Journal

DWS: GOP scarier than ISIS or Ebola . . . Appearing on CNN’s “State Of The Union,” Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, agreed that the GOP is scarier that either Ebola or the terrorist organization ISIS. Daily Caller

NY eases quarantine under White House pressure . . . New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced late Sunday that he had loosened some of the restrictions in a mandatory 21-day Ebola quarantine that he had ordered along with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie this past Friday. The new guidelines come after White House officials and health experts strongly criticized the mandatory quarantine, which was put in place in response to the infection of a New York City doctor, Craig Spencer. Fox News

White House developing guidelines for returnees . . . A senior administration official said late Sunday that work is underway on new guidelines for healthcare workers returning from Ebola-ravaged areas. The official said the administration is working to develop guidelines that will protect Americans and enable workers to tackle the epidemic in West Africa. The Hill

Obama leaving Afghan fight to incompetents . . . Elite Army Green Berets are knocking the performance of the Afghan National Army, telling war tales of its soldiers hiding and quitting the fight. The Green Beret criticisms, contained in a U.S. Central Command “friendly fire” investigative file, provide a window into the flaws of a national army more than a decade in the making. Washington Times

47 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || October 27, 2014”

    1. Lol! And then I look at the photos of back-benchers, Christie and Cuomo, sitting next to each other at the presser and all I can ask is: Would you buy a used car from either of these thugs?

          1. My x1000 was meant for Snarky. Bush–not at all! If it’s Bush, I won’t be checking anyone off in that president box. My two red lines in the sand are amnesty and Common Core.

            You must have come on the open thread after I went to bed. I enjoyed your comments this morning, and I know you are definitely one person who contacts her Congress Critters.

          2. “I won’t be checking anyone off” And this is the problem People. Your indecision is disgusting and is the disease that is threatening our democracy from thriving.

          3. Surely there is an early voting polling place who would use your assistance and eager activism. No use wasting all your talent and insight here on a little blog. We are just too far gone for you, and so unworthy.

          4. This is the response I received:

            I am forwarding y our request to our recruiting division, if they have a need they will contact you.

            Registrar of Voters

  1. How nice to see phone and pen have resurfaced just before the elections, and agencies have $$$ to spend on new initiatives, even though some of them are crying they do not have enough $$$ for existing programs. So do we call this round 3? (Solar energy & Shovel Ready Jobs being the first 2).

    1. O sd Nasa, and the departments of Defense, Energy, and Agriculture would invest over 300 million in the emerging technologies of advanced materials.
      We are at a war/no war or has titled operaton (stupid name), and our defense dept. can afford to dish out money to other projects.

    1. LOL. What’s that long list of letters beginning with F and ending with BHO you always use? I wanted to use it in response to Obama’s latest: CVE.

  2. How did I miss your post, Keith? Hear, hear is all I can say. “CVE” lol: it seems as if Obama’s administration spends all its time coming up with catchy names and alphabet soup for its (mis)adventures.

  3. So, after bankrupting the coal industry, holding back the pipeline, and losing millions during the Solyndra era Obama is going to “invest” again. Asshat.

    1. And this fits nicely with the high tech industry call for H-1B visa workers which then would add weight to amnesty and immigration. Of course, the fact that criminals and tech workers are not the same is not apples and oranges to Obama but apples and apples.

      As for the high tech industry, there are many companies whose treatment of the the H-1B workers look rather like ‘exploitation”.

      The 10th circle for Obama should be filled with illegal immigrants.

  4. Some discussion whether Wall Street should or does trust the commie Fauxcohauntus — just shows that just because you have money doesn’t mean you have smarts.

  5. Those “manufacturing” advances–I read that pretty carefully…composites, emerging technologies, digital manufacturing–although there is a university umbrella over it, I think there is still room to slide in some cronies…we should keep an eye on it. We don’t need more Solyndras. Is this really basic research–or is it specific to certain companies?

    1. Probably a big pool of universities, private and government.

      The tech industry’s relationship with the government, and this administration in particular, has changed so much over the years. i haven’t had the time to look at it more closely but will.

      But — to me, it just shows the influence of Silicon Valley and the push for the visas. And with Obama nothing is as it might appear on the surface. imo

      1. You are prob right. When I was in the aerospace biz, we suppoprted the govt doing basic research–say on supersonic engines, then WE took it from there into a profit-making form. Or that was usually the theory anyhow… I worked on the SST–supersonic transport–for yrs. There was the Concord, now no….

  6. Be sure to read the NY Post today. The plight of James Rosen comes to mind.

    The snip below from Cheryl Atkinson’s book.

    The spyware included programs that Attkisson says monitored her every keystroke and gave the snoops access to all her e-mails and the passwords to her financial accounts.

    “The intruders discovered my Skype account handle, stole the password, activated the audio, and made heavy use of it, presumably as a listening tool,” she wrote in “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington.”

    1. Yipes…we knew some but not all of this…On MoJoe, they discussed how a businesswoman’s acct was frozen and her company’s money taken by the IRS bec she deposited her cash in chunks under ten grand. That was her right–it was legal–but they said no, it looked shady.

  7. This once great nation has truly been reduced to the ridiculous. A country of 320 million and the best it can burp up is two Clintons, three Bushes and a partridge in the rose garden. Pathetic.

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