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Hillary’s “You Didn’t Build That” Moment

Hillary Clinton, who along with her husband Bill knows something about the economics of making money, is so desperate to get to the left of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who might challenge her, that she’s saying things she knows aren’t the least bit true.

Really? Businesses don’t create jobs?

That’s what she said:

Don’t let anybody tell you that raising the minimum wage will kill jobs. They always say that . . . Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know that old theory, trickle-down economics. That has been tried, that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly.

The difference, actually, is that President Obama deserves more credit. When he said “you didn’t build that” to owners of businesses, he actually believed it. Hillary knows better. But she’ll do or say whatever it takes.

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    1. I do not agree with all of Rand’s ideas, but that chapter where Dagny and Hank search for the motor and discover what happened to the Twentieth Century Motor Factory is breathtakingly prophetic of what has happened to our country. And the whole shut down of a country is happening now as it did in the book. I wish there are some people who have been on strike and are waiting to come back to restart the United States of America.

  1. Hillary was in Maine yesterday peddling the same malarkey for progressive leftist, Mike Michaud, who wants to be governor here. He’s been in Congress 20+ years and nobody can figure out what he’s done. Now he wants to become governor. The unions own him lock stock and barrel. For the rest of us, we get the back of the hand.

    1. Well, maybe she is trying to prove her bona fides to the far left now when they are going to lose the midterm so she can switch back to a hawkish manner if and when she runs for President in 2016. She can always drag out those old tapes to placate those loons while talking from her true black heart live on the podium.

      BTW, keep in mind that Wall Street wants either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush in 2016. They have already said so.

  2. When a business becomes successful enough that the staff can’t make the item or fulfill the orders, they hire more people to do it–those jobs did not exist before–they created them. Get it, Hill?

    1. Lord have mercy – people who have never worked a day in their life – or owned a business – or worked for a “for-profit” business – do NOT have a clue and never, ever, ever will.
      Until all those “for profit” businesses can no longer support them and/or their campaigns.

  3. Last I checked, NBC was a corporation that hired her daughter at 600k/yr.

    Now that Chelsea’s joined her parents “money laundering” foundation and has since moved into a 10 million dollar NYC condo, I’m guessing the Clinton family is more out of touch than the Romneys were accused of being in 2012 ?

    I feel bad for my old party and the new media that enables these hypocrisies. I thoroughly enjoyed Hillarys first bio, Living History, compared to Michelle, she was a much better FLOTUS. I was glad she won her Senate seat, but will be forever mad at her for not taking Obama to the 2008 convention (like Ted Kennedy did to Carter in ’80). When she joined Team Obama, rather than stay in the Senate, I lost all respect for her. She probably could have won NY Governor, giving her much needed executive experience, before she even thought of shooting for the Presidency. She didn’t, Benghazi, now pandering, stick a fork in her she’s done.

  4. She likes to use that “don’t let anybody tell you” line. I remember it from 2008 as well. Then she doesn’t back her comment up with any facts or logic. It’s a demagogic line.

    1. You nailed it Julie.
      That line just enrages me, especially coming from the likes of her.
      Her and her husband are both liars and crooks, so we are to believe THEM ?
      Bill brought arithmetic to Washington ???
      No, the congress he had stopped his and her socialist polices from being forced on the people.

    2. Her meddling in health care as FLOTUS slammed the door for me. I worked in health care ins & the cluster muck she created, in the name of “privacy”, blew up in our faces. Any claim that is submitted electronically is open for the guvment to research all our medical records. ACA made that worse demanding all claims be submitted electronically.

  5. “Saying things she knows aren’t the least bit true” — isn’t that the definition of lying? Her husband mastered the art, her 2008 opponent won with lies and still lies continuously, her probable 2016 opponent (Warren) has a resume built on lies. It’s the campaign platform of Democrats: Lie to Win. But even worse than all that lying are the voters and supporters who know the truth and vote for the liar anyway. It’s as if, to quote Andrew McCarthy, the fibs “are more admired for craftiness than condemned as breaches of trust.”

    1. Because she would then be merely Hillary “Rodham” and would lose the support of all those people who seem to just LOVE that serial adulterer and rapist. Don’t ask me to explain that LAST part, I have NO idea why!

      1. “If” she would become P., I would always be concerned what part of our WH, he is in and with who. Hillary/Benghazi -What difference does it make?
        It still upsets me, that we saw this unfolding on TV. Everyone expected someone to go help them. An attempt, at least try. We still don’t know what they were doing besides pulling together an ordering an attempt to help them.

  6. ‘….desperate to get to the left of Elizabeth Warren” says it all! Why would anyone worth their salt give Warren a second thought? The fact that Warren’s name has been bandied about for the last year is beyond shocking! Have the DEMS reached the depths of desperation? Warren is as presidential as an old crone. Wait a minute….that’s my nickname for Hill! Okay – we have two old crones sitting in a treetop! Egads!

          1. How about “uber hag” (I don’t do umlauts)? Someone used that already for Andrea Mitchell, but if the shoe fits . . .

  7. Hillary then, Hillary now. What difference does it make!

    Whitewater news conference, May 1994:

    Q. [There was] the suggestion in the R.T.C. memorandum . . . you and your husband knew or should have known that Whitewater was not cash-flowing and that notes or debts should have been paid?

    HRC. Shoulda, coulda, woulda. We didn’t.

    Senate Benghazi hearing, Jan. 23, 2013:

    HRC. Nobody wants to sit where I am and think now about what ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ happened in order to avoid this.

    1. This is an old HIllary trick. She decides that she is not going to talk about something, and expects other people to not talk about it. Bang, just like that. They know she is vindictive and they cower before her.Queen of Hearts sort of thing. She’ll simply dismiss inquiry about her corrupt background, and too many “journalists” allow her to avoid accountability.

      1. “She decides that she is not going to talk about something, and expects other people to not talk about it.”

        Sounds familiar.

  8. What the HECK ? She is even dumber than our current president. If anyone needs a reason to stop this idiot from becoming president this is the one. Remember her talking about republicans putting black folk back on plantations ? Remember her talking (lying) about flying in to Iraq ? Remember her talking about Benghazi ? Remember the vast right wing conspiracy when bill was getting BJs from his intern ? Are amerikans this stupid………..yes they are !

  9. Miss Piggy telling lies again. Everyone is sick and tried of these power-crazy democrats who are so full of it, hate America, want to take down America, steal our money, kill millions of babies, whole generations of human life butchered and thrown in the garbage can (except her grandchild), etc., etc., etc. C’mon lady, you are what, 67 or 69 years old and won’t retire like normal people do? Leave us the hell alone with your anti-American views. Go play with your grandchild and bake cookies. Your husband was the president, not you. Don’t feel so entitled, you don’t qualify after what you did to the Ambassador and those three men, what you didn’t do for them, like send them help when they begged and begged and begged and then they were murdered. Go home Mrs. Clinton and be satisfied with your life.

    1. Why should she retire? Plenty of male politicians have been–and, are–older than 67. George H.W. Bush was 65 when he took office. Reagan was 70. Strom Thurmond was 100 when he left the Senate. Thomas Foley of Washington was 70 when he was elected to the House of Representatives. John McCain is 78. Harry Reid is 75.

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