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CDC: Returning Health Worker Won’t be Quarantined

The Centers for Disease Control today announced that the majority of health workers returning from West Africa would require daily monitoring but not quarantine, Reuters reports. A few considered “high-risk” – such as those who were stuck with a needle or who cared for patients without protective gear – would be asked to voluntarily quarantine themselves.

The military, though, is taking a more stringent approach, quarantining troops returning from Ebola-infested countries even if they did not come in contact with victims of the disease.

A dozen service members have already been isolated at a U.S. base in Vicenza, Italy, and dozens more will join them in the coming days.

23 thoughts on “CDC: Returning Health Worker Won’t be Quarantined”

    1. Don’t trust anything from Doctors Fauci, Frieden or Obama. Released from quarantine besides Nurse Hickox was Spencer’s girlfriend. Good news, the 5yr old in NYC is negative for Ebola, but will be tested again in the next few days, while being quarantined! Are they going to retest the Nurse or the girlfriend?

  1. Aids that come back will get daily monitoring, but not quarantined.
    Those STUCK with a NEEDLE or cared for paitents without PROTECTIVE GEAR, will be ASKED to Voluntarily Quarantine themselves.
    Military who (Don’t) work with the ill, will be quarantined.
    Does this make sense to anyone here?

  2. Was Dr. Spencer pricked by a needle? Did he care for patients without the proper gear? The CDC changes the rules, how and when they see fit. They also change the rules about who should be quarantined, depending on who they are. Dr. Spencer showed no symptoms after his return, yet he was hit hard later on. What happens if the same happens to the equally selfish and ignorant Nurse Hickox?

  3. I am so confused. (not being sarcastic here.) I understand why the states might have different rules than the federal government–especially THIS federal government–but the DoD and the CDC both report in to the same boss. shouldn’t both agencies be following one set of regulations?

    speaking of the states, I was sorry to see Chris Christie give in to the Obama bullying and change his mind on his quarantine policies. if he hadn’t already lost any chance of being the GOP nominee in 2016, he lost it then.

  4. I trust the judgement of the Generals far more than Obama’s. However; the troops being quarantined left Africa for bases in aeuropean countries whose governments wisely insisted on quarantine.

  5. Here’s the thing; no one knows for sure how it’s passed from one to another. We do know that it IS passed on to those who have used every available caution. Yes, you can get it on a bus, no you can’t.
    21 days, three months, high fever, no fever and on and on with every contradiction meant to confuse and frighten us even more.
    If it’s not contagious, then why monitor, why quarantine anyone – answer- because it IS contagious and sneaky.

    I’m not a doctor and I didn’t stay at any hotels lately, but this I do know – you either have it in your system, or you don’t. It doesn’t lurk in some hidden body tissue only to strike later.
    What is needed is a better, faster, blood test for the virus, not some willy-nilly self quarantine or daily monitoring.

        1. I don’t want to beat a dead horse with a broken record, but pls google 60 mins and watch the segment–it will give you an idea of the scope of this from a nursing viewpt..

  6. Re the nurse’s complaints… medical personnel should be well aware of the possibilities of contamination and welcome quarantine to avoid infecting others. “First, do no harm”?

    1. Agree and have been wondering why medical personnel, of all people, are so seemingly cavalier–I think they may be fatalistic–they have come to terms with the idea they might get it or maybe they think somehow they built up immunity…but they need to think of others who are not thinking this way.

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