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Obama Doing the Golf Thing

President Obama is playing golf today at Fort Belvoir in Virginia. Usual crew – junior White House aides Mike Brush, Joe Paulsen, and Marvin Nicholson.

It’s his 45th outing of the year and the 202nd of his career as president.

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    1. Well, we all know he is trying to figure out his legacy. We know that it will be “most rounds of golf played by a sitting president.”
      He plays with underlings that would never discuss what a crappy golfer he is. How many happy, real life husbands play golf every week? Unless it is part of their job description, very few. This clown never plays with anyone that might further our country. Only peons that will keep their mouths shut!

      1. His legacy will be the president who screwed up the Middle East, killed four Americans by neglect in Benghazi, ran guns to the cartels and refused to protect this nation from a virulent disease.

        Anything else?

      1. President walked into a war too. We have forgot how to win well before this President. We forgot how to win after WWII. Pretty sure we’ve had some Republicans in the mix since that time too.

      1. You have to admit…it’s childish to criticize this. Ike played way more golf. It’s what the President does after the game is done that is important. We all know that our CEO’s and movers and shakers talk, talk, talk on the golf course and hit a little white ball. If that’s what helps our leaders (Like Ike) construct ideas, then let them hit the white ball and walk and talk. Let them jog. Let them ride mountain bikes. Let them shoot guns (just don’t take along Cheney).

          1. I wasn’t aware you were with the President on the links @gracepmc. Please, enlighten us how you know who exactly is part of his entourage on the course.

          2. It’s pretty much in the public domain. He plays with a couple of blokes from ESPN, but I’m not going to waste my remaining brain cells memorizing their names.

        1. So Biden is a better VP? I’d rather have Cheney, I just won’t walk in front of HIS loaded gun. I know that much about gun safety.

          1. Butt, Oklahoma lady, you have to watch for the showers of shotgun pellets with Biden. I’d trust Cheny’s gun any day over Biden & his ‘fire two shots into the air’ from his balcony.

    1. Ike left us the interstate highway system, which our grandchildrens’ grandchildren may well still be driving on one day.

      Obama has left us an astronomical pile of debt, which our grandchildrens’ grandchildren may well still be paying off one day.

      Thanks for playing.

        1. Obama has more than doubled the debt. Take a look on line at the debt clock, it ticks as we speak. Six years ago Obama said that the debt Bush left, was unpatriotic. Is it still not unpatriotic, under Obama?

    2. Ike led us to victory in WW2 and as a result our country was free to advance. Ike was not a limp-wristed, America-hating pansy, like Obama is.

  1. Using Obama’s golf games as a comparison :

    game 200 for Obama
    day 201 for Sgt. Tahmoressi –in prison in that hell hole that is Mexico

    plus (give or take ) 7 days between golf games for Obama x 2

    game 202 for Obama
    day 215 for Sgt. Tahmoressi — in prison in that hell hole that is Mexico

    Math is not my thing, but even a Common Core student can figure this out. Carry on Barack you asshat.

    1. Very good analysis of his disengagement with the common everyday hardworking tax-paying citizens and the way Americans CARE about every ‘life’ – Sgt. Tahmoressi, the American Christian Pastor Saeed held over 2 years in Iran, and the Christian Pakistani mother of 5 daughters – Asia Bibi sentenced to HANG, the plight of Mid-Eastern young Christian women, and families driven from their homes, and his most disturbing millions of $’s SOS Kerry has promised Gaza – no support for Israel’s fight against Hamas, and less than half-hearted war against ISIS!

      Putin will soon be moving forward with his ‘reunification of the old USSR’ – who is to stop him? North Korea is rattling sabers, and Americans are practically ‘stressed beyond their limits’ with the inept bho czars, ETC.! Very creepy and scary – Halloween has been going on for six years…..! jk

      PS Why is corrupt AG Holder able to transport a TERRORIST to NYC for a TRIAL? Who could serve on that jury without fearing for theirs and their families’ lives?? jk

      1. Did Kerry say anything about the young Iranian woman who was hanged for killing her attempted rapist?

        Did the Iranians hang her as they do other rape victims, to wit from a crane?

    2. This point is worth causing a hullabaloo about. Ike would have walked over to that prison and said “release my marine”

      It is a shame that they refer to this decorated marine as “Mr.” he is a Sergeant in the Marine Reserves who fought and bled for us. The latter being awarded with a Purple Heart.

      Yet, we continue to cause hullabaloos about the President’s golf game.

      1. It’s not a hullabaloo. It’s a comment about Obama’s disengagement. Playing golf after the beheading of the American James Foley is pretty much the same as nowhere to be found the night of Benghazi and jetting off to Vegas the next day.

        Seemingly, Obama is more dedicated to making his tee time than anything else in the present day world. He rarely misses it, gets up early for it…..

        And surely you, as we, know this.

        1. What do you do to relax and clear your mind? Exercise? That’s what he is doing and walking miles with your advisers is not really exercise, it’s a meeting. You occasionally hit a white ball, but he is having a meeting outside in the sunshine. I think Ike set the precedent and a lot of Presidents have followed. I would rather our leaders have talks under The Sun than holed up in their office. Is that where you would have liked our President after the beheading? Under The Sun is better. We all know that Vitamin D is good for the brain. Speaking of which; I’m going to go get some sunshine.

          1. Just what the hell are you ?
            He needs to get that Marine out of Mexico.
            Then he is allowed to play golf.
            Obama is an arrogant puss.
            I don’t know what your handle is but at first glance it looked like erklejerk.

          2. I do have to say, this newcomer (been here before though) is wrong about the serious nature of the golf–does he discuss the week’s menu with that Kass guy when he plays? I don’t see Hagel out there, or Reid, or anyone heavy.

          3. The issue is Obama is never “holed” up in the office. He is not leading … “holed” up on a golf course.Vitamin D is not helping his brain …pretty sure it won’t be helpful to your brain either.

          4. Brain? He has no brain or Ebola wouldn’t be here and ISIS wouldn’t be taking over and four men dead in Benghazi because he and Clinton refused to send help after the Ambassador begged and begged and begged and got an evil no answer and then they were murdered. What kind of brain does he have that sends guns to Mexico and sigs the IRS on his own people that he’s the President of? Could go on and on but jerk, you know the truth, but you were sent here to blog. Its not working.

          5. Junior flunkies are now advisors? That explains the world of shit we are in! Erljelkrik, go back under your rock and stay there until after the 2016 election. After that election, peek out and you will want to stay there for at least another 4 years; although it will take many more years to right this mess we are in.

      2. If Obama hauled his @$$ off the course, acted like a real CIC, and demanded his release, we would stop counting golf games. Glad you agree with us about Sgt. Tahmooressi, but you seem blind to all the other dangerous disasters Obama foists on us as well.

    3. Yeah, the Marine is still in jail but Obama the fraud can’t wait to let in to the USA another 100,000 non-American criminals and disease-ridden people. Thats okay that all this disease and crime has come here, but he lets the AMERICAN MARINE stay locked up in Mexico. He is all spite and hostility to the American people but not to the illegal immigrants. He is not doing his job and everyone knows it. Its all about a dem take over and the vote, thats why he’s doing it. He is not fooling anyone, all fraudulent votes too. Obama should be prosecuted for manipulation and treason of the United States of America.

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  4. I wish Fox News on the weekends would mention Obama golfing and give the number (202+)

    I just dont understand why FNC will not mention how much golf Obama plays

    1. Because conservatives already know the man golfs too much, and liberals stick to MSDNC. So, strictly speaking, it wouldn’t be “news” to any of their viewers. ;)

      1. Id like to see a Drudge headline saying ‘Obama 202+ golf games…’ then the non-story of Obama golfing might get some traction with the dopes in the “main-stream media”

        1. That would be nice. But, what I REALLY would love to see as a permanent feature at the top of the Drudge Report every day is Obummer’s ridiculous daily schedule. Most people have no idea that he rarely starts his day before 10 am, and that his schedule is lighter than a grade schooler’s!

      1. I believe Ike played 1600 times–but as others have said–he deserved to, needed to, because he worked, thinking, planning, consulting, horsetrading with Congress, protecting and enhancing the country, making decisions, and presiding over decent economic times.

  5. I usually click of the WH Press conference before the end. I listened to what o had schedule for the next several days. No mention of golf.
    We had a horrific week of events, and there he is playing golf.
    As far as being kept in an office like a person made comment to, I have been complaining for weeks, that I want to see him behind a desk with a pile of papers, and intelligent people sitting in front of him discussing issues. Not for a couple of mins.

      1. We are in a war/no war/operation with a stupid name.
        We have Ebola entering into our Country.
        We have lone maniacs attacking police in U.S and Canada
        He will raise money at fundraisers…
        I would rather have him sit behind a lemonade stand and raise money. At least he wouldn’t have to keep running his mouth.

  6. Ok. Let’s do some math. There are 52 weeks in a year, and there are 10 weeks left. So, 10 subtracted from 52 equals 42. Now divide 45 by 42 and you have and average of 1.071 rounds a week.
    I like playing golf as much as the next guy, but my wife would literally leave me if, rain or shine, snow or drought, I averaged more than one round of golf a week. I’m lucky if I can get in two rounds in one month, and I’m just an average man, doing the best I can, not the President of the greatest nation this world has ever seen.

    1. Very good point MaconMan. A doctor, plumber, etc. for instance does not leave the operating room, to go play golf if the job isn’t done.

    2. I figure if today was his 45th golf outing of the year, that he will probably be at around 55 to 60 by the end of the year. He might be able to play in DC a few times in November, might even sneak off after the election to FL or CA for a long weekend, (mixed with “official business”, of course), and then in December he’ll play in Hawaii at least seven to ten times.

      My husband plays golf, even played today, but he’s nowhere close to 45 or 50 times a year. In fact, we don’t even know anyone with a job who can play golf that many times a year! I guess golf is a good excuse if you want to get as much time as possible away from the wife and kids EVERY single weekend, and nearly every darn day of so-called “family vacations”. Obummer plays golf primarily for that reason, and to smoke (cigarettes, cigars?, and…), and to hang out with his boyfriend(s).

      1. Yep, this. A million times. How are we supposed to believe the BS that he’s some sort of family man when he spends 5+ hours every Saturday playing golf? My family was a golf family, and they dragged us there with them. They wanted US to like it too/and play with them.

      2. And it’s not just the obsession with golf. Every time he heads to the links he requires a motorcade, Secret Service, and God only knows what else the POS needs.

    1. well.. either golfing, or his other past time – private speaking engagements (aka – fundraising). I think that # eclipses golfing this year alone.

  7. Enough of this from the President, economy still wobbly, ISIS running rings round the west and all from a terror group who grow in confidence eery day due to thePresidents stuttering , lets rule by the polls approach to governing, Ebola scaring people rigid, despite every commonsense person agreeing to travel bans and mandatory quarantine, the Pres didn’t like that why? Yes it ran badly in polls when asked about epidemics or such like so stutter don that. We have Lois Lerner and DoJ lawyers perverting justice and being assisted by the WH at every stage, Benghazi facts being delay still post elections, Yet he can find time in all of this to golf for the 202nd time in his presidency, thats a decent chunk of days as president he is on the links, i simply can’t understand why this isn’t bigger news. On top of that he only leaves the WH to golf or raise money for his party, its as if being President is a part time deal next to his 2 key priorities (golf and money raising) I think its because he is not challenged doing those things, he’s quite good as a crowd pleaser especially in loyal crowds and rich homes. Ask hi to do a serious job, task or make a decision and he is as transparent as can be, he in my view has no clarity, fiber or ability to lead, None. He is a good time charlie on his way to a huge pay off post office glad handing his way round the world, speaking here and there for $1m an hour, thats all this about for him and his wife. If it were not then who could go golfing so much whilst troops are committed and so many REAL issues remain unsolved. Why not camp out on the hill and say okay lets find middle ground and i ain’t leaving till we do even if its not precisely what i’d want i think it best for the country and not the DNC or good old ME. One last point, when the family of Foley were trying to raise bounty money and hindered by the US govt etc and we watch head after head cut off despite knowing and being warned it would happen and the WH running the line we don’t negotiate with terrorists, why oh why does no one ask the President directly, if we couldn’t save these guys form beheading, why did we trade 5 of the most senior Taliban for Bo Begdahl? I’m not advocating one approach or other, but again the lack of consistancy screams aloud. I reckon Obama’s polls took a hit when he traded the taliban so on that fact alone he did not prevent the beheading of the other US citizens, Pols rule Obama not the other way. For goodness sake lets have some real no nonsense, no extremes, just good old common sense leadership. Say it as it is, on all topics and lets gut the US of self serving, money motivated, underhand politicians on both sides. It takes stamina but we deserve it as a people.

  8. Some info on the fundraisers and campaign events, and the tallies so far, according to CBS’ Mark Knoller (tweets from Thursday and Friday):

    Mark Knoller Verified account

    Later, Pres Obama does a DNC fundraiser at the home of Sen. Jay & Sharon Rockefeller. 25 donors at up to $32,400 ea. No press coverage.
    6:01 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    Today’s event brings Pres Obama’s fundraiser count this year to 62 of which 28 have been closed to press coverage.
    6:05 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    Also, of 62 fundraisers this year, 31 allowed print pool coverage for remarks –but not Q&A with donors. Only 3 were open to TV coverage.
    6:06 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    Later in Hibbing MN, VP Biden addresses campaign rally for Rep. Rick Nolan. Brings Biden’s count to 31 fundraisers & 5 rallies this year.
    6:20 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    Mrs Obama on the campaign trail again today doing rallies for re-election of Sen Mark Udall in Denver and Fort Collins, CO. (1/2)
    6:31 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    By my count, today’s events bring Mrs Obama politicking score so far this year to 13 fundraisers and 14 rallies.
    6:32 AM – 23 Oct 2014

    VP Biden does a DSCC fundraiser this morning. Of his 32 fundraisers this year, 31 have been closed to the press.
    6:01 AM – 24 Oct 2014

    Home stretch of the Midterm Elections next week. Pres Obama plans political travel to WI, ME, MI, CT & PA. Also, an economy speech in RI.
    2:53 PM – 24 Oct 2014

  9. Just heard that it was an illegal alien, twice deported, who shot and killed two Sacramento police officers and critically wounded another officer. He then shot a civilian in the head in a botched highjacking attempt. He is a known cartel member, convicted drug dealer, and was using an alias at the time he was stopped in the parking lot of a motel.

    Meanwhile, Obama/Holder operatives are continuing the race baiting in Ferguson while totally ignoring this heinous crime which is a direct result of Obama’s lawless immigration agenda. Obama is Public Enemy #1 and should be spending the rest of his term in Federal prison for failing to uphold our laws.

      1. and “HE” is planning on legalizing at least 40 million and getting them green cards and working permits. That will play hell with this already fragile economy.

  10. What else did you expect from Obama. He brought in disease, neglected Iraq, then formation of ISIS, little children are dying from a virus brought in by illegals, rigging voter machines now, so he is quite relaxed and PLAYING GOLF. Treason, impeachment FOR REAL PEOPLE!!!

    1. Impeachment will not happen. First, it would take too long to get him out of office and it would tear our already divided country apart. He needs to be arrested and jailed. I would love to see that perp walk. However it happens, and it will, he will be taken down. Whether it is a temporary or a permanent take down remains to be seen.

  11. I really don’t mind our president golfing. In fact would encourage it.

    If he was golfing with Paul Ryan, Rush, Dick Cheney, Mitt or Laura Ingraham instead of his sycophant white house underlings.

    It’s a despicable waste of time, playing around with those punks instead of using the game to build bridges.

  12. As a non-American, I am an outsider ( with ties to the US ) whom you generously tolerate here, but I am a US-watcher and these years with Obama have been so endlessly long, especially after the election when most of us here was convinced that he would lose be gone forever. I have heard you here report about his domestic politics and I have seen the results of his ignorant foreign politics. I hope that there will be other interesting politicians to focus upon after the election ( may it please be a disaster for the Democrats ) because I am so fed up with this Obama fellow. He really made a mess. We, over here as well, need a man with common sense and good judgment , wise and prudent, in the White House, especially in these dangerous times.

    1. Sweden? God bless ’em.

      I’m not sure if any other country’s music scene could produce an act like Vox Archangeli (who have a couple of concerts coming up in Hälsingland this week, check their website.)

      And then, there’s IKEA. ’nuff said. Forget shopping for furniture, I go there for the meatballs! ;)

      As for life in the District, Sweden has also given us Nicklas Backstrom, who may just be the quietest 500-point player in NHL history (though that laser beam he uncorked in Calgary last night may have turned a head or two.)

        1. Not together–I’m not usually one to eat meats and fruits at the same time–but I do save room for a ligonberry parfait if they’ve got it.

          Oh, and I forgot to mention Volvo. *d’oh*

  13. Haha, i just started posting here a couple of days ago, and find a comment I made today to be “awaiting moderation”

    I suggested that the president could spend his time on the golf course more productively playing with a wide range of political figures, rather than white house sycophants. Hardly controversial

    1. The Obama NSA, DHS and DOJ keeps an eye on us readers of WhiteHouseDossier and when they do it makes our comments go into “awaiting moderation”

    2. You are now a full fledged member of ‘the gang’.
      There is a liquor cabinet in there if you care to imbibe,…..unless someone of us has raided it. :)

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  15. Did the FAKE CHRISTIAN attend church service today??? Has the Fake Christian EVEN picked out a church as of yet??? I mean, COME ON, HE just LOVES to tell us that he is a Christian….WHERE ARE HIS FRUITS??? The atheist fraud supports HOMO, HOMO MARRIAGE and child murder/abortion…..CHRISTIAN, CHRISTIAN, ARE YOU KIDDING ME????

    1. It never ceases to amaze me, that same-sex marriage was legalized in Canada, and the world did not end! We didn’t even suffer divine wrath, or any other kind, either. Live and let live, says I. We need more love in the world.

      1. Gee, CAN SEE that you could care less about God’s truth…At least you are honest I guess even though you are supporting grave evil…God made them ADAM AND EVE, NOT ADAM AND STEVE…

  16. Only 816 days to go folks! Why won’t you listen when I tell you why O plays so much golf? He plays with total underlings because he knows they will keep their mouths shut. He is outdoors and out of the view of the media and Michelle, so he can smoke cigarettes at will. Remember the old song: “Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette. Smoke, smoke until you smoke yourself to death. Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate he’s just gonna have to wait ’cause you got to have another cigarette.” Six years of nicotine patches and gum just haven’t worked for him.

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