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CDC to Announce Guidelines for Returning Health Workers

The Centers for Disease Control this afternoon will announce a policy with respect to health care workers who return from treating Ebola victims in Africa, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said today.

Signaling where the CDC will come down, Earnest said the White House continues to stand by its position that the health workers should not be quarantined, despite the quarantines issued in New York and New Jersey. But Earnest indicated President Obama would not seek to overrule state decisions, saying the states constitutionally have purview over the health of their citizens.

Earnest advised a consultation with James Madison for those who disagree.

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  1. March (7 months ago): Ebola spreads from Guinea to Liberia
    May (5 months ago): Spreads to Sierra Leone
    July (3 months ago): Doctors w/o Borders declares ebola “out of control”
    August (2 months ago): 1st US citizen infected and flown to US for treatment

    And the US government is just getting around to putting together “guidelines”.

      1. As if Mali doesn’t have enough problems.

        I wonder when some imam will tell the Muslims to stop washing their relatives’ bodies before burial.

        1. Here is the complete list of nations with bans or significant travel restrictions:
Colombia (South America)
          Congo (DRC)
Equatorial Guinea
Ivory Coast
St. Lucia
South Africa
South Sudan

    1. Thank Mandy. Very interesting. My state:
      Parish Health Officers may establish quarantine only with permission of the state health officer and parish lesgislative body and shall be supervised by the State Health officer.
      As expected every state has different people involved,

  2. “Earnest advised a consultation with James Madison for those who disagree.”

    Should we go digging for answers?! We all can play the smart-ass game.

  3. Are they trying to make a maze out of this? A puzzle? Confusion?
    I missed the press conference. Did he really state that o would not try to overrule state decisions? Than what were they doing last night?
    What did o and or the advisors tell the Gov of N.J. and N.Y.?
    If there isn’t anyone else here that is not confused about what the dickens they are up to, please let me know.

  4. Gosh was dancing around it when I tuned in at lunch. To me this is not a matter of being mean to saintly workers–i’s commonsense. That tent thing they put that woman in did look makeshift–they are going to have to come up with something else…

    1. She’s a plant — so Obama can run with her complaints. Works for the CDC. She probably lived in a shite hole in West Africa while there, couldn’t be a 4 star hotel in Africa while treating these poor people, and complaining now about a clean room for a few hours? Who’s she kidding.

  5. Keith, I missed the PC. I had read your comment at the end regarding Madison. I didn’t know if you were serious or not. I just pulled up Weasel Zippers. He did say: “In some ways you can kind of take this up with James Madison.”

  6. OT Marines are seen on boad a helicopter at Kandahar air base upon the end of operations for the Marines and British combat troops in Helmand. 10-27-14. There are some fine still pictures of the fine men and woman.
    Thanks everyone…..

  7. Let’s see:
    A day late and a dollar short
    Closing the barn door after the horse escaped.
    That ship has sailed.
    Mushrooms grow where the sun don’t shine.
    No good deed goes unpunished.
    A locked door only keeps honest people out.

  8. Does anyone think Gosh Earnest (I borrowed that name from someone on this blog, I think Julie) has ever read any of James Madison’s writings?

    1. I do. I don’t think it’s possible to get a degree in politics without knowing about Madison and the other founders of this nation.

  9. BHO is too afraid to make a decision or take any action. He is deferring to the states so they can look like the bad guys. In the NY/NJ case, he is saying their quarantine is not based on “science” but if it pops up elsewhere he will say they didn’t act in the interest of their state.

  10. I just finished Lynn Cheney’s book on Madison. Perhaps Obama and Earnest should read it cover to cover to find out what a real President can do.

  11. “Obama would not seek to overrule these states decisions”. If it were Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma or Louisiana, we know what Obama would do.

  12. He is just a bad, bad “PRESIDENT”. To criticize keeping people who have tended to Obola patients away from the public for at least 21 days is the least they can do for the people. No travel ban, now no isolation when a disease is so deadly??? This “President” should be arrested for his lies and deceit. He just can’t be a caring person, no way does he give a damn. Its almost like a conquest with him. It bugs him that the states did something that he has no control over. He’s a freaking mental case if he doesn’t want to isolate and keep this disease from spreading all over the place like it did in Africa. I JUST HOPE THAT NEW YORK AND CHRISTIE DON’T CAVE TO THIS HORRIBLE “PRESIDENT”. ITS TOO DANGEROUS, ITS DEATH!!!!!

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