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Sunday Open Thread || October 26, 2014

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      1. After a week of very sad, intense news to deal with. I started my comment with my fresh cup of coffe and the beautiful morning sun.
        End of this comment…

      2. Just noticed that rude comment. Do we have to wait until Nov. 4 for you to return to your cubicle at the WH? It never fails – two weeks before an election and the WH trolls start showing up.

        1. @Girly1. Lee’s comment inspired me to reflect. I really had to lean back in my chair and think about this for a long while. “A Sunny Cool Morning” “Sunny Cool” Seriously that is the jam of a poem Lee has locked up inside. I really want to read it all. I just don’t know why Lee was holding back…Lee if you’re reading this, then know this; I was inspired by “Sunny Cool.”

    1. It was some time ago when I first read this comment. But I did read it and it gave me a good thought for what has turned out to be a busy day. Thanks.

        1. LOL The video was slow and kept stopping, but worth the wait.
          Foot and Mouth Disease, Ebola Ceasar, Purell
          I think SNL should have run a 4 hour show each week, to keep up with everything o has messed up.

          1. All this means is that your computer is infected with a spy bot. It is slowing it down and you are now the victim of the NSA wondering why you are watching poor comedy. Those impersonations are terrible.

      1. Anyone else watch Mclaughlin Group? Isn’t it a great place to start to develop an outline on what to blog about? The REAL ISSUES.

        PRODUCTIVITY DROP- Our labor force is suffering. BIG TIME. Fewer goods are being made! This is awful in a land that has been at the forefront of industry. Who is with me to write their congressman on stopping the fleecing of America?

        1. Is McLaughlin–the former Jeddie–still on? Some of us watch MoJoe, or even listen to NPR! We just follow closely and as a result, have contempt for our present admin.

  1. I would like all the illegal criminials that were let go, to be picked up again.
    I want all the Dems who are running for election, to first read the O Care out loud on a public street, and explain why they voted on something, they did not read.
    That is just two to start.

    1. This comment is why Jeb Bush should run for president. This thought process is the dregs. They, the “illegal” immigrants, are looking for opportunity. Have you seen all the space in this country? Make them citizens and let’s prosper. The people who open the door are the people who those who enter will support and embrace. We need more countrymen. Especially in this darkening world.

        1. Well @Julie, space is where you can put things. Like factories. you know, INDUSTRY. Something that is going away and we need to focus on bringing back. Would you do me a favor and drive through northern arizona or New Mexico someday?

          1. So — Amazon going to drone drop deliver these industries to the open spaces — and poof — the government will use tax payer money and build and provide jobs and benefits and provide transport and housing to populate.

            And then the illegals who will be granted amnesty via the magic wand of Barack Obama can have a 2nd chance in this oasis of government funded opportunity.

          2. Star — no part of what i wrote was meant to be something that could realistically be implemented, beginning with Amazon drone dropping industries.

      1. Yes, but they refuse to learn English. We lived in Germany
        for 15 years and the first thing we did was go to school to learn
        German. A good thing we did, because once a year for 5 years the “Fremden Polizi” tested us gradually over that period of time.
        If only that would happen here with the illegals, it would be great.

        1. I looked up Fremden Polizi – Foreign Police.
          Thanks for sharing that information.
          I still can’t stand calling a buisness and the recording asking me to press 1 for Spanish and 2 for English.
          I don’t press anything, and ask for the operator!

      2. The two illegals in California who killed the patryolman and critically wounded another officer — looking for the opportunity to kill if they got in their way.

        The criminal illegals Erik Holder released into the general population here in the US — looking for the opportunity to commit some more crimes. That’s how they make their living and what pleases them.

        The illegals in California breaking the law again by exercising the citizens only right and privilege to vote — looking for the opportunity to live in a country where who they voted for will continue to give them benefits so they don’t have to work or assimilate.

  2. I can not wait to read Sharyl Attkisson’s book…..sounds like a real expose of the dark current administration and their connection to the main stream media. The higher ups in these organizations have banded together to protect their precious creation of Obama.

        1. I’ve been clicking through to Amazon from Keith’s right sidebar the last few weeks ever since someone mentioned it (Denise, I think?). I wish I had known about it sooner, but from now on I will be sure to always visit Amazon by clicking through from this site.

          1. Just spend 15 mins with my bank and Amazon–they signed me up for their Prime thing–$105. Had to back it off my acct and get a new debit card. I didn’t even know what it was–much less ask for it.

          2. @Star you are better off with an American Made company that knows what they are doing and treats their customers right. I go with Williams-Sonoma for my home needs.

  3. This is a reply to Swedishlady’s post at the end of the previous thread:

    Swedishlady, the Scandinavians were one of the first to experience Obama’s crassness and lack of social etiquette when he traveled to Oslo in Dec. 2009 for his faux Nobel ceremonies. He dissed King Harald and refused to accept his invitation for lunch; he refused to attend the traditional Nobel Peace exhibit (his own exhibit); he refused to attend a concert in his honor; and he ditched a group of children who were to welcome him on the steps of city hall. He also refused ALL questions and would not hold a press conference.
    The Swedish newspaper called him ‘an elephant in a porcelain shop’!

    Six years later, nothing has changed. He is still an arrogant, boorish, ignorant community organizer. His gaffes are now legendary and unparalleled.

    Obama Disses King Harald (December 8, 2009):

    1. I’m reading Barbara Bush’s (GWHB) memoir and I’m exhausted ! Obama’s no diplomat that’s for sure. The Bushes travelled all over the world and visited all the world’s leaders’ while staying at their official home, personal home or our Ambassador’s offical residence.

      I’ve seen nothing close to the Obamas making this kind of effort with our foreign allies. It’s always about being isolated in 5-star hotels for them.

      The GWHB’s also hosted many of these same leaders at the WH, Camp David or their Kennebunkport summer home. Barbara’s personal anecdotes with the spouses are funny and humanizing in that “we have the same problems…..” sort of way.

        1. AFVet, remember when he talked and talked while the orchestra started playing the British anthem during the dinner with the Queen next to him? Her eyes…..!

          1. And that shows just how shallow his mind and how deep his dedication to the left’s world view. Never acknowledge all the corruption and lawlessness that has transpired since hose evil Brits left and Africa reverted to it’s old tribal self. While their people starve, the few pulling the levers of government and the well connected live large and blame others for their people’s plight.
            Same story plays out in every Obama speech and Democrat ad today: Ignore their own culpability and corruption and just blame all the problems on Republicans and those evil Koch brothers.

          2. As long as the Brits know that the a great deal of us hear would be proud to have it still in the WH.
            They should know a great deal of were furious he removed it!

      1. They even snubbed President Sarkozy during their 2009 victory tour. Sarkozy invited the Obama’s to an intimate dinner at the Palace but Obama said he and the wife were planning a romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Coming from a two-bit community organizer – that’s pretty amazing! What was Valjar thinking???

        1. For the last several years when I was trying to figure out what a lot of blind sheep hear in the U.S. were thinking.
          I kept thinking of our allies, mostly the elderly. What the elderly were thinking about what was happening here in this wonderful free Country.

          1. I am elderly. I am speaking of people who are still with us that went though WWII time period. I am close to my aunts and uncles 20 years older than me. I was as close as can be to my grandparents as well. I will not to use that word again.

          2. Opinionated, careful, acknowledging of the uninformed as a threat to what you already know to be true.
            Skeptical of the obvious infractions against our Country and our young people in school systems that are controlled by the state, and the unions.
            Wisdom and experience are hard to beat.

          3. And what do we think? We think the old days were better if you don’t count Jim Crow, snarling police dogs set on people, firehoses, nuclear awareness, boring Father Knows Best perfect families or the flip side, dictator dads, and probably more I have mercifully forgotten.

        2. Just an aside, Girly 1, thanks for that information on the shooting of the policemen in Northern California. I haven’t seen it elsewhere yet, but I imagine it will not be publicized much given the man’s background and the Obama administration’s destructive protection of illegals. Here in Oregon there is a ballot measure on granting illegals driving permits. I’m more concerned about the outcome of that measure than I am about the legalization of marijuana one. But I suppose they both will work in tandem if they pass.

          1. The driving permits is the first step in getting them to the voting booth. Once they have the permit they use it to register to vote then forget any chance America stays free as founded. A new permanent socialist government voting block demanding more and more from the people who actually built the country they now demand take care of them.

          2. Exactly although in Oregon, as you may know, we vote by mail, and all you have to show to get a voter’s card is to show proof of residence.

          3. The entire “early voting” movement has gotten completely out of hand as is as much a threat as any foreign army. Throw in the mail in ballots and you’ve got one giant stew just waiting to be flavored with corruption.
            The biggest argument for early voting seems to be that there are just too many who can’t make it to the polls on one given day. Yet that flies in the face of our history. It was a heckuva lot harder to hitch up the horses and get to town than it is to drop by a precinct before or after work. BUT, society today is spoiled and all about EZ. If it ain’t EZ don’t want to do it.
            Well, for this modern curmudgeon I’m actually for making voting HARDER. All the millions too lazy to make an effort on one day every two years is what has gotten us into this mess.
            Every voter that just listens to an ad or gets on a bus to go vote as told (by EITHER party) disenfranchises the vote of those actually willing to study the issues (on EITHER side) and vote informatively rather than emotionally.
            If you let emotion rule your life you’re going to live a very dysfunctional, chaotic and divisive life. Same holds for government. For the past 50 years we’ve let emotion replace fact, logic and reason and the results are clear: $18 trillion in debt and counting, a federal government intruding into every aspect of our lives, and a web of bureaucrats unaccountable to the voters writing regulations that all to often just create another problem for which they write more regulations.
            The solution is simple:
            Proof of citizenship
            Photo ID
            No more the two to three days of in person voting (or an absentee ballot picked up IN PERSON prior to the voting day.)
            But the above will not advance the “fundamental transformation” so look for anyone espousing such draconian thoughts to be vilified as a hateful, racist, bigoted spawn of Hitler for even daring to think such thoughts.

          4. I live in Ohio, and I have to show a photo ID to get an absentee ballot.
            My question is, how are the ballots tabulated ?
            I’m going to pick mine up tomorrow and I need to know who or what tabulates the votes.
            Is it a scanner ?
            Is it a person ?
            If it is a scanner, then where does the info go ?

          5. Basically your vote is taken through a scanner and on the other end are IT geniuses who lean far to the left. They then change your vote to the exact opposite and you essentially vote for the people you are vehement in ensuring don’t golf ever again.


          6. Hi Erkle !
            Your response explains how Obama got elected two times.
            There cannot be enough blithering idiots out there to put this fool in office twice,…..unless they were paid to do so.

          7. Governor Susana Martinez has been trying to get the illegal driving law repealed in NM. It was good ol’ Wild Bill Richardson that got it passed in the first place. It seems that the conservatives are always doing damage control and trying to fix the mess that the liberals keep getting us into.

          8. Julie, it was terrible to learn friday that Heavily armed illegals were on the run after doing that.
            However o loves his welcome matt.
            He also loves to release criminals.

          9. It won’t be long before every State legalizes DL’s for illegals, Julie. The minute CA started issuing DL’s to illegals, my auto ins. went up $300/yr. And I have a perfect driving record. The big zinger, however, is motor voter. We will never have a legitimate election again.

          10. If I remember correctly, you live in California, right? My husband and I think all the problems started when California began issuing every written and audio announcement or sign in Spanish as well as English. After that, Latinos lost any initiative to learn English and become American.

          11. The big problem started with the radical LaRaza mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa. He gave his acceptance speech not only in English, but also in Spanish. People were FURIOUS! From Day One, he gave every presser, state of the union speech, and all public announcements in SPANISH as well as English. The fact that he was barely literate in English didn’t help him. He couldn’t string two sentences together without his 3 x 5 cards. Similar to Obama and the telepromter.
            He is expected to run for governor of Kalfornia. Should be entertaining, to say the least.

            (And yes, I’m a native Californian – have seen the best and the worst of my once great State). Everything started to go downhill after Prop 187 was overturned by a circuit judge in the early 90’s.

          12. O/T? My US born son couldn’t get a driver’s permit with the same type of birth certificate 0 uses as proof of being US born.
            I forget the official term needed on BC…
            But illegals have the ‘right’? BS.

    2. Absolutely agree, Girly, he is a walking, talking disaster.
      By the way, read about the Atkisson book, mentioned above. Sounds very interesting. Will finally the curtains be raised so we all can see what a dictatorship the Obama White House really is?

    3. As I remember it, when the Obamas with daughters in tow made that European tour during the summer of 2009, they also snubbed an invitation to dinner with Putin in Moscow. Reading the comments here, I think they made that trip, a grand tour really, the first of their personal family vacations at considerable tax payer expense.

      1. Spot on, Julie!!! Every taxpayer funded extravaganza is a personal family vacation. As I recall, they visited a record number of countries in the first year – TWENTY COUNTRIES! Not only the extended family, but the Chicago freeloaders. They truly are Grifters!

  4. Kaci Hickox, the nurse complaining about her quarantine in NJ, actually is employed by the CDC according to her LinkedIn account. h/t Weasel Zippers.

    From her account:

    >Epidemic Intelligence Service Fellow
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    July 2012 – Present (2 years 4 months)Southern Nevada Health District, Las Vegas

    Epidemic Intelligence Service fellow based in Las Vegas (Southern Nevada Health District). The Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) is a two year fellowship in applied epidemiology with the US Center for Disease Control (CDC). Instruction focus includes applied epidemiology, biostatistics, public health surveillance, scientific writing, and working with the media, as well as emerging public health issues.<

    Given that NY's governor is Democrat I don't believe she was singled out as a political pinata, however, it makes me curious why the CDC has remained silent about her quarantine.

      1. I’ve now read that Illinois will follow the NY and NJ example. It does seem to be an issue which crosses party lines, doesn’t it? And I like seeing the states asserting themselves over the feds.

      2. I read that article on Drudge too. Her article originally ran without any mention of her Fellowship with the CDC but was updated by the editor last night.

    1. This ebola special snowlflake apparently learned nothing from being around the deathly ill and dying. Remarkably the world is still all about her.

      1. She should understand the she had to be screened. However o not stopping the borders to begin with was still a terrible mistake.
        Friday I searched online to see if Britain had anyone getting though that had Ebola. No news of any such case at this point.
        The explanation given to us over and over was it was not a good idea to stop flights. All of us at home were stating they could have used certain planes only to get the doctors, aids back home, and than screen them correctly.
        I fear that they want maham to happen here so they can call some type of M. Law. I pray to God I am wrong.

        1. I worry about that too Lee, creating chaos. Or fear to keep people away from the polls next week.

          I just don’t put anyone in this administration past anything these days. Just wish we had a stronger GOP to try and slow down Obama and his thugs :(

    2. The entire article was written in an effort to make “folks” feel sorry for the peeps flying into the US from Africa…
      Her whining about “What did I do wrong?” rang false with me.
      If – as a Registered Nurse – she is that stupid…she surely must have cheated on her nursing exams.
      She got her fifteen minutes of “fame” – now, she needs to go away. We have pressing matters that need our adult attention.

      1. I’ll give her a bit of a pass because at the time, she had flown for two days and had had very little sleep. And, during the four hours she was in that room, all she was given to eat was a granola bar. I’d be incredibly cranky if that was all I had to eat during four hours, and I have no idea when was the last time she got to eat before she landed.

        Also, she was accustomed to the CDC’s rules for self-quarantine, and did not know she would be quarantined involuntarily. That must have been quite a shock.

          1. There’s a report online that says Dr. Brantly didn’t test positive the first time he was tested. However, Samaritan’s Purse went ahead and quarantined him, which was a good decision, because several days later he was definitely positive for the virus.

        1. Pretty much Obama does not want the states to go against his federal policy. So, he will speechify that on Monday I suspect there will be diktats that prevent states from exercising their rights.

          In the meantime, the CDC special snowflake, Ms. Hickox who has called her treatment “inhumane,” plans to mount a legal challenge to the quarantine order. She has retained a prominent civil rights attorney because she feels her basic human rights were violated. Cue Mr. Holder to grab the headlines from the election.

          Odds are good that she will sue Christie and perhaps the state of NJ. So much for Christie — getting too big for his britches these days anyway.

          And besides deBlasio said “The problem here is, this hero, coming back from the front having done the right things, was treated with disrespect,”

          See how nicely this is working out.

          And it will be a cold day in hell before the mayor of NYC accords the military in the hot zone the same accolades.

          1. Coumo caved early. Now says house quarantine ok. Surprised to see how many comments on NYT are opposed to this and to feds pushing the states who want a 21 day quarantine. One commenter even said it was good to see Cuomo and Christie acting together. That didn’t last.

  5. I don’t like to overdo the OTs, but yesterday I was champing at the bit to recommend the following article to all of you: The Democratic Embrace of Al Sharpton by Heather McDonald in the WSJ. We don’t subscribe to the WSJ and you have to to be able to read the article there, but it was reprinted in RealClearPolitics, Saturday morning edition.

    It is so well written, and in addition to reprising Sharpton’s past, some of which I didn’t know, it shows how today he has his tentacles not only in the WH but also in DeBlasio’s administration in NYC. DeBlasio, his assistant Rachel Noerdlinger and Sharpton have basically set up a faction adversarial to the Police Chief in NYC. As of this morning, I have not read anything about the axe attack from either DeBlasio or Obama.

          1. Just out of respect for Keith because he takes time to write his posts and I think we generally should focus on those. That doesn’t mean I haven’t broken that rule at times. : – D

          2. I agree with you Julie — and I am a big OT interrupter — unfortunately. That said, from what I can tell — generally the majority of the comments are point directed and thoroughly discussed and time has passed before an OT appears. And sometimes there is something new — in the course of a day — because Obama ….. dithers and changes….

    1. Reward your friends and punish your enemies. We have an all volunteer military service – this does not bode well and just who the hell wants to sign on now or into the future.

        1. They are faced with a dilemma.
          Stay in where they are still making a paycheck in some cases supporting a family, or get out and take your chances in the private sector.
          The re-enlistment rate of the active duty Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines would be an interesting statistic.

  6. We continue to hear Obama and his band of misfits tell us that Ebola cannot be spread by airborne contamination–don’t worry about sneezes, spit, etc.


    Here’s a video describing how the CDC has specifically warned airline crews that great care should be taken to prevent airborne contamination of Ebola. Period. So the codex for Obama statements about anything still holds: reverse what POTUS claims is true, in order to arrive at the truth

    1. The issue that the ambulance and dispatch have cannot use the word Ebola, makes me concern what other information is now going to be coded, so that we are not aware of it.

      1. Lee, there are many people who believe the Obama administration is concealing information about the Ebola outbreak. The fact that he named a political hack to be the Ebola Czar rather than naming a top medical expert, or even a panel of medical experts, increased public suspicions. For Obama, Ebola is a political problem, not a medical/health problem.

        Here’s a little write up and photo of how far an infectious sneeze travels, and how dangerous it is.

        1. I think we should just have a good mom as the czar of Ebola.
          In other words a good mom would not invite everyone one over for a party when she has the flu.

          1. My ex’s first wife once sent her two boys to my home for the weekend, knowing they had head lice. They said they weren’t supposed to tell us. I freaked!

  7. I just saw a clip of Samantha Power talking about how much our health workers who are fighting ebola means to us — I think she was addressing the issue of going and returning to Africa.

    But nobody — not one person from this Administration — including that hack Hagel — stops and addresses how much our military means to us — that military that under orders from the CIC is working in the hot zone of Ebola.

    Consider that little miss special snowflake cdc ebola health worker.

    1. Spot on! Re catching Ebola on a bus, I noticed in the past few days some physicians and journalists being really sarcastic and saying things like someone would have to throw up all over you or do something else all over your feet for your to be exposed, but when I read that book about FDR and polio, it said that polio could be transmitted through the tiniest speck of feces, something you could not even see with the naked eye, and we know now that the Ebola virus can live up to 72 hours on a dry surface.

  8. Some info on the fundraisers and campaign events, and the tallies so far, according to CBS’ Mark Knoller (tweets from Thursday and Friday):

    Mark Knoller Verified account

    Later, Pres Obama does a DNC fundraiser at the home of Sen. Jay & Sharon Rockefeller. 25 donors at up to $32,400 ea. No press coverage.
    6:01 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    Today’s event brings Pres Obama’s fundraiser count this year to 62 of which 28 have been closed to press coverage.
    6:05 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    Also, of 62 fundraisers this year, 31 allowed print pool coverage for remarks –but not Q&A with donors. Only 3 were open to TV coverage.
    6:06 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    Later in Hibbing MN, VP Biden addresses campaign rally for Rep. Rick Nolan. Brings Biden’s count to 31 fundraisers & 5 rallies this year.
    6:20 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    Mrs Obama on the campaign trail again today doing rallies for re-election of Sen Mark Udall in Denver and Fort Collins, CO. (1/2)
    6:31 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    By my count, today’s events bring Mrs Obama politicking score so far this year to 13 fundraisers and 14 rallies.
    6:32 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    VP Biden does a DSCC fundraiser this morning. Of his 32 fundraisers this year, 31 have been closed to the press.
    6:01 AM – 24 Oct 2014

    Home stretch of the Midterm Elections next week. Pres Obama plans political travel to WI, ME, MI, CT & PA. Also, an economy speech in RI.
    2:53 PM – 24 Oct 2014

  9. Erkel is on this thread.
    Those of you who met him yesterday know who I am talking about.
    A slightly contentious individual.
    Antagonistic perhaps,…as Star says,…fun to play with. :)

      1. He has a right to say whatever he wants–and we have a right to react. Big woo. If he steps over the “taste” line I will pin his ears back, don’t worry.

          1. Oh, it’s my martyred duty….don’t worry about me..sitting in the corner eating worms. Of course, if people would express themselves creatively and decently, I would be out of a job, We could try it.

      2. I’ve been ignoring him too. At this point I’m just skipping right past his comments today and not even reading them. It’s best not to give trolls what they want, which is attention.

        1. I don’t think anyone with an oppo opinion is necessarily a troll–we don’t need to be preaching to each other the whole time–but I do think they should bring some facts, some humor, some intelligence, some wit to the table. And tired old stuff on Bush cleariinfg brush or Eisenhower being a golfer or calling people here “childish,” is not up to standard. Come on–let’s not limbo under a bar lying on the ground!

          1. awwww, Star. Are you upset that I said “childish” Heaven forbid that I point out such absurdity. You said yourself that Eisenhower golfed 1600 times while you all insist that 400 times is some kind of unforgivable sin.

            Isn’t anyone else upset about the craziness going on in this country and not a recreational hobby for our President? How about why we continue to give Marijuana a free pass? Or is this a Ron Paul hang out…

          2. No–although childish was an ad hom–which usually isn’t every effective. I know some ad hommed you as erkle. C’est la vie! I believe we cover the “craziness” end to end, no problem there. the Ron Paul thing–wha? Snarkie says to ignore you, so I am signing off for now. The golf, by the way, is just part of it–his short or nonexistent work days are another issue, as is his living high on the taxpapyer dollar while not performing his job. And–added to all that–treating the average hardworking American as a rube or dope.

          3. Facts are facts, talk is talk, ignoring is snoring, and signing off is all that folks that talk a big talk, but don’t know how to swing a stick do. I wish you all luck during the election season as you continue your bickering online on some blog while not using your pen, paper, and stamp to your congressman.

          4. Those idiots, scumbags & criminals called “congressmen” do not listen to us informed ‘voters’…they are scared of us because we ask real questions about policy & politics.

          5. So what is your resort? To not do anything and complain on a reporter’s well put together blog? Great idea, people. That will get things done

          6. You don’t know whether some of us, none of us, or all of use do indeed communicate with our Senators and Congresspeople. But assuming that brilliant suggestion of yours is used by some of us who also meet on line it is most likely we have moved beyond the use of pen, paper and stamp.

        2. Why do I keep being called a “troll?” Vile creatures that eat people. Can I at least be called an Elf or something? They are magnificent archers.

      1. …I bet guys like him (agent provocateur) will be out in force on ‘conservative’, ‘republican’, ‘anti-Obama/democrat’ blogs since Mid-Terms are a week away.

      2. Twerkel. Works for me. I think conservative websites will be put upon leading up to the midterms. The Left really has very little to say at this point… well, at any point. Since this is not the only place I read, I’ve seen the postings of a few others, at a much higher level of discourse, but the need to interject the snark and sneer is pervasive and juvenile – Read [juvenvile].

          1. I don’t need your sweet talk, Star. I can take even the harshest of comments. These are rolling off the back of my feathers, not even penetrating the surface.


  10. Good lord, please don’t feed the trolls. It’s a complete waste of time and energy. Plus, we are smart enough to not take the bait and give him want he wants so he can continue his antics.

  11. I just pulled up
    The o administration has expressed deep concerns to the Governors of N.Y. and N.J. and is consulting with them to modify their orders to quarantine medical volunteers returning from W. Africa as O seeks to quickly develop a new, nationwide policy for the workers, according to senior admin. officials.
    One admin. official said the Fed. Gov. has been pressing the Governors to back off their decisions.
    O held a meeting with his top advisors at the WH on Sunday as officials work to craft a policy that reassures Americans that they are protected from the virus while following scientific advisors.
    Officials said that policy will be ready in (DAYS) and that the Gov. would urge all states to follow it.

    1. The first salvo was fired off by the CDC nurse *Hickox. You just had to know that another plan was in the making, which may or may not include a “red line” a telephone and few drones thrown in for good measure.

      *She’s the one who threw her full wrath at Christie not Cuomo. I am sure it’s just another coincidence. sarc/

      1. O.T., I just saw Jean Shaheen on Fox trying to weasel out of Dems not wanting 0bama to appear with them on the campaign trail. With a straight face, she said she would LOVE to have him campaign with her, but he can’t – – he’s so busy doing his job. My lord, does she really think we haven’t noticed how much time he spends playing golf, entertaining celebrities, and doing fundraisers? The smell of desperation in the air is stifling – – and I love it!

    2. Drudge is harsh. Real harsh. He tries to incite riots. Be wary, very wary. Your emotions are as a wave at sunset. seemingly calm, but one ripple can awake the great white within and soon you will be snapping at every little thing that may resemble danger.

  12. The Good Wife — becoming a forum for Democrat cameo roles — today Schumer — I would be disgusted but they led with ValJar a few weeks back and there is nowhere to go but up from that.

  13. :Let’s not forget the terrorist attacks this week.

    The Koran explicitly and repeatedly commands Muslims to engage in jihad or “holy war” whether they like it or not. “Jihad (holy fighting in Allah’s Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it, and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know” (e.g. 2:216, 9:38). The Koran explicitly and repeatedly commands Muslims to “kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” (e.g., 2:191, 9:5), “strike off their heads” (e.g., 8:12, 47:4), make sex-slaves of their wives and daughters (e.g., 4:24, 33:50), and continue this jihad “until all opposition ends and all submit to ‘Allah’” (e.g., 8:39, 9:29). You know this. I know this. Everyone paying attention knows this.

      1. From a Mark Steyn piece on the Canada terrorist and the West’s accommodation in general —

        Because the price of welcoming and incubating and growing Islam in the west is, ultimately, the loss of everything else.

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